Chapter 26

The battle began. Peach and Raven struck each other's wands towards each other. Raven swung hers upward, but Peach dodged away. She then delivered a knee to her gut, as Peach stumbled a bit.

"You've gotten good, have you, Peach?" Raven snickered, "I'm glad Miss Tachikawa created you; my own twin."

"We're not even alike!" Peach groaned.

She got up and charged at Raven. She delivered a jab to her face, as Raven inflicted it. It felt no pain at all, since she was stronger than her twin.

"My contention is real," she said, "Faith… Heal… my boss… even your precious dolls."

Peach cringed, "Why? Why can't I defeat you?"

"It's too soon. What's the rush? Perhaps we should exchange blows for a while. I am powered by a core-powered capacitor. I can fight for days. We Cos-Bots can last days, weeks even, to withstand fuel-enduring violence."

Peach charged at Raven and tackled her down, giving punches to her face. Every punch she landed was completely severe… except it never dented her. Peach started to get up and grasp her neck. She began to punch Raven in the gut, as Raven just stood there.

"WHY! ARE! YOU! RESISTING?" She shouted, giving every punch to her gut.

Raven broke free and stood in a stance.

"Are you finished?" She smiled evilly.

She dashed towards Peach and assaulted her with a barrage of punches. Peach was completely damaged, leaving her face very bloodied… which was impossible for Cos-Bots.

"Silly robot," Raven smiled, "Do you really think you can defeat me?"

Peach groaned, "You little tramp… I ought to send you back to where you belong."

"Aw, poor baby."

"Why are you tormenting me? You used us, just so you wanted to kill Kazuki."

"Don't be stupid… I'm only here because I admire your work. Word has it that you defeated Vash & Neco… yet they are still running and on your side. And since you are fully operational, rather than your steam-driven bod, I think your foundation has surfaced."

"What are you talking about?"

She charged at Peach and delivered a blow to her chest. Peach stumbled down in pain.

"That's why."

Peach started to get up, as her body was damaged by the Cos-Bot X.

"You… How dare you… hurt my…"

Raven delivered a side kick on the back of her skull. Peach dropped like a ton of bricks. Raven had won, even though Peach was not giving up.

"Poor pitiful Mizuki," she jeered, "You, my dear, are by far, a piece of junk. The outdated Tachikawa Cos-Bot or the D-cup Bucket O' Bolts!"

She then walked away from her, "From out of the factory and into the junkyard. What a shame… And here I thought you had it going. You're simply the biggest disappointment I have ever-."

"Shut up…" Peach groaned.

Raven turned around and saw Peach, holding her wand, while getting up on her feet.

"I said… shut up, you red haired wannabe," she shouted, "Don't ever make me angry!"

She held up her wand and chanted. Her body started glow, as she started to heal quickly. She stood up and started to point at Raven.

"Full of talk and no remorse," Peach shouted, "That's just like you, Raven!"

"But… But how?" Raven shivered, "How did you get up quickly?"

"It's something that I can never tell you. I will enjoy kicking your ass!"

"Bring it on, bitch!"

Peach charged at Raven, exchanging blows at each other. Raven delivered a severe punch, as Peach landed a knee to the abdomen. Raven then delivered a backhand to her face, but Peach blocked it with her arm. Peach head-butted her head, leaving her head damaged. Raven gave an uppercut to Peach. Both Cos-Bots kept exchanging blows in breakneck speed. You may think that Peach had become successful… but she and her evil twin were evenly matched. The scepter that Mizuki had from Chisa was completely useful. Peach did use it as a last move.

They broke out of their battle, as they stared down.

"You… You cannot be that fast…" Raven growled.

Peach panted, "Maybe… I am… but this sudden burst of energy is my last resort to get to you, once and for all. NOBODY hurts my friends! EVER!"

Raven then snarled, "Why you… rotten… little… 38D Funbagged brat!"

She charged at Peach, but Raven halted. She was under the impression that she could be in a trap.

"Wait a minute…" she thought, "No… Compose yourself, stately raven… She's just been upgraded. She's powerful now, but not too powerful. I am created by the late Dr. Inoue. She's nothing but the late Tachikawa's animatronic doll. I will NOT be bested! Let's see what I have in store for this robot!"

She then smiled, "Yes… That's it."

She dashed back and held up a black tennis racket. Peach was shocked.

"You may become powerful, but I read doujinshi," Raven sneered, "And thanks to the magic of my servos and powerful battery life, I can do… THIS!"

She swung her racket at Peach, firing a dark fireball at her. Peach dodged out of the way.

"Damn!" Peach cried out.

"Can you do it, too?" Raven inquired.

Peach then growled, "SERVE!"

Raven swung again, "Love-15!"

She swung, with a huge fireball from the racket. The fireball went towards Peach. She dodged out of the way.

"I cannot serve that," she thought, "My wand is not a tennis racket! I am capable of every tennis maneuver in my main database, but I don't have a racket."

Nya! Don't be a wuss! You're wand is special!

"Chisa?" Peach gasped.

Raven fired another fireball and shouted, "Love-30!"

Peach averted away from the shot, as she thought, "NO! It cannot be!"

Peach, I'm sorry… But I am only telling this to you, in case you're in a jam.

"How did you know about me?" Peach cried out, as Chisa's voice continued.

The scepter you have, Peach… it is capable of taking ANY form. You can use it for a tennis racket, just like her.

"But I'm all about defense!" Peach cried, "I cannot fire a shot at Raven!"

Maybe not, but you can deflect her shots, just like in the game. Chisa can't play it, but you know well.

"What the hell are you talking to?" Raven was confused, "Whatever it is… I DON'T LIKE IT!"

She fired a barrage of fireball at Peach.


Peach rolled out of the way and growled, "Okay… You want to play rough? Chisa, I'm going for it!"

Raven then glowed her racket and smiled evilly, "This attack will vaporize you, you crazy robot."

Peach then glowed pink and held her scepter, which turned into a pink tennis racket with small angel wings.

"Prepare for my final shot!" Raven cried out, "Goodbye, Peach!"

She fired a huge dark beam at Peach.


Raven made the bean stronger, but Peach blocked the beam with her racket. She let out a scream, which produced a huge white beam, going through the black beam.

"NO! It's the same as my G.S.M.?" Raven shouted.

Both beams were being pushed. The black beam started to push forward, but the white beam began push, as well. Raven shouted, "YOU LITTLE MANNEQUIN! I'M TURNING YOU INTO METAL SHAVINGS!"

Her beam expanded, as Peach tried to hold on.

"Kazuki… Yuu… Vash… Neco… Tanya… Mia… Chisa…" she whimpered, "I'm sorry… I cannot do it. She's too powerful…"

Raven cackled, as her beam went completely towards her.

"Game over… Cos-Bot Peach! WAH, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!"

She added, "Now… Now you see… that with your friends, you'll always lose! For without your heart, you can never defeat me! You have had a hard and very disturbing past, but things have changed! You, my dear, Cos-Bot, are somewhat of a memory."

Peach then thought, as she started to remember what her past said to her:

"You're a very great artist, Kazuki," she said.

"Thank you, but I need to improve more," he said, "I was wondering if you could do some modeling for me soon."

Mizuki answered, "Sounds great! But I'm gonna need more costumes. I only have that costume I own."


"Oh, you don't need to tell me… Project Peach," Chisa stated.

"Project… Peach?"


"Well, well, well; it's great to see you again, Peach," Vash said.

"Reiko! Aya! I don't want to fight you!" Mizuki shouted, "I wanted to know just who I am."

Vash approached Mizuki and said, "You just don't know your place, do you?"

"What are you talking about?"


"You… how could you do this to Reiko?" Mizuki cried, as she wept.

"Why? Because she was programmed for fighting; for me, I fight as well, but I never soil myself."

"And you had to deactivate her just for her safety? You're cruel, Aya!"

"Uh… Peach, why do keep calling me that name? I am Neco."


"Wait… I thought you were killed. So why did you hide it after all these years?"

Ikumi then helped Mizuki up, "I'm afraid you cannot continue to ask questions anymore. In due time, you'll understand. For now, you must live your life to its fullest… Cos-Bot Peach."


Neco shouted, "It's all true! I was there! Since then, Ikumi was recreated, but we were not fooled; so we became our own independent beings."

"In doing so, you killed innocent people?" Mizuki asked.


Mizuki then stepped back towards Kazuki and gave him a kiss. She then stood at the edge of the bridge and smiled again.


"It's Peach, now. Call me Peach," she said, "I'm afraid my sys-sys-systems have malfunctioned a bit."


Mia explained, "Well, with the exception of your big pillows, your hair and face resemble Mom. I just miss her so. But now, I have you. And I don't want you to leave, Peach."

Mizuki hugged her and was relieved.


"Tanya… I want to thank you for repairing me, after all these days, but I really have to go back to Cosmo-Tropolis," she said.

"You want to save him, right?" Tanya asked.

"Yes, I do. I have to save Kazuki," Mizuki replied, "I don't know why, but it feels like he wants to be saved for something."


"I… I love him…" Peach thought, as she was losing, "I cannot let Raven get to him…"

"Say goodnight! PEACH!" Raven shouted.

Her black beam began to consume Peach, as her body was engulfed in black fire. Peach stood in place and was on fire.

"And so ends the Cos-Bot, known as Peach…" she laughed evilly, "Sendo must now die, and no one can stop me!"

Peach then spoke in a distorted voice, "No… you… WON'T!"

Her flames shot out and fired at Raven in a huge beam.

"KAZUKI!" She shrieked.

Raven looked on in shock, "Impossible!"

The beam went closer to her, as she started to seethe.

"Damn you… PEACH!"

The huge blast struck Raven, leaving her completely damaged from head to toe. Her body fell to the ground, singed and ripped apart. Her skin on her face was mangled, exposing her left cheek and eye. Peach dropped on her knees, as her body weakened. The power of her wand was gone… for now. Remember, it had to be recharged for three days. Peach then rubbed her face and was smiling.

"I… did it…" she gasped for air, "I beat… Raven… for everyone…"

But her victory was short-lived. Raven pulled herself up and was completely damaged.

Peach gasped, "She's still alive?"

Raven, while sitting up, held her racket up and began to slowly vaporize, from her feet. She flopped down and whispered at Peach:
"You little brat. Now I see why they recalled me. I have been bested by the likes of you, a small, outdated, poorly fixed Cos-Bot. I can see why Ikumi created you to perfection, but I'm WAY perfect than that. Peach, Mizuki, or whoever the hell you're called…"

She continued, as only her upper body remained, which was disappearing:
"You have beaten me. I have failed to reach Sendo. Sendo will die, someday, for it is not over. I will return. And I will exact my revenge on you, Vash, Neco, and that Sendo! But I am not the only one who's after you or your friends, real or robot. There are others who want to get to you, including Faith and Heal. In due time, you will know why my boss wanted Sendo. I wonder if you'll find out, beyond that point."

Her head remained, as she concluded:
"You haven't won at all… This is only the beginning! MWAH, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!"

Raven completely disappeared. Peach looked up and was lost in thought.

"Raven…" she said, "This isn't over between us. My body is completely damaged, but… but at least, Kazuki is saved… for now…"

She dropped to the ground, on her back, and was in pain. She was lying on the ground, spread out with her arms and legs, and started to shut down.

"My time… will be… arisen… soon…" she spoke in a weak voice, "I must slumber… until… I am needed… again… soon… We'll meet again… Ka… zu…"

She closed her eyes and powered down. Peach laid there, motionless and frozen.


Her time in this world had ended… for now. She has succeeded in defeating Raven, but the battle is far from over. Will she meet Kazuki again? Will she confront Raven, when she returns? And what role will Faith and Heal, whoever they are, play for Peach's friends?

But what about all the other questions that needed to be answered? Will Eimi find out that Yuu is a Cos-Bot, more-or-less, the same Cos-Bot from her past? Will Vash and Neco escape their former lives, now that Raven has fled? And what of Tanya and Mia Inoue; will they ever see Peach, or Mizuki, again?

As Peach maintained in her deep sleep, the future of Neo Tokyo was looking rather brisk, but mostly grim.

One thing is for certain… this story is not over.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading!

Coming soon, from Miz-KTakase: Project: Raven (The sequel to Project: Peach)