Title: Their Thing
Category: The Unusuals
Rating: PG13
Genre: Humor/Romance
Pairing: Casey/Jason
Prompt: #03 - Money
Word Count
: 648
Summary: Once again, he's got insight to the inner-workings of her mind before she even knows what's happening.

Their Thing

She hated this conversation.

On the bright side, he wouldn't be the type to feign misunderstanding.

Casey Shraeger was rich and he knew it. Had since the beginning, really. Something she was oddly proud of, considering how often she kept her wealthy status close to heart. But he wasn't like most guys; in fact he was just the opposite. From the beginning, he'd proven that. Where others fell apart, he stayed strong. Where some might scoff at her wealth, he shrugged as if it meant nothing. This was a key point, actually. He lived in a less-than-stellar diner/bachelor suite that could only boast the bathroom had a door. But he never asked for money, never hinted he needed any, and when she tried to pay, he neither agreed nor disagreed for any particular reason. If she got her wallet out before him, she got to pay. And when she looked smug, he simply cocked a brow at her.

"I should be paying half of everything," she announced, sitting down at the diner bar.

He glanced up at her from the newspaper.

The sizzling of eggs could be heard from behind him, slowly burning to a crisp on the stove. She would flip them or remove them but she'd learned early that there was a method to his madness and so she didn't reach for the spatula like she so wanted to.

"'Kay," he said, looking back down.

Her lips pursed. "That's it? No arguing?"

He sighed, raising his brows for emphasis. "Did you want to argue?"

"No…" She chewed her lip, looking away. "But I thought you would… I prepared a speech and everything."

His smile should've annoyed her but there was something oddly comforting about it. Maybe she was just as crazy as he was.

"Case… If you wanna pay half the utilities and the rent and all that, I'm not gonna fight you… And if you don't… I'm still not gonna fight with you." He shrugged, done, nothing more to say.

Brows furrowed, she opened her mouth to say… What? How does one argue that?

"Okay…" She screwed her eyes up in confusion. "What?"

Laying the paper down, he turned and took the eggs off the grill, laid them on a plate and drizzled ketchup on them before putting them down between them. "What?"

Glaring, she shook her head. "So you do or don't want my help?"

Slicing a chunk of egg off with the side of the fork, he scooped it up and popped it in his mouth, chewing as he thought it through. Finally, he pointed the fork at her, "I want you to pay if you want to pay…"

She blinked. "That's such a girl answer."

He laughed. "Look… I've got no problem taking care of both of us… But you have a problem with your money. So you can either get over it and do this like any regular couple or you can keep second-guessing everything you do." He shrugged, cutting off another piece of egg and holding it out to her.

Thoughtful, she took the bite without much notice. Only grimacing slightly at the burnt tomatoey taste, she sighed. "Okay…" she finally said. Looking up at him, she nodded. "I'd like to put in for half. I want this to be an equal-relationship thing."

With a wink, he stood back. "Now all I've gotta do is convince you this thing you keep calling us is less than flattering."

With a roll of her eyes, she stood up from her seat to walk back toward their room. "Thing, lovers, whatever… Call it what you want."

She gave only a short cry of surprise when he scooped her up in his arms. "Eventually… Married… That's what we'll call us. You got that, Shraeger?"

"Mmm…" was her only reply as his lips settled firmly against her own.

Maybe, just this once, she wouldn't argue.