"Project: Peach"


In the year 20XX, people were a Costumed Utopia. Everybody wore lots of vibrant colors in the city, but had been in a dispute. For starters, many of the non-costumed male people were taking pictures like crazy, with cameras in their hands. Also, the costumes on many of them by some means gotten tighter or gotten ripped.

But the real reason is… many of the people were fighting over who had the best costume! Not only has the populace in the world of a utopia have lost all control of admiration towards each other, but were skirmishing in a war of epic Cosplay magnitude.

It all changed when there are other people who wore outfits, but were in reality, not human. Authorized professionals produced "Cos-Bots", female androids who articulate their feelings towards costumed citizens and their respective fashion, in an effort to bring serenity to their gorgeous conurbation. But after years of peace from these Cosplayers, there was a terrible crisis:

The Cos-Bots suddenly started to act funny; of course, the selective few of the robotic females eventually started to rebel, and ultimately established a very destructive alliance. 3 of them were their own independent Cos-Bots: Projects Peach, Vash, & Neco.

Project Peach was a very well-dressed cosplayer; she was a long scarlet haired girl with a very big chest. She has a very fiery temper, but has been a very nice robot at heart. Her main attire was her trademark costume, based off of Card Master Peach, a very popular anime character.

Project Vash had Cosplay written all over her encoding; a girl with short violet hair and a sturdy small body, she is an expert kung fu fighter (for self-preservation), and has ran her own line of Cosplay areas in the city. Her costume portrays the "Fighters Breakers" character, Vash.

Project Neco is among the three, but is somewhat the weakest… or is she? Her costume is a cat maid costume colored in black and a jingly bell on her choker. A very cute girl with black hair and a body that matches any perfect girl. While most of the girls every so often greet people in many expressions, she's rather shy.

They started out as 3 of the best Cosplayers in the world, but rebelled on their creators and escaped throughout the city. They rampaged causing many disagreements. However, the scientists agreed to find them, if they ever return; for they are a threat to Cosmo-Tropolis.

Being said, the city became a disastrous area of chaos and contempt. Few costumed people were injured; many of the people were beleaguered, while the perverts, who were the main cause in the city, were killed on sight by the 3 Cos-Bots.

Months later, one of the Cos-Bots, Project Peach, disappeared from the group. And shortly after that, Vash & Neco followed. Since then, years have passed, and no one heard of the rebel Cos-Bots that destroyed nearly everybody in the populace.

That is, until one young girl came to the city and was about to change forever…

Chapter 1

A young girl with red hair and an ample bust, dressed as Card Master Peach, was walking by in the crowd, when she saw a WANTED poster for Projects Peach, Vash, & Neco. She gazed at the photographs, knowing who those bad ladies were, until the police force showed up. They arrived and grabbed her in the arms.

"Hold it, you Cos-Bot!" One of the police shouted.

"What are you talking about? I'm not a Cos-Bot!" She shouted.

"Prove it, Project Peach!" The policeman stated.

She held up her I.D. and said, "My name is Mizuki. I am a citizen of the city of Cosmo-Tropolis."

The police dispersed and asked, "Why do you wear that attire, ma'am?"

"I worshipped her. She's been my idol!" Mizuki said in joy.

"Then we have no need for you. Have a nice day."

The police leave in their motorbikes and disappeared. Mizuki, who was in distraught, thought to herself, "Why on Earth would they accuse me of one of those Cos-Bots?"

Mizuki went home to take off her costume.

Later that night, she arrived at a local tavern, and she saw the place packed. Mizuki was dressed in her casual attire of a lavender shirt & dark purple skirt with a small white jacket. She sat by the stool and asked for a drink. But then, she spotted a boy in his casual attire. The boy asked for a single and asked the girl, "Hello there. What's your name?"

"I'm Mizuki. What's yours?"

"My name is Kazuki. Kazuki Sendo. I am an accomplished manga author and a very popular resident of Cosmo-Tropolis."

The two started to chat & drink; and as an hour flew, Mizuki asked Kazuki, "How have you been writing mangas?"

"Ever since I arrived here, I wanted to explore some talent for my new work, but have been unsuccessful currently," He said, "Which then I heard of this fair city and began looking for some great costumes."

Mizuki then asked, "So, you're not from around here?"

"Nope. I'm just visiting here from Japan," Kazuki replied, "Tell me, have you worn any costumes recently?"

"Why yes. But I have only one costume." Mizuki answered.

"How about you come with me? I can show you around."
"I will! Thank you!"

Mizuki & Kazuki got up from the table, but the barkeep stopped them.

"I wouldn't go out in the dead of night," He said, "There are two rogue girls who are dressed to kill. For some reason, they were mimicking two criminal Cos-Bots, Vash & Neco. They are called 'The Duo of Destruction'."

"The Duo?" Mizuki asked, "Are they vile?"

"Kind of; but they have been torturing the citizens since those 'Cos-Bots' disappeared. They've been appearing all over Cosmo-Tropolis, so be careful out there."

The two people left the bar and left to go to Kazuki's house.

Later at Kazuki's house, he & Mizuki went inside the home. He then told her to make herself at home. He then showed her some of his work; which made Mizuki smile, because it was very interesting.

"You're a very great artist, Kazuki," she said.

"Thank you, but I need to improve more," he said, "I was wondering if you could do some modeling for me soon."

Mizuki answered, "Sounds great! But I'm gonna need more costumes. I only have that costume I own."

"How did you get it anyway?" Kazuki asked.

"I… I don't remember; but I have owned that Card Master Peach costume since I was young. And one day, I would wear it well. Plus, I never had the chance to buy any other costumes."

Kazuki nodded and said, "I see… but knowing this world, you could dress up yourself as a different person. Besides, I have some great costumes for you to try, and you can keep them, if you want."

"Thank you. I'd love to," Mizuki said as she hugged Kazuki.

Mizuki stayed with Kazuki all night until she went home. But unbeknownst to her, two dark figures were watching on through the window from a high structure. They watched and see Mizuki walk home, they tried to pursue her from behind the shadows.

As Mizuki arrived home, she stopped and suddenly felt something scary. She looked around, only to find nothing. As she entered the door, the figures popped out from the shadows, revealing to be the two girls, dressed as the Cos-Bots, Vash & Neco.

"It's her…" The girl in the Vash costume said, "We've found her; the one who looks like Peach."

The girl in the Neco costume then said nothing, but nodded to Vash. They later disappeared into the darkness.