A Danny Phantom Story

Fight or Flight? People tell you that it's the natural response we are faced with when your life is in danger or when you are faced with a life changing decision. Do you fight or do you run? Being my headstrong, independent self; I always will fight. It is not even a decision for me. It's just who I am. But I believe it goes deeper than that. I believe that it is naturally the right choice. Why run from your life? From what you want?

Need. Fear. Strength. Those three things combine make the decision for the person. How strong are you? How do much you fear? Your need for that outcome. How much, really, do you need it? Those questions run through your mind when faced with that decision.

Watching Danny fight has enforced me even more to believe that it is always fight. His strength to stay fighting has made my love for him grow even more.

Oh, how easy it would be to just run and accept what people tell you. To hide; to concede to your enemy. Danny could have given himself in to any of his enemies and that would have been the easier action. How crazy is that?

Just something to think about,


Sam Manson closed her journal and sighed. She felt like a hypocrite. Writing about how she will always be strong and fight for what she wants to only hide her own feelings for her best friend. In this case, however, Sam felt there was a pretty big but.

But her friendship with Danny was worth fighting for more than admitting to him her feelings. She did not want to ruin her friendship with him for anything.


Her cell phone interrupted her thoughts, seeing that her caller ID told her it was Danny calling; she immediately picked up.


"S-Sam?" Danny's voice sounded husky and strained, Sam tensed fearing something was terribly wrong.

"Danny! What's wrong?"

"Oh...well I got in a fight with a strange new ghost…and I'm really ugh hurt…do you mind if I come in for some first aid?" Sam could hear his strained breathing even through the phone and her heart lurched.

"Of course you can…where are you?" She asked him while digging through her bathroom cabinet looking for her first aid kit. Sam never got a response because he had hung up on her.

Damn him, she thought as she slammed her phone on the counter pulling out the kit, he always calls says he's hurt…and the line goes dead. How melodramatic and infuriating at the same time.

She walked out of the bathroom and gasped. There, in all of his spandex glory, was Danny Phantom…passed out on her bed.

"Danny!" Sam cried as she rushed to his side.

He was still in his ghost form but he looked awful. There were holes in his suit where he was hit which let Sam's eyes have access to more than half of Danny without a suit. She blushed furiously.

"Sa-Sam..," Danny moaned.

Hearing Danny in pain snapped Sam out of her wondering thoughts and she cursed herself for not immediately applying first aid to her best friend. She got to work but before she could do anything she needed Danny to change back to human form.

"Danny," Sam said softly, "I need you to change back, please."

He groaned in response but did what she asked of him and it wasn't too long until the two silvery rings were gone and in their place laid Danny Fenton. Sam quickly got to work with patching up Danny's major wounds first which required her to take off his shirt. Pink flooded her cheeks and Sam was grateful that Danny could not see this.

Thanks to ghost fighting Danny went from being a lanky, skinny teenage boy to a lean, muscular man. Three years of fighting paid off in a superficial way which Sam could care less for. But still…it wasn't a bad thing.

Sam finished off bandaging up Danny's wounds and decided to let him sleep. She went back to sit on her cushions to glaze up into the stars while still being able to check on Danny from where she was at. Covering herself with an extra blanket and thinking pleasant thoughts of a certain halfa, Sam quickly drifted off into a deep sleep.

After what seemed like only minutes Sam felt something brush her cheek gently. Slowly waking up, Sam kept her eyes shut hoping to fall back to sleep for hopefully longer than a few minutes. Sam started to drift off again but woke herself up when she heard an audible sigh come from what sounded like right next to her. Keeping her breathing even and as deep as possible while making her sure her face with in check Sam listened intently for another noise.

"Sam..," she heard Danny sigh her name and Sam's heart started to beat faster. The way Danny had said her name sounded weird for his usual causal way. He said her name lovingly and Sam felt herself feel cherished by her halfa.

"You look so serene sleeping that I don't think I should wake you up to say 'Thanks for saving my life again,' besides you'd probably kill me anyways for waking you up so I would rather stay…well at least half alive, thank you," Danny told her this conversationally as if Sam was wide awake listening to him.

He's probably right, she thought, I would kill him or at least try to…damn those big blue eyes.

"I feel like such a coward," Danny admitted dryly while Sam's head was spinning.

WHAT?! Sam mentally shouted. At that point Sam really wanted to slap Danny upside the head for that comment. He saved lives every day and even the whole world some days. Danny Fenton was no coward. Well, at least not in Sam's eyes.

Danny laughed quietly. "And I know if you would have heard me saying that you would have smacked me, huh?"

Sam was beaming with pride on the inside. Oh, so he really does know me doesn't he?

"But I guess you don't understand what I really mean by calling myself a coward?" Danny said this sadly and continued, "That's my fault really."

Sam was now utterly, downright confused at the moment. So many questions were bouncing in her head wanting to come out but Sam stayed patient and waited for Danny to continue.

"It's funny, really because you are my best friend. You know me better than anyone, but I have officially kept a secret from you for so long now..," Danny dragged off and Sam assumed he thinking hard about something that was connected to a secret he had been keeping from her. She was now heartbroken and wanted nothing more than scream but her curiosity was strong so Sam kept her façade going.

"Oh wait!" Danny suddenly exclaimed and Sam wanted to smack herself on the forehead for his sudden exclamation which was just so random. "Actually I have been keeping two secrets from you…at least I hope this one is a secret..," Danny trailed off again. Unbeknownst to him Sam secretly wanted to strangle the halfa while screaming, 'Out with it, you idiot!'

Ignorant of the threat of death by a certain Goth girl Danny continued, "Okay, well first I will tell you the one that I think is still a secret."

Sam felt a lock of her hair being gently pushed aside from ear followed by the warm sensation of Danny's breath. Making sure that her breathing was still even and deep; even though her heart was going a million miles per hour, Sam waited for Danny to say something.

"I'm really not as clueless as everybody thinks," he whispered to her, "and I really think that you like me…you know more than friendship wise."

Sam's heart stopped beating for a second along with her breathing. Danny knew her deepest secret or at least he thinks he knows. Sam's thoughts immediately shifted to Tucker, thinking that the Techno-geek had told Danny. Sam's threat of death now redirected and so were her thoughts.

Oh crap! Sam cursed at herself as she resumed her façade of sleeping. Thankfully Danny was too amused at himself to have noticed Sam's slip.

Danny chuckled at himself. "I guess there was really no point of me whispering that to you, huh?"

Yeah Danny, she thought, whisper sweet painful secrets into my ear again will ya? That's the way to break a girl's heart.

"Okay," Danny's tone grew serious, "well my deepest secret that I have been keeping from you…which has been the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life, by the way," Danny added and Sam wanted to roll her eyes at the halfa. "Oh, man I need to say this out loud to you once and having you asleep while I say it is my way of wimping out. Don't you see, Sam? That's why I am a coward."

Just say it already Danny! Sam was mentally screaming at him. Please just spit it out so I can move on and then kill Tucker…

"I love you," Danny stated simply and then Sam heard him fly out the window as if he was scared that she was suddenly going to wake up and strangle him which she was seriously considering.

He thought I was asleep this entire time…so why would he just run or fly away like that, Sam thought seriously. Then it struck her. Danny's words…those three little words.

Sam's eyes snapped opened as she bolted from her spot on her cushion.

"That. Little. Coward." That was all that came out of Sam Manson month before she shouted a gleeful, very girly scream into her pillows.

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