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Chapter 1: Tragedy

Six year old Himura Kenshin watched carefully as his mother rubbed a batch of soothing oil into the Dragonair's skin. "It makes the scales shine brighter," she had told him, "Dragon Pokémon are really hard to groom because you need to get the chemicals just right in order to make the scales glisten like a starry night."

The Dragonair sighed contently and glanced at her master, Seijuro Hiko, before closing her eyes again under the woman's soft ministrations. The blue orb on her neck glowed slightly in relaxation when the woman started a deep massage on her neck.

"Arigatou, Himura-sama. Your assistance is appreciated and well worth the travel from Johto. Hina has been stressed lately and she sure seems to enjoy the massage. I only wish Raidon would be able to enjoy these sorts of treatments. But lately, especially with Hina in the mood she's in, he's been quite difficult to handle."

"By all means, Hiko-san, helping Pokémon to relax is what we do. We once handled a Dragonite inflicted with Beedrill poisoning that refused to be treated even by Nurse Joy. Raidon is your Salamence, right? After I am done with Hina, I can probably do something for him too. Kenshin, go get your father and ask him to bring Hisa and Yasuo, okay?"

Kenshin looked at her through his red bangs and put down the top his mother had recently given to him for his birthday. He nodded complacently, curious to know what his mother planned to do with an Alakazam and a Tyranitar.

"Oi! Tou-san!" Kenshin stumbled through the Pokemart's doors, out of breath. "Mother has requested you to come to the groomer's shop with Hisa and Yasuo."

"Ah, another unruly Pokémon just waiting to be groomed?" The man's hair was red as well, but not as bright or as long as his son's. He was also quite short for a man, no more than five and a half feet.

"Hai. She mentioned a Salamence belonging to Hiko-san." Kenshin grinned at the prospect of seeing a real live Salamence. He didn't get to join his mother at the groomer's shop that often, only when he wasn't needed to help his father with restocking the mart or run errands with his mother. The groomer's shop was in the outskirts of Viridian City while the Pokemart was right in the middle.

"I see. Wait a moment and let me get them." Kenshin's father closed the cash register and made his way to the back of the store. "No! Hisa! Wrong shelf! The potions go on the right and the status ailments go on the left! The Pokéball go in the back!" The Alakazam was attempting to help restock the shelves, but apparently still hadn't mastered reading shelf labels. Although he was frustrated, Kenshin's father didn't really yell. He never yells, only grins and pets his Pokémon like always, grateful for at least the effort to help.

"Hisa, Yasuo, we're going with Kenshin to the groomer's shop to help with a wild one. I'm closing up shop." He closed up the cash register and headed out the door with the two Pokémon.

"Easy, Raidon. Good, steady." Kenshin's mother attempted to coax the Salamence to calm down while it was held in the Alakazam's psychic grasp. Even though Hiko was reluctant to let his Salamence be groomed, Kenshin's mother had obviously insisted. But the relative calmness brought on by the psychic attack didn't last long at all, for Hiko's Salamence was trained well in battle and could shake it off. Instead of attacking physically, as was his first instinct, the large Salamence opened his mouth and let out a large stream of fire.

Thankfully, Yasuo reacted quickly and stopped Kenshin's father from being burnt to a crisp by a Flamethrower by inserting his body between them. The Fire type attack had little affect on the Rock/Dark type Pokémon and the Tyranitar came out of the attack relatively unscathed. But the unexpected came when the Salamence broke free of Hisa's psychic hold completely when the Alakazam took her eyes off it in an instant to check on her trainer. Raidon roared and its tail smashed a shelf on the wall.

"Raidon! No!" Hiko reached for a Pokeball to bring out Hina to calm the raging dragon down, but it was too late. Raidon crunched on Yasuo's shoulder and crushed Hisa's legs under his own massive ones, leaving her in too much pain to retaliate with a psychic attack. Unable to bear seeing his Pokémon hurt so badly, Kenshin's father pushed his son back towards the wall and approached the Salamence himself.

Hisa's legs looked like they would be permanently damaged; multiple compact fractures bleeding from the bones sticking through the skin and her legs took on an eerily flat look. Yasuo wasn't faring much better against the Salamence, having been struck with another Flamethrower, and Ice beam, and a Dragon Breath. The biggest hit, however, came from Frustration.

Hiko sent out Hina and after seconds of conversing, Raidon shot an Ice Beam at the Dragonair. The Ice Beam hit the wall and the force shook the shelves on that wall, spilling various beauty and massage products on the ground and breaking glass bottles of perfume. The strong mixed scents only enraged the Salamence more and the times Hiko attempted to withdraw him into his Pokéball, but he only broke out again.

Kenshin was forced to cover his eyes once the scene became too much for him to take in. He heard a crash and his mother's screams which gave him just enough of a push to sprint out of the shop in search of help. It seemed like he ran too far too quickly until he saw Officer Jenny on her motorcycle. He quickly explained the situation to the police officer and she called in backup on her radio as she rode over with Kenshin in the side car.

All Kenshin knew was that Officer Jenny wouldn't let him go inside the shop. He wanted to see his parents, but the only ones who came out of the shop were Hiko-san and Officer Jenny. But he saw she was crying, so he suspected something was wrong. He asked for his parents almost constantly for hours after the event, even when he was brought to the police station for questioning although he didn't see anything after he left.

"Kenshin, the others don't want to tell you but you should know what happened so you can decide your future." Hiko sat next to the small boy who was curled up on a chair after hours of torment.

"Where are my parents?" He asked, for what seemed like the thousandth time that day.

"Dead. They can't come back, Kenshin. Raidon killed them and I was forced to kill him trying to stop him." Hiko was expecting the boy to go into shock or at least start crying for his parents, but perhaps he had suspected the truth all along.

"And the Pokémon? Hisa and Yasuo?"

"Dead too. Killed by Raidon." Hiko could barely hide his own sorrow, that a Pokemon he raised could cause such destruction and loss of life. "Kenshin…I'm so sorry."

The boy looked up and stared at Hiko through his bright red bangs. "I'm not mad at you or Raidon. He's a Pokémon and battling is what they do, I guess. It's not his fault."

Hiko was amazed that a boy so young was able to let go of his anger towards Pokémon with the reasoning that they couldn't help it. At that moment, Officer Jenny walked up to the pair and paused at the sight of the large man talking to Kenshin. "Kenshin's parents were his only relatives and the orphanage is overrun due to conflicts with Team Rocket…"

"I'll be taking him with me. Raidon was my Pokemon and it's my responsibility."

Officer Jenny glanced at Kenshin and the boy looked up and nodded. "Very well, I'll draw up the paperwork."

Tou – father

Arigatou – thank you

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