Blood of Sparda, Path of the Second Dark Slayer

Hey people this is Namikaze09 with another fic called Blood of Sparda, Path of the Second Dark Slayer. I hope you guys are enjoying my fics and don't worry, I'll be updating the other one's soon. This fic is a Naruto/Devil May Cry crossover and yes there will be demons in the story especially Mundus.

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Chapter 1: The Warrior of Darkness Awakens

The sound of electricity piercing flesh and bone was heard throughout the area. Both Kakashi's, Zabuza's and Haku's eye widen in shock at what just happened. Naruto just used himself as a shield to protect Haku from Kakashi's attack Raikiri which pierced through his chest and out of his back. The blonde boy coughs up a huge amount of blood which pours out of his mouth and falls onto the concrete of the bridge.

The look on Haku's face was one of awe, fear and sadness. The boy she just met for only a day saved her life by sacrificing his own. "N-naruto-kun. Why? Why did you do it?" She asks while tears formed into her eyes. Naruto somehow manages to hear this and turns his head weakly at the ice user and a weak smile appears on his face.

"B-because you shouldn't 'cough' throw your life away like that H-haku-chan 'cough cough.' You and I are similar. We both suffered and both were hated for something we had no say in. I-I wish we could've met on a different occasion too but it seems I won't get the chance to see you live your own life." He says and then looks back at the fading Raikiri that entered into his chest cavity and when it's gone, he pulls out Kakashi's hand while grunting in pain. When he finally removes it shocking the copy nin, a sickening squelch was heard and he falls to the ground while a puddle of his own blood forms on the ground.

Haku realized what had happened and then tears fell from her face. "Nauto-kun!!" She cried out and ran towards him and kneeled down. The blonde's breathing started to become shallow and darkness was about to take his vision over. "Please, please don't go. You're the only person aside from Zabuza-sama to ever connect with me. Please don't leave me." She begged while tears fell from her face and onto his cheek while he smiled a smile that was filled with his own blood.

"S-sorry Haku-chan but appears that life can be cruel to anyone especially the innocent 'cough' I'm sorry.' He says while his lids become heavy scaring Haku. No! Stay awake you baka! Stay awake!" She screamed out as more tears dropped onto the blonde.

Zabuza who was watching this couldn't help but admire the boy's resolve. 'I-I can't believe it. This boy, no young man saved mine and Haku's life. Why would he save the enemy and how does Haku know him? Did she meet him when I was recovering?' Kakashi however looked away from his fallen student.

The dogs that were latched to Zabuza disappeared into a puff of smoke and he lets out a painful grunt. "Haku…" He started to say to the now sobbing and broken girl who was watching her first friend pass away slowly. Him, Kakashi, Haku, Tazuna, and Sakura heard a laugh from the other side of the bridge. It was Tazuna and what appeared to be 100 thugs while in the middle of the gap was a short man in a black suit grinning.

"Well would you look at this. The 'Demon of the Mist' and his bitch are defeated by a bunch of brat's how pathetic!" He says out loud while the other thugs laugh. Zabuza glares at the man while Haku looks up in shock to see Gato. Naruto looks up weakly and glares at the man too.

"S-so that's the teme who killed Inari's dad 'cough'." He says and finds it hard to give into the darkness. Gato grins at he looks at the situation. Zabuza tries to pick up Kubikiri Honcho but his arms were in pain and were weak. Kakashi's chakra was low and he couldn't use another Raikiri unless he wanted to pass out again.

"Once I kill you fools I'll have my men ransack the village. But I think I'll keep the women alive for 'stress relief' especially that bitch that broke my arm. I'm gonna enjoy making you scream before I give you to my men." He says while licking his lips and the men give her a lecherous look.

Haku's eyes widen in fear when she heard that and couldn't fight back due to how much chakra she used up. Nauto heard this and his eyes widened in horror and he started to leak a small amount of murderous intent out. Zabuza's eyes widened in fury and he some how managed to lift up his Zanbatou. "The only way you're getting to her Gato is over my dead corpse!" He snarled out and took a step forward. "Tch. As if you can do anything fool. Whoever brings me his head and that bitch first will be paid in double!" He yells out while the men yell out a war cry and start to charge.

'NO! I won't let that bastard touch Haku-chan!' He ranted in his mind and struggled to get up. 'D-dammit, why am I so weak? I'm tired of being weak! I want power! The power to protect my comrades and loved ones dammit! I WANT POWER!!' He cries out in his thought while a bluish purple aura slowly surrounds his body.


Naruto finds himself in a sewer with a cage in front of him with the kanji seal on it. That was when a pair of red slitted eyes appear behind the cage and looks down at Naruto. The eyes then become the head of a large fox. Naruto looks at the fox in shock but then the fox grins while it starts to glow and shrink. The glow becomes human shaped and in front of Naruto was the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on.

Her face was heart shaped and she had ruby red slitted eyes and ivory colored skin. She wore a crimson kimono with what appeared to be black suns on them and it hugged her hour glass figure. Her assets were d cupped and seemed to be not too big and not too small. Her long flowing red hair was a reddish orange color and fox ears appeared to be on her head.

Nine flowing reddish orange tails swayed behind her and she also had a slit in her kimono which showed off her long sexy legs. She also had on ruby red lipstick. Naruto couldn't help but blush at the sight and she let out a devious grin and an unknown force pushes him towards the cage. She then reaches out and caresses the boy's face with hands.

"Do you want power boy? The power to protect those you cherish?" She asks in a calming and melodic voice. "H-huh?" He asks while she repeats the question. "I asked you if you wanted power. Power that would make you strong enough to protect anyone you cherished?" Kyuubi asks. "Yes but what does me wanting power to protect Haku-chan have to do with you kyuubi?"

Naruto asks while the fox sighs. "Because boy you have just activated your bloodline, one that surpasses all the others. I can fully activate it but I want freedom." She says and Naruto steps back. "No way! You'll just finish what you started 14 years ago! Plus it's your fault my life was a living hell in the first place!! Why the hell should I trust you!?" He yells and she gets angry and releases a wave of killer onto the frightened boy.


"Listen to me kit, you have to trust me with this. I'll tell you everything if you just trust me for now. Also your bloodline has the ability to keep me in check even if I wanted to do something it'll stop me due to how powerful it is. So what will it be?"

Naruto gets up and thinks about it. This power he had could make him stronger and save Haku but what about the cost? Will he become a monster? A demon? The very creature his so called village despises? 'Screw it. If my bloodline will make me strong enough to save Haku-chan, then I'll do it. Screw the consequences. If I become the very thing they hate… then so be it. He thought and looks up at Kyuubi with a look of determination and strength in his eyes.

"I'll do it. I'll keep my word to set you free but you must keep yours and tell me what happened that night does that sound fair?" He asks and she nods. "I promise kit. Now get ready because this will hurt a lot. (To think that this boy's family are the descendants of Sparda. What's even more shocking is that his devil's blood is even more powerful than that of Dante, and Vergil's blood. If this boy manages to fully master it, he'll probably be on par if not above Sparda's level of power. He'd also make a great mate.) she thought with a small blush on her face and when her eyes glow red Naruto suddenly screams out in pain and vanishes from his mind.

Outside world

The bluish purple energy that surrounds Naruto's body grows bigger and bigger while his eyes become red and his breathing became raspy. Gato's men got ready to charge at the weaken nin and when they started to they stopped and froze in fear at the murderous intent and power they were feeling.

Kakashi and Zabuza felt it too and they looked over at the direction where it came from. Haku stopped crying and looked at Naruto's with wide eyes. His body that was surrounded by the aura and his eyes were glowing red. Naruto's breathing started to get raspier and he started to slowly get up. The hole in his chest started to close up with steam rising from it and his features started to change. His hair started to change. It got longer and spikier until it was shoulder length and bangs appeared on the side of his face.

It also changed from blonde to silver white (Tobirama's and Minato's hairstyle combined). The whisker marks on his face started to fade away and the baby fat on his face and body started to shrink and became lean muscle but not too lean. His orange jacket started to stretch and rip as he started to grow a little and the incisors in his upper jaw became longer.

Kakashi eye widens in shock as he witnesses this and was trembling slightly for the power he was feeling. 'What's this power I'm feeling from Naruto!? Is the fox getting free!? No this isn't the Kyuubi's power, it's something else and it's stronger than the fox's aura!!' What's happening to you Naruto?'

He thought as he watched the aura become stronger and swirl around the boy's body. Zabuza was sweating a little at the power. 'What the hell!? This can't be chakra it's too powerful!! How can he unleash this level of power from his body and not be crushed by the pressure?!' He thought and the former blond snarled as his energy flared up instantly, sending a small shockwave around the area.

Haku let out an eep while covering her face with her hands to keep the debris out of her face and eyes. Kakashi and Zabuza had to add chakra to their feet to avoid being sent flying off the bridge. Sakura passed out from the pressure and Tazuna who was holding onto the rail sweat dropped when the girl passed out. 'She was suppose to protect me? Kami must hate me.' He thought.

Naruto's jacket and shirt ripped apart from the aura revealing his now well toned body. His head was looking down at the ground and his right hand was stretched out. 'Come to me. Come to your new wielder' He thought in his mind. In a cave near the coast of Nami, a sheathed O-katana was laying on a rock until a bluish purple aura surrounded it and it pulsed. It was kept in a black metal scabbard with a yellow tie hanging from the bottom of it. The wrapping around the hilt was white with black diamond pattern going down the cap to the guard, which like the cap was a brass color.

The sword then floated into the air and it headed for the demonic aura it sensed. At the bridge, Naruto's hand was still stretched out and a gleam appeared from the sky and then an O-katana headed straight for the blond and it landed into his hand. Naruto felt the sword pulse in his hand and heard a voice whisper to him.

`A warrior fallen from grace. The power of darkness gives birth to new weapons and skills.´

In Naruto's mind, flashes of a man with slicked back spiky white silver hair, a blue trench coat, wearing all black and an O-katana in his hand was standing on the platform of a tower while rain fell from the sky.

Another flash appears and he sees the man performing a series of teleporting and slashes while killing strange creatures and then fighting a man with silver white hair like him only it wasn't slicked back and was wearing a red trench coat and fighting him with what looked a claymore connected with a skeleton that appeared to be the guard and hilt.

The last flashback that appears is with the man's hair similar to the man in the red trench coat with his sword stabbed into the other man's torso and says this. 'Might controls everything and without strength you can't protect anyone or anything, let alone yourself.' The flash backs ends after that while Naruto stares at the blade.

"Enma Katana: Yamato." whispered Naruto as the aura started to shrink and only surround his body. Naruto's head rose, revealing a pair of glowing red eyes that were glaring at Gato and his men who were still shivering at his gaze. Naruto then started to slowly walk towards the men. He then speaks in a dark and cold tone. "The moment my body changed and my blood awakened… a voice echoed in my head saying… power… give me more power…" He says walking towards the frightened men while Yamato's pulse becomes faster.

"If I become a demon… then so be it. I'll do whatever it takes to protect her… to protect Haku-chan, even if it means me being an exile. I will not let scum like you put your filthy hands on her or anyone else I care about." He says and places his left hand on the sheath and his right hand on the hilt. A tint of pink appears on Haku's face when she hears him vow to protect her from Gato.

He then gets into a battojutsu stance while glaring at Gato and his thugs. Gato snaps out of his daze and shouts. "KILL THAT BRAT AND BRING THAT BITCH TO ME!" The thugs once again yell out and charges at the now silver haired blonde. Naruto looks at them and a cold smirk appears on his face. "Die." He says and instantly draws Yamato and performs a horizontal slash at them and pauses for a moment when an invisible slash heads for them and they stop when they get a funny feeling through their bodies.

Naruto then performs a series of slashes at them and then turns his back at them and slowly sheathes his sword. "Hey did you feel that? It felt like we got hit by a" The thug didn't get to finish his sentence when Naruto fully sheathes the sword, a clicking sound from the guard and sheathe was heard. Blood, gore and body parts scatter from the thugs but for those that weren't killed by the invisible attack ended up losing limbs as well as get cuts and gashes all over and were letting out screams of pain and agony until they died.

Gato starts to tremble in fear as Naruto turns around and starts to approach the frightened man. Gato tries to turn and run away but Naruto once again draws the sword and sheathes it instantly. A slash mark appears on the man's back and blood sprays from it. The midget screams out in agony and pain and falls to his knees. Naruto had just skewered the man's spinal column paralyzed the man from the waist down.

Naruto then vanishes and appears with Yamato drawn in front of the man who was now whimpering as he gazed into the glowing red eyes of Naruto. "Please d-don't kill me. I-I was only kidding about making the girl and women in the village my pets. P-please don't kill me." He begged hoping the boy would let him live to see another day.

Naruto just looks at the man and smirks. "I have another option for you Gato. I'll let you go." He says while Gato lets out a sigh of relief but then his body jerks and he looks down to see a silver blade pierce his stomach. He coughs up blood and then looks back up at Naruto who had a dark expression on his face. "To hell that is. There you'll get to meet all kind of demons and monsters that people like you only dream of." He says and pulls the blade out his gut and then swings the sword at his head, loping it off while a fountain of blood sprays from the man's stump of a neck.

Gato's head, which had a look of horror on his face, flew off the bridge and into the ocean. The blood from Gato's body gets all over Naruto's body and hair as he watches the body hit the ground with a thud. He then swipes the blood from the sword and sheathes it again.

He then brings his hand up and swipes the blood out of his hair. Zabuza, Kakashi, Haku, and Tazuna had different expressions on their faces. Most of them were looks of amazement, shock, awe, and a little fear. Naruto looks at them and a small smile appears on his face while the aura fades away and his eyes return to normal. "It's over." he says and then darkness takes over his vision and he collapsed while hearing Haku cry out his name. "Naruto-kun!!" she says while running towards the unconscious former blonde.

Three days later

Naruto finds himself in his mind again but the only difference was that it wasn't a sewer it was similar to a mansion. He walked through the hallway of the place until he saw a door with the kanji seal on it. He then blinks for a while and then opens the door only to see Kyuubi in her hybrid form sitting on a bed with her legs crossed and reading a red covered book.

Her ears twitch and she looks up to see Naruto staring at her and smirks. "Are you done checking me out Naruto-kun?" She says while the blonde blushes and shakes his head at the vixen. "I didn't come here to flirt Kyuubi. I came here because you promised to talk to me about my bloodline and what caused you to attack the village." He said in a tone that meant he wasn't in the mood for joking and she sighs and puts the book down.

"Very well but before we start to chat you need some clothes on first." She said with a smirk on her face. Naruto blinks for a while and looks down only to see he's in only a pair of black boxers and blushes. He then pictures some clothes into his thoughts and now he was wearing a blue T-shirt and black pants. "Much better now come and sit. I have a lot to explain about your heritage." She says and he does that.

When Naruto sits down, a scent of fruits entered his nose, which came from the kyuubi and was now holding back a blush and the thoughts that were entering his mind. The Kyuubi raises an eyebrow at this but decides to ignore it for now. "Okay Naruto I need you to pay close attention to what I'm about to tell you but you must not interrupt okay?" She asks getting a nod from the blonde. She then snaps her fingers and the area in front of them became a screen and on it was a sky that was an orangish yellow color with the sun setting.

"Good. Now this all started back before even chakra or shinobi existed. 2,000 Years ago the human realm and demon realm were at war with each with the human side losing very badly." She said while the screen flipped to the part where demons were attacking humans who were trying to fight back with strange weapons that fired metal pieces out of them.

Then the screen switched to a chamber that was surrounded by darkness and red flames surrounded a throne where a figure with three red glowing eyes was sitting on it and was laughing evilly as he watched his minions take down the humans.

"The one who started this war was the ruler of the demon world and was also known as the prince of darkness. His name was Mundus. A demon who wanted to take over the human realm due to his belief that humans were an inferior species. Him and his generals were close to winning the battle until one of his generals had a change of heart and turned against him." When she says that a high ranking demon was cut down by a double edged sword.

As the creature's figure fell the one with the sword in his hand was flinging the blood off. He was a human sized demon, with cloven hooves, a semi-reptilian hide, a pair of sweeping horns, two pairs of insectoid wings and one pair of chiropteran/bat wings. His entire body appears to be made of grey armor with accents and overtones of Tyrian purple, and features ornamental decorations, such as gold trimming along his "crown", a vertical red gem in his forehead, as well as gold knee and elbow guards.

"He was none other than Sparda, The Legendary Dark Knight. He was a demon whose power was on par with Mundus. He betrayed his master and aided the humans in defeating The Dark Emperor." Kyuubi says while they watch Sparda take down demon after demon. "He then confronts Mundus and they engage in a battle that made even the Heavens tremble."

"Sparda managed to defeat Mundus and his army of demons and forced them back into the demon realm. He then sealed away the gates that linked the human world to the demon world by using his sword and pouring his power into it. For the next two thousand years, he spent his time ruling over the humans, and eventually meet and fell in love with a woman named Eva" She said and they then saw Sparda at a ball in his human form. His hair was swept back and he is portrayed as wearing a monocle and purple jacket.

He was dancing with a woman who had long beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. Her face and figure were flawless and she was smiling as she danced with Sparda who also fell in love. "After that, she was pregnant with his children. They were twin brothers named Vergil and Dante, the Son's of Sparda." She said and the screen showed two twin boys with shoulder length silver hair. One was wearing blue and the other red.

"One day however, Sparda disappeared, leaving Eva with their sons and when the turned eight, Mundus manage to send a few demons to the human world and killed Eva, leaving her two sons alone." They then saw the bloody and dead form of Eva while Dante and Vergil cried over the lose of their mother. "This event changed both Vergil and Dante. Vergil took the path of power while Dante became a demon hunter. Sparda left Dante and Vergil with his other swords, Rebellion and Yamato."

"The sword you have now is Yamato. It is a sentient blade that is also the key to opening and closing the gates to the demon realm. It can also cut through anything including time and space and taking down someone at long distances." She said while Naruto's eyes widen. "If you're wondering no you can't do that until you understand the style that goes with the sword but I'm sure Yamato will help you once you get the basics of swordplay down."

She says while the white haired nin nods. "Now instead of explaining Dante's and Vergil's past I'll tell you about how your family is affiliated with Sparda and his son's. You see Naruto, your father was the one who sealed me inside of because he knew that your blood and power would keep me from escaping. He was Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage and Konoha's Kiiroi Senkou."

When she said that Naruto's eyes widen in shock and different thoughts went through his head. At first he was angry that his father did this and condemned him to a life of hell but then he understood why he did it. But what pissed him off even more was that Sarutobi knew this and didn't even bother to tell him and that the village didn't honor his father's dying wish. He then lets out a frustrating sigh and Kyuubi then continues.

"Well then, your father was the son of Dante and a female demon Trish but when he was born Dante was sucked into a Portal to hell and Trish was attacked and fatally injured by a group of demons that she managed to kill but was dying slowly. A group of konoha nin who had the symbol of the wind and wave on their vests found her on the verge of dying and she asked them to take her child and gave them an amulet that Dante gave her to give to Minato. They did that and she died right after handing your father to them."

She said and Naruto's face became sad. "Now your father never knew about his demonic heritage but he was capable of creating and making jutsu that made him feared and respected throughout the shinobi world. Now your father did discover his demonic heritage when he turned 17 but kept it a secret from everyone, even the Hokage. He also would've fully awakened his devil's blood but then I attacked and here's the reason why."

"A man wearing an orange mask and a red cloak that was black and had red clouds on it caste a genjutsu on me. I remember seeing a red eye with three tomoe on it so he must've been an Uchiha. Anyway, I went berserk and attacked the closest thing and that was your village. Your father summoned the Shinigami and sealed me into you at the cost of his life."

"Now about your bloodline. It is called devil's blood and it is stronger than any other but that doesn't make you invincible. Just like any other, you have to work and making it stronger. Now these are the abilities that your bloodline gives you. Since you are now a half devil, your speed, strength, stamina reflexes, and senses have increased to superhuman levels as did your healing factor. Even a strike to the heart wouldn't kill you. Also Naruto while you were unconscious, your body structure changed so it could adapt to the power you awakened when you were at the bridge. So now you'll have the appearance of a 16 year old and you're also taller now." She replied while Naruto's eyes grew wide at the info he gained on his father and family and spoke up.

"What about my mother? What happened to her?" Naruto asks while she shrugs. "I don't know. It's possible she died giving birth to you but other than that, I don't know. Sorry kit." She says while the boy gets a downcast look on his face and then looks at kyuubi. "I see. Thanks Kyuubi." He says while she speaks up. "Please call me Hibara. Kyuubi is my title. So now that I gave you what you wanted to know, can I have what I want?" She asks and Naruto looks at her for a moment and then nods. "Yeah. A deal's a deal. I'll give you your freedom but I decide on how much of your power you get okay?" Naruto asks and she nods. "I agree. Also I have one more request." She said and Naruto groans. "What is it?" he asks and a small tint of pink appears on her face. "I want you to be my mate." She says and when those words came out of her mouth Naruto jumped off the bed and away from her while his eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.

"WHAT!? ARE YOU SERIOUS!? YOU WANT ME TO BE YOUR MATE?! WHY?!" He screams out while Hibara gets up and walks over to a shocked Naruto and leans over until their faces were inches from each other. "Why you? Because I can tell that you'll become strong. Stronger than even Sparda and his sons. I also want to be a mother but I want a mate who'll be stronger than even me both physically and mentally. That is all I want from you Naruto-kun. I want a family and being alone for 4 millenniums is not fun. Who knows? I might actually fall in love with you in the future." She says and caresses his cheek, making him shiver from the contact.

She then stops and Naruto looks at her trying to see if there is any form of deception in her eyes. "I'll consider your request Hibara but if I" He says and she finishes. "Fall in love with another? I Don't mind sharing plus I like both males and females so don't worry." She says with a cheeky grin on her face and Naruto gapes like a fish. She then gives him a kiss on the nose and says this. "If you ever need me for 'stress relief' just ask Naruto-kun. I promise you won't regret it." She says in a husky tone while giving him a view of her cleavage. Naruto then starts sputtering while she laughs at him and then he fades out of his mind.

Outside World

The sun shined down on Naruto's face and he squints his eyes in pain for a while. He then slowly opens them and looks at the ceiling. He tries to get up only to feel a weight on his chest. He turns his head to see a girl with long silky raven hair sleeping on his chest and was wearing a pink kimono. It was Haku.

'Haku-chan.' He says in his mind and he sees a strand of hair fall in front of her face. He lifts his left hand and brushes it away back into her hair and he hears her stir for a while. She then opens her beautiful brown eyes and sees Naruto smiling back at her. Her eyes widen as he sits up. "Haku-chan what's u-oomph!" He says and she instantly pulls him into a hug.

"I'm glad you're awake now Naruto-kun." She says while he lets out a grunt. "Same here Haku-chan but can I breathe please?" he strains out. She realizes what she was doing and lets go of him while blushing "S-sorry." She says and he chuckles at her. "Don't worry about it. Hey why does my voice sound deeper?" He asks and then gets up and looks into a mirror. When he looks into it, his eyes widen in shock.

He went from 4'9 to 5'6. He also noticed his face and body had no ounce of baby fat and his body was ripped also but not overly muscular. His hair was no longer blond, it was now silver white and it stopped to it's shoulders and it still remained spiky.

He also had long spiky bangs on the sides of his head. The whisker marks on his face were gone but he still had his deep blue cerulean eyes and he also had canines jutting out of his upper lip. Haku looks at his back and her blush becomes even redder. Naruto looks back at Haku and asks. "Where's the sword I had with me at the bridge?' Naruto asks.

The ice user stops blushing and blinks for a while then realizes what he meant. "Oh that sword it's laying on the corner over there. The Uchiha tried to take it a few days ago but ended up getting zapped by the sword and so I picked it up and laid it there. Zabuza made sure he didn't try to take it again and I stayed here and looked after you."

She answered and Naruto looked over to the corner and saw it laying there. "Oh okay. Thanks Haku. I really appreciate you looking out for me while I was unconscious." He says and she blushes in embarrassment.

"You're welcome Naruto-kun. It was the least I could do since you saved my life as well as Zabuza's." She then walks over to the white haired teen who was now a few inches taller than her and pulls him into another hug.

"Thank you Naruto-kun. Thank you for saving the life of someone who was like a father to me. I don't know how I can ever repay you." She says as tears fell from her eyes. Naruto blushes from the contact and hugs her back. "You're welcome Haku-chan."

He says and hears Hibara speak up. "I know how she can repay you Naruto-kun and it involves her stripping down to her underwear and giving you a" 'HIBARA DON'T YOU FINISH THAT SENTENCE!!'

He yelled in his mind while she giggles. Naruto's brow twitches and he then turns red. "Uh Haku, I know you're enjoying this hug but can I have some clothes please? I don't want anyone to walk in on us with me in my boxers." He says and when she looks at the awkward position they're in, she eeps, lets him go, and heads to a closet and pulls out a short sleeved deep blue shirt, black pants and some black ninja sandals and lays them out.

Her face was now as red as an apple. "Sorry I'll let you get changed Naruto-kun!" She says and runs out the room while the blonde blinks a couple of times. He sighs and starts to put on the clothes. "I'm willing to bet that my life is gonna get really interesting after this." He says to himself while putting the shirt on.

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