My Alexandra


His eyes spoke for his lack of diction. They smoldered with inconceivable torture as she stood before him. The gold flecks clouded as the tears formed upon his lashes. He ached to press a cool finger to her soft lips, to wake the quavering rosebuds from their slumber. He would never forget this moment. He would never live a day without seeing that angels face, contorted in profound grief, but as heavenly beautiful as the first day she stepped into his life. And he would never regret a single instance more than now, more than hurting the one person he treasured most.

The pack weighed heavily on his shoulders as he felt the goodbye building in the back of his throat. No words would ever do justice to the crime he was committing by leaving her here. He inhaled deeply, one last wisp of her sweet aroma stinging his senses. He turned the full force of his eyes upon her, he had to make her understand, she had to know; this wasn't what he wanted. He could see her body trembling as she stepped forward cautiously. One last embrace, one last fleeting kiss. The strangled words, "I love you" escaped her as she pulled away. He whispered them back afraid he might not have the courage to leave if he grasped their true meaning. With one last chilling glance at her somber face he turned resolutely and headed to the roaring helicopter.

That was the last time I saw her. The last time God granted me the chance to hold an angel in my arms.

My Alexandra.