Blood of Sparda, Path of the Legendary Dark Slayer

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Chapter 5: Devils, Angels, and Heritage Pt. 3

In the backyard of the Namikaze Estate, the sounds of blades clashing and flesh hitting flesh was heard. It was Zabuza and Naruto sparring again. There were slash marks and craters everywhere. Naruto was currently dodging and blocking the man's head cleaver wearing a black sleeveless shirt with dark blue sweats and training shoes that were white and blue.

He currently had Yamato drawn and he had a few cuts and bruises that were healing and he was panting like crazy. "Man Zabuza sensei may be an excellent teacher but he's a freaking sadist. I'm beginning to think he's actually a demon in disguise." He muttered but then ducked to avoid a horizontal slash from the man's blade and does a series of back flips before landing on his feet with Yamato sheathed in a Battoujutsu stance.

"You need to stay on guard kid. One slip up could mean instant death on the battlefield. Your opponent will take that opportunity and kill you." He said in a sage like manner.

Naruto nods and his eyes grow cold and emotionless, making Zabuza grin. "Now that's a look you should keep. It'll make your opponent uneasy and screw up if fighting you." He said and charges at Naruto who does the same.

When they're a few feet away from each other, Zabuza swings his blade and Naruto vanishes. Said former kiri nin grunts out in pain when a cut appears on his arm and a little blood shoots out.

Naruto appears behind the man with his blade drawn. Naruto pulls a 90 degree slash at the man back and separated him from his lower body. 'Zabuza' disperses into water causing Naruto to scowl. Another Zabuza appears on Naruto's right and two more appear in his front and left with their blades raised.

Naruto's eyes widen but return to normal and he leaps into the air as they brought down their swords and making a crater. Naruto ascends to the ground and horizontally slashes one water clone. It disperses and Naruto sidesteps a round house kick that was going for his torso and strikes the clone in the throat with the sheath, making the clone stumble and then kicks it in the chest, making it land on its back.

Naruto then turns to block a downward slash with his blade when the water clone attacked and grunts from the strength. He lets out a growl and pushes the clone back and severs its head from its shoulders, causing it to disperse. He then spins his blade and places it into a stabbing position and stabs the last clone in the chest, making him jerk and then disperse into water.

Naruto remains in that position until he twists his body to deflect a few senbon with Yamato. Haku leaps from the trees and into the air performing a few hand seals. The water from the clones rise and turn into needles made of water and surround Naruto. She then does a ram seal. "Sensatsu Suisho!" She cried out.

Naruto curses and then shunshins away while the water needle head for his former location and causes a watery explosion. Naruto skids back but senses Haku appear behind him and blocks a kick that was aimed for his head with his left arm. Said silver hired devil then grabs her ankle with is hand and uses his foot to trip her other foot, leaving her suspended in mid air. Haku uses the weight of her upper body to twist herself and send her other foot upwards to Naruto's chin.

Naruto releases her ankle and flips backwards while Haku lads on her feet and charges at Naruto who barely had time to be ready and she kicks Yamato out of his left hand and sends it scuttling across the ground. She turns her left hand into a fist and swings it at Naruto's jaw.

Naruto moves his head to the right to avoid the punch and performs a knee strike to her torso. Haku manages to stop it with her hands but Naruto uses his other leg as a spring to leap over a surprised Haku's head and lands behind her. Haku tries to back hand him but he ducks and tackles her to the ground.

He straddles her waist and pins her arms over her head while she struggled for a while. Naruto smirks and leans closer to her face making her stop and look at his blue eyes. "Do you yield?" He asks her and she nods.

"Can I get up now?" She asks only for her answer to be a kiss on her lips. He deepens the kiss getting a moan out of her but doesn't realize that Haku slips her legs from under his and wraps her legs around his waist. Before Naruto realized it, she uses her weight to push him down on the ground and pins his arms, shocking the former blonde.

"Hey!" He cried out while she giggle and straddles his waist.

"All's fair in love and war Naruto-kun." She says and gets off him. After she helps him up Zabuza appears smirking. "Good job Naruto. If I had to judge your level now I'd say you're on par with Haku if not a little stronger than her." He answered causing the two teenager's eyes to widen.

"Wow. I honestly didn't think I'd be on Haku-chan's level yet. I actually thought I was close to Sasuke-teme's level." He answered causing the man to snort.

"Oh please that brat is nowhere close to Haku's level." Zabuza stated. Naruto smirks and holds his hand out, causing Yamato to appear in his hand.

"Well the training session was great and all but now I have to meet up with my team. I'll probably be gone most of the day though but I know we're not doing any missions for a while. Do you guys have to do anything?" He asks.

"I'm on probation gaki so I'll more than likely be here." Zabuza answered.

"I'm starting my position as a medic chunin in the hospital. One of the head medics wants to evaluate my skills as a healer." Haku says. "Okay well I'll see you guys later then." He says, giving Haku a kiss on the cheek and shunshins to his room to get dressed.

Team 7 Training Grounds

Sasuke was currently sitting under a rock brooding (as usual) while Sakura was sitting away from him reading a book on medical jutsu. That was when Naruto appeared in his usual attire with is hands in his pocket with Yamato strapped to his back. "Hey Sakura-chan, King of Emos." Naruto says. Sakura looks up and waves at Naruto with a smile on her face and Sasuke glares at the former blonde and looks away brooding.

Naruto walks over to Sakura and sits next to her while she reads. "Reading a book on medical jutsu Sakura-chan?" Naruto asks getting a nod from her.

"Uh huh. I kept trying to figure out what role I could play for the team and I thought about being a combat medic." She answered.

"Really? Well that sounds cool. You seem to be more of a medic than a frontal assault ninja. I mean you have excellent chakra control." He answered while she blushed a little at his praise.

"Thanks but my current issue is my chakra level. You're practically the only one aside from Kakashi sensei who has higher levels of chakra." She answered crossing her arms in frustration. "Oh if it's more chakra you're worried about then I have a solution." He says causing her to look up.

"Really? What do you have in mind?" She asks. "Well one way to increase your chakra levels is by doing daily exercises or you can do the chakra control exercises. They not only help improve your chakra control but increase your reserves." He answered getting a nod from her.

"Wait you said other chakra control exercises? Tree climbing isn't the only one?" She asks confused a little.

"Yeah there's water walking, kunai balancing, senbon balancing, and waterfall climbing." He answered.

Sakura's eyes went wide. "Wow. So how far are you?"

"Me? I can do tree climbing, the water walking exercise, and the kunai balancing exercise." He answered making her eyes go wide. "Y-you're already that far?"

"Yeah but I'm still working on kunai balancing. I screwed up one time with it and had a kunai go through my hand. Talk about agonizing pain." He answered while rubbing the back of his head.

Sakura giggled at his antics and spoke up. "I knew you were a baka Naruto but that takes the cake." She said getting a pout from him.

"Hey I'm not stupid Sakura-chan. I just have my own form of thinking just like you do. I'm more of a hands on person while you can do better with books." He answered.

"Yeah but your form of thinking got a kunai embedded into your hand." She stated while he stuck his tongue at her. Sasuke was watching this and scoffs. "Idiots." He mumbles.

"Oh yeah and Sakura you should try to eat more food with fat in them like eggs, fish, and meat. They not only give you the protein you need, but when you burn the fat off you gain muscle from them after exercising. Heck thanks to Haku-chan balancing my meals out, I feel great. Well it was mostly my bloodline that gave me my muscle but you know where I'm getting at." He said, pulling his sleeve up and flexing his arm.

Sakura gawks at his bicep and looks at her arms and tries to hide them, making Naruto laugh. "I never knew you were sensitive about your body structure Sakura-chan." He states while she glares at him playfully.

"Shut it. I just haven't started to develop yet." She answered while he kept quiet. Sakura blinks and raised an eye brow at him. "What? Why are you quiet Naruto?" She asks. Naruto looks at her and blinks.

"Huh? Did you say something Sakura?" He asked with an innocent look on his face.

Sakura's brow twitches but sighs in frustration. "I'm kidding Sakura. Hey if you ever want help with medical training or exercise I can get Haku-chan to help you. She's very skilled in the medical arts." He said.

"Really? Thanks! Say what's it like?" Sakura asks while Naruto raised an eyebrow. "What is what like?" Naruto asks her.

"What is it like to … you know… be a couple with Haku? I mean ever since we were in wave and left you and her have been spending a lot of time together. I mean I know a boyfriend and girlfriend are suppose to do that but I want to know what is it like." She asks with curiosity in her voice.

Naruto rubs the bottom of his chin in thought and thinks about it. "Well to be honest Sakura-chan us getting together just happened I mean we have a lot of things in common with each other and well… whenever I'm around Haku I feel… happy and confident. I spent most of my life alone but had help from a few people who are precious to me and the same was with Haku until she met Zabuza. We also have a lot of fun together. That's all I can tell you in what it's like to have someone like Haku." He explained to Sakura.

"I see. Well I'm happy for you Naruto. Say you're not being perverted around her are you?" She asks giving him a stern look.

"What are you my mother? If I want to be perverted with my girlfriend I can. Heck she encourages it when she sways her hips, especially when she's wearing those tight jeans and." He pauses when he hears a perverted giggle and a tic mark appears on his head. He then vanishes, shocking Sakura and Sasuke.

They suddenly hear an object making contact with someone's head and Kakashi appears rubbing the lump on his head. Naruto appears after wards with Yamato resting on his shoulder glaring at his sensei.

"Hey everyone. Sorry I'm late I err… had to take my uniforms to the cleaners and afterwards had to get my place fumigated." He explained while Naruto and Sakura rolled their eyes.

"Save it sensei. So what do you want us to do?" Naruto asks while Kakashi thinks about it. "Well you'll be learning the water walking exercise." He says getting a raised eyebrow from Sasuke.

Kakashi sees Naruto look and speaks up. "Aren't you gonna ask what it is Naruto?" Kakashi asks while the blonde shakes his head.

"Nope. I can already do it." He answered while the man's eye widened in surprise and the returns to normal.

"Well Naruto can you give us a demonstration?" Kakashi asks.

"Sure." The former blonde walks over to the lake stops near the edge of it performing the ram sign.

His feet glow for a while and then he takes his first step on top of the surface of the lake. He then takes another step and starts to walk even further into the lake. Kakashi was impressed while Sakura was awed and amazed while Sasuke was growling and clenching his fists in anger. Naruto stops near the middle of the lake and smirks. He then vanishes and appears next to Kakashi. "How was that sensei?" Naruto asks the copy nin.

"That was very impressive Naruto. Did Zabuza teach you that?" He asks while Naruto shakes his head.

"Nope. Haku-chan did when we were in wave. I'm working on kunai balancing also but I'm taking my time with it because the last time I tried to balance myself on one I ended up with said kunai going through my hand. Hurt like a bitch even with my healing factor." He stated. Sasuke scoffs and smirks.

"Baka. That's what you get." He says getting a glare from Naruto and Sakura. "Shut up Sasuke. If you think you can do this exercise better than me than lets see you." He challenged as he was really getting tired of Sasuke's attitude.

"Gladly. I'll show you what an elite can do." He says as he did what Naruto did earlier channeling chakra into his feet.

He starts to take his first step in the lake and when he does, he ends up tripping and smacking the water face first, getting different reactions. Kakashi snorted while shaking his head, Sakura held both hands over her mouth while giggling and Naruto was on the laughing his ass off. "Oh yeah you showed me what an elite can do!" He said while Sasuke crawled out of the lake and glared at them embarrassed.

"Alright alright now Sasuke, Sakura you two start on the exercise and Naruto since you already completed this exercise you can work on… eh what do you have to work on?" He asks.

"Oh well I'm working on creating new moves for the dark slayer style." He said getting a raised eyebrow from the man. "It's a style I gained from Yamato." He said holding the blade up.

"Oh I see. You go on and work on that while Sakura and Sasuke do the exercise and Sasuke don't forget your punishment is to be finished before the end of our training." Kakashi said getting a 'hn' from the brooder.

So for the entire day Naruto was working on his Dark Slayer style while Sasuke and Sakura were working on the water walking exercise. During his training in the style he learned Judgement Cut, Dark Ringer, and Aerial Rave. He also got to the second level of Trick Up, Trick Down, Rapid Slash, and Air Trick.

Naruto was currently standing in the middle of the field with his eyes closed while focusing on the area around him. His coat was currently hanging on a tree branch and he had a few cuts, bruises, and tears in his clothes but his cuts were healing. While he stayed motionless, five shadow clones of himself appeared out of nowhere with their O-Katanas drawn and ready to bring them down on the silver- white haired Namikaze.

Naruto's eyes snapped opened and he performed a series of sword strikes on the clones he bypassed the last clones sliced him across the waist. He stayed in the battoujutsu stance with his blade drawn for a while until he starts to slowly sheathe it. When he fully sheathes it with a click the clones disperse and he stands back up. Naruto's chest was slowly rising up and down and he places his hand in front of his spiky silver hair and sweeps it back, wiping the sweat out of his hair.

He suddenly placed his hand on Yamato's hilt, twisted his body and swung his blade upwards when the 'last' clone appeared with its blade raised. It then fell back in two pieces and dispersed while Naruto once again sheathed his sword. As he went to retrieve his jacket, he was glomped by Haku.

Naruto smirks as she rubs her cheek against his while he wrapped an arm around her waist. "Hello Haku-chan." He said while she kissed him on the cheek and had a smile on her face.

"Hello Naruto-kun. I missed you today." She says but giggles when he tickles her side.

"It's only been 5 hours Koori-hime (Ice Princess)." He answered as he stops tickling her and she pouts.

"I know but still. I missed you and your beautiful silver white hair." She said with a grin on her face and strokes his hair until Naruto leaned over and nibbled on her neck while she giggled. Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke walked in the field Naruto was practicing in and saw him with his head leaned against Haku's neck while she giggled and squirmed in his arms.

Sakura was wide eyed, Sasuke was pissed that a strong girl like her was with a no name loser, and Kakashi had a grin under his mask. "Ahem." He coughed out making them stop what they were doing and look to see Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke watching them.

Naruto let's Haku go while she had a small blush on her face from what they did earlier. "Hey Sensei, Sakura-chan, Teme. So are you guys finished with your training?" Naruto asks and could tell Sasuke was winded from his extra training while Sakura who was exhausted seemed to be pacing herself like Naruto suggested.

"Yep they are. Sorry we ruined your 'moment' with Haku-san." Kakashi said teasingly while the two blushed but glared at the man.

"Perverted Sensei. So do we need to do anything else?" Naruto asked

"Nope. We're done for today. You all can go home. Oh and Naruto I got a message from the Hokage saying he and the council needs to meet with you about your new bloodline after our training session. Oh and meet here again tomorrow at 10:00 A.M." The son of the White Fang says getting a nod from the half devil.

Naruto groaned and nodded while the man disappeared. That was when Sasuke spoke up. "Hey dobe why does the council want to know about your bloodline?" He asked in a demanding voice while Naruto responsed with a bored expression on his face.

"How should I know teme? Our sensei just told me the Hokage and the council wanted to speak to me about it. Kami you're stupid." He said while the prick growled at being called stupid by the dead last.

"Watch who you're calling stupid dobe." Sasuke said in a dangerous tone while activating his Sharingan.

"Sasuke just piss off. I really don't want to deal with you or your fucking ego." Naruto growled while Sasuke smirked.

"Are you afraid to face the most powerful bloodline to ever exist loser? Don't blame you for being afraid to fight an elite like myself." Sasuke said with arrogance in his voice until Naruto laughed out loud.

"You? Elite? Don't make me laugh Sasuke you are nowhere close to being called an elite and as for your invincible Sharingan? Please Haku-chan kicked your ass six ways to Sunday when we were on that bridge even when you activate it. And if you think you're close to being on your brother's level than you are even more stupid than I thought. He was an ANBU captain by the time he was our age. He'd beat you senseless and not even use his Sharingan. Honestly he along with that Shisui guy and your mother are the only Uchiha I'll ever respect." He stated while pissing Sasuke off.

"Shut up! How the hell do you know about my brother? Tell me or I'll" Sasuke yelled until he was grabbed by his collar and pulled towards Naruto's face who had a pissed off expression and his eyes flashed red for a second.

"Or you'll what asshole? You're really starting to get on my nerves and right now I'm 5 seconds away from sending you to the hospital." Naruto says in a dangerous tone while a bead of sweat fell down Sasuke's brow and ended up deactivating his Sharingan From the Ki Naruto was releasing. "The villagers might put up with your bullshit but I won't. My bloodline is my business not yours. You will not demand anything from me because I'm not your punching bag. You keep this bull shit up and I'll break every bone in your body now get the fuck out of my sight." Naruto says and shoves him to the ground.

Sasuke slowly gets up and glares at Naruto but stomps off to god knows where. Naruto let's out a frustrating sigh and looks at Sakura. "Sorry you had to see that Sakura-chan. Say didn't you want to ask Haku something?"

Sakura blinks for a while and then realized what he meant. "Oh yeah I did. Hey Haku-san I was wondering would it be possible for you to teach me the medical arts?" She asks while the ice user looks at her. "I'm not doing this to impress that jerk Sasuke I just… want be someone who the team can depend on. I don't want to be a burden anymore." She answered waiting for Haku to answer.

Haku looks at Naruto who nods and she sighs. "Sure. But I'll teach you when I don't have to work in the hospital and on this training ground. Does that sound fair?" Haku asks getting a nod from the girl.

"Yes and thank you Haku-san. I won't disappoint you." Sakura says and bows to the ice user.

"I'll make sure you don't. And even if you are Naruto-kun's friend I won't go easy on you understand?" Haku asks seriously. Sakura sees the serious look on her face she nods and heads back to her house. Naruto grabs his Coat from the tree branch and places it back on.

"I'll see you later then Sakura-chan and Haku-chan I'll see you back at the mansion." Naruto says and Shunshins away.

Council Chamber

Hiruzen Sarutobi along with the Clan Heads, Elders, and Civilian Council. While the clan heads along with Koharu and Homura had nothing against Naruto for his condition, the civilians and Danzo were the main problem.

The Civilians have been demanding that Naruto be executed for being a demon and murderer while Danzo wanted him to be a weapon but every time that occurred Hiruzen would deny them their request and have them kicked out of his office.

When he told them of Naruto possessing an ancient and rare bloodline that hasn't been seen for the last 2000 years the civilians didn't want to believe it since they stated that his bloodline was 'tainted' and that there was nothing more powerful than the sharingan.

Koharu and Homura however were indifferent but curious about this 'rare' bloodline Naruto possessed as were the clan heads. While they were having their own thoughts the door opened and Naruto entered the Council Chamber.

Sarutobi and the clan heads saw him walk him and smirked. "Ah Naruto glad you could be here. I was starting to think you had picked up Kakashi's habit of being late." He said humorously while the half devil snorted.

"I find that insulting Saru-Oji. There is no way I'd pick up his habits. Heck he'd probably be late to his own funeral." He mumbled which caused some of the clan heads to snicker. "So I take it you all want to find out about my 'rare' bloodline?" He asks.

That was when a civilian snorted. "Even if it's rare it's nothing compared to Uchiha-sama's." He stated out loud which caused the Clan Heads to glare at him. "

If the teme is so great then why is he the only Uchiha alive in the village? Or did the fact that the entire clan was killed by a 14 year old ANBU captain not go through you brain?" Naruto said in a bored tone which pissed off the merchant.

"Shut up! You're just jealous because you can't measure up to Uchiha-sama's greatness you de" He was gonna finish until he felt the sharp edge of Yamato's blade get pressed against his neck. His entire body was frozen when he looked into Naruto's eyes and they were as cold as ice.

"Are you sure you want to call me that especially since there is a law the Hokage made that prevents anyone from calling me that especially since breaking it is considered treason and punishable by death?" He asks coldly.

The merchant gulps and a bead of sweat drips down his face while the clan heads and elders were shocked and amazed at how he drew the blade without their notice. A smirk appears on Naruto's face and he removes his blade from the man's gullet and sheathes it. "I thought so. Next time you won't be so lucky you trash." Naruto said in a dark manner.

After a moment of silence Sarutobi coughs to get everyone's attention. "Now that that little scene is over Naruto can you tell everyone here what your 'ancient' bloodline's abilities are?" Sarutobi asks and gets a nod from the former blonde. "Of course. My bloodline gives me these abilities. My speed, strength, stamina, and my five senses are increased beyond human levels and I don't require chakra to enhance them. I also gained an accelerated healing factor and no it's not from my condition." He said as he glared at a civilian who tried to speak up but shutted up.

"My eye sight also gives me similar abilities that are like the Hyuuga and Uchiha clans but the difference is that my eyesight gains visions like thermal, and night vision and I can also see things move in slow motion like a fully matured sharingan can but I can't copy jutsu." He explained while they all absorbed this information.

"I also possess another ability which is energy based and it allows me to control Kyuubi's chakra which is similar to the Shodaime's Mokuton." He finished which made everyone's eyes widen until Danzo spoke up.

"You expect us to believe that this 'bloodline' of yours can control the fox? How do we know that you didn't gain your bloodline from the beast?" Danzo asks as his single eye gazed at the boy.

Naruto just glared back at the man. "Personally I don't give a damn if an old fart like you doesn't believe me. Kyuubi cannot influence me in any way, shape, or form thanks to my bloodline awakening in wave country. I also gained this weapon during the fight we had in the battle of the bridge and if you temes demand me to give it to that spoiled brat I'll gut you like a fish." He said as he once again glared at the civilian side who kept their mouths shut again.

"This sword is sentient and will only let me be its master and if anyone else tries to take it, it has a defense mechanism that fries the person. Only those I trust may touch or use it." Naruto says as he holds Yamato forward and one civilian scoffed and made an attempt to grab it by the sheathe only for the person to get fried by purple lightning and sent flying backwards and hitting the wall, rendering the person unconscious.

"I warned him. Idiot." He muttered as he held Yamato in front of Hiruzen who blinked but nodded and grabbed the sword by the sheath and nothing happened. He then let goes of the sword and smirks. "Now to prove to those who can't tell the difference between a vessel and the jailed Hiashi-san would you mind using your Byakugan and tell me what you see?" Naruto asks the Hyuuga Clan Head who nods and activates his Byakugan. As he stares at Naruto's chakra his eyes widen a little.

"Unbelievable." He said quietly which got their attention.

"What do you see Hiashi?" Tsume asks while the man deactivated his eyes.

"There is not a single trace of Kyuubi's Chakra coursing through his body just his normal chakra." He said which got everyone's attention.

"So he wasn't lying. Are you happy now you troublesome civilians?" Shikaku asks in a bored tone. The civilians were silent yet glared at Naruto who just ignored them. That was when Danzo had a gleam in is eye and spoke up.

"Since the boy came back to the village with a new bloodline for us I think he should be put in the"

"The Sandaime has already stated that I would be under the CRA when I told him about it you old coot and before you even think about using me as a breeding factory let's make one thing clear. This in my bloodline, not Konoha's and it doesn't belong to you greedy vultures." Naruto said as he glared at the civilians and Danzo.

"I have agreed to do the CRA but I decide which female joins my clan. Not you. If any of you wish to make an alliance with my new clan then I'll hear you out but I do not wish to be in a loveless engagement. I have more respect for women unlike most of you males in this council." He said coldly glaring at the male civilians who fumed while Tsume and Koharu agreed with his notion.

"Now if we're done here I'd like to go home and get some rest." He said as he looked at the Sandaime who waved him off and then shunshins away and then the man speaks up.

"Now then everyone except for the clan heads and my two advisors need to leave. I need to discuss some shinobi business with them." He said and saw the civilians and Danzo start to protest until his gaze hardens. "That wasn't a request it was an order now leave." He said harshly which made them do the smart thing and get up and leave.

"(Sigh) Now that those incompetent fools are done we can start discussing about Naruto creating a new clan for the village?" Sarutobi asks while the clan heads and his advisors each give their own opinion on the development of the new clan.

With Naruto

The Last Heir of Sparda made it back to his compound and after resting and eating lunch, Hibara started to teach him the demon arts. For the last couple of hours she taught him 5 hado spells, 5 bakudo spells, and 5 healing spells.

Right now Naruto was in the back yard working on devil techniques. He had his index and middle finger aimed at a target and electricity gathered around his finger tips. "Hado no Yon: Byakurai." Naruto called out and fired a bolt of lightning at one of the targets. It pierces the target and makes a hole right in the middle of it. His fingertips sizzle for a while until the electricity dissipates.

Naruto looks at his finger tips and blows the smoke off them. "Well that was fun. I have to say those Kido Spells are easier to use than ninjutsu." Naruto states. Hibara was watching his progress in the arts and couldn't help but smirk. He was really improving in using Yamato and his devil arm Diablo and it took most devils in training to use the spells properly.

"Despite the lack of heirs, the blood of Sparda still runs strong. Naruto's gonna surpass his ancestors especially at the rate he's going." She says to herself and watches him work on the other techniques. After that, Naruto was about to work some more in the katas for the Dark Slayer Style until Yamato pulsed.

Naruto stopped to take a look at his sword and saw Hibara growling lowly. "Hibara what is it?" Naruto asked the Fox Queen who was on edge.

"We've got company." She stated which confused Naruto until he was suddenly leapt backwards when a flash of silver tried to strike him in the skull and was now in a battle stance ready to draw Yamato. The flash of silver appeared to be a scythe with dried blood on it and saw the glowing red eyes of what appeared to be a grey and shriveled up skeleton that was wearing a brown jester like outfit.

"What the hell is that?" Naruto asked Hibara who was flexing her claws.

"It's a Hell Lust. One of the seven deadly sins of hell and members of the demon army. Don't let their appearance fool you though, they may be foot soldiers but they're fast." She states and that was when 8 more Hell Lusts appear from the darkness with their scythes ready to take Naruto apart.

Naruto eyes each and every one of them in a calm and calculative manner and Yamato pulses again making the half devil smirk. "I understand Yamato. It's been awhile since you've carved up some low class demons. He said as they stepped closer. "Hibara you stand back. I want to see what our 'guests' are capable of." He states.

Hibara looks at him and nods stepping back. That was when two of them leapt into the air with their scythes raised over their head and was about to bring em down on Naruto's back but the former blonde vanishes and a diagonal flash of silver cuts the two Hell Lusts in half and they turns into sand. Naruto had Yamato drawn but then sheathes it while the sand hits the ground. "Two down." He said as the rest advanced onto him.

"And six more to go." He said as he pushed Yamato up a little by its cross guard.

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