V.I.N. (Very Important Notice) to all readers of Bokurano/ Overlap:

After doing some careful analysis of the plot that my current fan fiction is following, the characters that I am using, and the canon that I am basing the story off of, I have decided to conduct a quick rewrite of my fan fiction and repost it. I apologize to those who have been more than patient enough to wait long enough for me to post a new chapter, but I can assure you by all means that I have no intention of ending my fan fiction now. I simply wish to say that if you wish to continue reading my fanfic, I will repost it with a few adjustments and further progress under the title Bokurano/ Overlap (Redux). I hope that this change will not dissuade you from reading.

On a side note, directly to my readers, if you could possibly convince any of your peers to give my fan fiction a read, that would be highly appreciated, because I still find it very hard to believe that Bokurano still has so few fans and even fewer writers.

So until next time, please wait for my repost, and have a good one.