Title: Battle of Wits
Category: The Unusuals
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor/Friendship
Pairing: Casey/Jason
Prompt: #01 - Firsts
Word Count
: 258
Summary: It looks like food, tastes like food… but what is it really?

Battle of Wits

He was watching her, eyes slightly thinned, expectant purse to his lips.

She chewed, waited to taste something off-putting and… nothing. "What is this?" she asked, even more suspicious than before.

He cocked a brow. "Looks like food."

"Tastes like food," she added, staring at her plate. She poked it with her food. "Seriously. What is it?"

He grinned, reached out for his jacket and dragged it on slowly, purposely letting the moment sink in.

"Walsh," she growled. She almost wanted another bite. Almost. He wasn't known for making anything she would order twice. But this actually tasted… good.

"Just eat your breakfast, Shraeger," he told her before snaking her fork from her hand, taking a bite of her meal and chewing as if it meant something. Yeah, like his judgment was anything to go by when food was concerned.

"Fine," she muttered, picking her plate up from the counter. "But if at any point this meal decides to make a trip back up my throat… I'm aiming for you!" With a smile, she turned and left his diner, food in hand.

Laughing, he followed after her, closing and locking up shop as he went.

She'd spend the rest of the day grilling him on the contents of breakfast and he'd keep her guessing. For the first time ever, he'd gone the normal route and followed a recipe step-by-step. She would never know that, nor would she believe him if he said so. So why try? Instead, he'd enjoy their little battle of wits like he always did.