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"Checkups are annoying," whined a man in a suit as he walked down the hall, alone "I'm perfectly fine, so why do I need to visit Sakaki?" no one answered. "Now which door is it…505,506…507...?" He paused as he heard yelling inside.

"On a mission where people's lives were at risk you decided to test how worried I would be on whim! Quit making light of me! Who do you think I … I mean what do you think this job is?! If this is how you want to act then do it under someone else's supervision! I'm done!"

He heard another person "Wait…Minamoto?!" 'Hey it's Sakaki.'

He heard a woman's voice "I understand how you feel… but calm down, okay!?" 'Wonder who she is, sounds familiar.'

Another man's voice "We need to talk with the director…" 'What'd the chief do this time?'

Minamoto again "No, this is enough! I'm quitting this job!" Someone else spoke, but the man in the hallway couldn't hear what they said. Minamoto snapped "No crying! I'm the one who was hurt this time!" He started to walk towards the door.

The man in the hallway felt a burst of energy 'I hope this doesn't delay my appointment.'

"Wha," shouted Sakaki the man heard the sounds of squishy things hitting the slapping into things "Crap, it's the 'Rock Rain Phenomenon'…! Her teleportation's gone out of control!"

Chief tried to yell over the sounds of things slapping around and smashing into each other "You… you three, calm down!"

In the room a child wailed "Noooooo! I'm sorrryyyyy! I didn't think it would be this bad of a thing!"

The man in the hall felt energy building up; it burst outwards, blowing most of the windows on the floor as well as some of the walls. The man looked around at the destruction 'I wonder if I should get involved?' He looked back at where the door used to be, he saw a group of people, and a lot of fish flopping around… well he noticed the fish first, then the people.

He looked up to see a platinum haired woman wagging her finger at one of the young men, who was looking furious, "You shouldn't make girls cry! You're horrible"

The young man growled "Director!"

"Sakaki looked at her "What was that!?

The young man, Minamoto, growled out "Whose fault do you think all of this was!? There's nothing you can say to change my mind. As of right now I resign" He looked over at the director who was flirting with Sakaki, Minamoto glared at her then walked towards the hole where the door used to be; he stormed past the man in the hall, who looked between the retreating Minamoto , the group still in the room. Kyouou sighed, and started after Minamoto, leaving a copy of him self standing in the door.

He quickly caught up to Minamoto at the elevator; he slid in as the doors were closing. They rode downwards in silence until they reached the ground floor. "What was that all about?"

Minamoto glared at him "Who are you, and what do you want?"

The man closed his eyes "My name is Kakumau Kyouou, I'm a full ESPer and I'm going to be the Assistant Supervisor for 'The Children', we talked about a month ago." He sighed "I was on my way to Doctor Sakaki before that happened. What happened anyways?"

Minamoto sighed and leaned against the wall "I resigned as the Supervisor for 'The Children'. So you'll probably be my replacement."

"Why'd you quit?"

"Because I can't take this anymore, I've done my best to be kind and to treat them properly but I can't deal with them anymore."

Kyouou nodded "It's not your fault." Kyouou sighed, "You were never qualified for this job in the first place

"And why not?" demanded Minamoto.

Kyouou looked him up and down, "You're a 'normal' aren't you?"

"Yeah, I am but," he glared at Kyouou "I don't see why that's a problem. I'm more qualified than most ESPers; I was the top of my class. I-"

"And I care about that why?" Kyouou asked. "You could be the smartest 'normal' on the planet and it wouldn't make you any more qualified for this position."

"Really, and why is that!" barked Minamoto.

"Because," Kyouou replied coolly there are some things that only ESPers can do, like keeping three super-powered ten-year-olds in line." He paused "May I read your mind?"

"What? Why?"

"Can I read your mind? ….So I know what I'm dealing with."

Minamoto sighed "Fine."

Kyouou reached out and touched Minamoto's forehead with two fingers. He whistled "Wow, Chief sure spoils them…" He looked at Minamoto, "you have got to be one of the most determined people I have ever met, you're a normal and you've dealt with that for this long." He sighed, "Go home and get some rest, I'll take care of things here."

"hn. Good, bye."

"Ja Ne" Kyouou vanished

(Back with the others)


The director shouted "Fujiko's happy. Now I eat you" She jumped at Sakaki and kissed him.

When she pulled back Sakaki looked a little shocked. "Y-you've certainly lived a long time, Director Tsubomi Fujiko!"

Fujiko looked up at him slyly "Oh, what a bad boy. To read a woman's age from her lips"

Sakaki coughed and walked out the door hole saying "Please excuse me for a bit." He walked past Kyouou and got into the elevator.

Kyouou looked back at the remaining people, Director Fujiko, the Chief, and some strange lady, and three crying kids. Kyouou sighed when Fujiko turned to Minamoto, and realized that he wasn't there. Fujiko looked up at him "Where'd Minamoto go?

"He left… you know right after he quit."

"He can't quit, the only way he can leave is if we have another Supervisor for 'The Children'."

Kyouou waved "Kakumau Kyouou, the new Supervisor for B.A.B.E.L Special ESPer team 'The Children. I just got here right before Minamoto resigned."

Fujiko smiled "I'll just go talk to Minamoto, maybe I can convince him to come back."

"You really are an idiot aren't you?" He looked over at 'The Children' and barked "you three enough with the tears."

Shiho sniffed and looked at him "Wh-who are you?"

"Kakumau Kyouou, the new Supervisor of 'the Children'."

Kaoru glared at him "Your not the Supervisor, Minamoto is."

"You really don't get it do you?" Kyouou sighed "Minamoto is not coming back, he was an agent involved in a top secret government program. When he went against his orders and went to help you three he committed treason. " Kyouou glared at Fujiko "I would've thought you'd realize what kind of game you were playing Tsubomi; you at least should know what'll happen."

"What do you mean?!" Kaoru demanded "What's going to happen to Minamoto?"

Kyouou shrugged "If he's lucky they'll just let him quit, wipe his memories and black list him. If not, he'll face life imprisonment or…"he paused and looked into the children's eyes, "execution."

Aoi fell to her knees "e-ex-exe-" she fainted and fell forwards.

Shiho sat down and stared up at him vacantly.

"W-we just wanted him to treat us like adults." Kaoru muttered

Kyouou shook his head "And your childish wants lost you the nicest Supervisor you've ever had." He looked down at them "You know, Minamoto is one of the most determined men I have ever met. He let me read him, and I've seen everything you've put him through, I'm surprised that he lasted this long. There was a reason he didn't treat you like adults, you never acted like them, and now you've lost him."

Sakaki walked back through the door hole; Kyouou turns towards him "Ah Doctor Sakaki, the lovely ladies downstairs told me to come here for a checkup before I started as Assistant Supervisor for 'The Children'."

Sakaki looked around "Where'd Minamoto go?"

Kyouou sweat dropped "He quit and went home…" Kyouou looked at the three girls "Hey doctor, you know where I can put them now that they don't live with Minamoto. It doesn't need to be well furnished"

Sakaki blinked "Yeah, I'm sure I could find three rooms-"

"One room will be enough for them; just get three cots, oh and don't let them leave their room.

"…ah okay."

"I'm going to talk to Minamoto. Ja Ne.

Kyouou vanishes.

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