Part Two

A Danny Phantom Story

I have been sitting here for the past hour just trying to think of what I could possibly write that could describe how I feel at the moment. For a minute every so often it feels like last night was just a dream I had so I have to write down something in order to make it real.

So many emotions ran through me last night I thought I was going to explode. It was just a rush. That's the only way I know how to describe how I was feeling. Now I am just in shock.

All this time…

He knew.

He loved me.

God, I'm going to kill Tucker and then slap Danny upside the head. He knew this whole time and acted clueless about it! I was the one in the dark! I should have been Clueless One…

Why didn't he do anything about it? I mean out of all the people in this stupid town he is the one that should know best that you should live every day like it's your last.

UGH! Well, at least I'm not in the dark anymore. And unlike a certain infuriating halfa I'm going to do something about it…I don't know yet but I WILL do something to fight for what I want.

Today at school is not going to be an ordinary day if I have anything to do about it!


When Sam arrived at school that morning she looked determined and focused to do what she has been planning on doing since after she closed her journal. She smiled at the two boys who crowded around her locker every morning as she approached them. The boys ceased their conversation when they had caught sight of the Goth girl who was uncharacteristically smiling.

Sam ignored their silent stares as she opened her locker grabbing her books for the school day. She was about to close her locker when Tucker finally decided to speak.

"Now either the color pink has been banned or Ms. Manson knows something we do not," Tucker shot a nervous glance at Danny which made Sam chuckle seeing that the Techno-geek was already scared of her unnatural demeanor, "and I'm going to have to go with the latter," Tucker finally concluded.

Sam smiled sweetly at Tucker. "You are quite right Mr. Foley," she told him and then took a quick glance at Danny, "and if you don't mind Mr. Fenton I need to talk to Mr. Foley in private." Sam came back to look at Tucker just in time to see him signaling to Danny to make sure that does not happen.

Sam raised a brow at him as Danny said in a rush, "Sure thing, Sammy! Bye Tuck!" Then he was gone.

Tucker quickly went on the defensive, "Whatever I did Sam I am so sorry! So please leave my PDA and my shins away from your boots, please please please!" Tucker looked so desperate that Sam had to control herself from not bursting out in laughter.

"Tucker, just breathe," she told him with an amused look. "I'm not going to go near your PDA or your shins with my boots. Well, at least, not today." Sam told him as relief filled his features that his doom from the Goth girl would not happen that day.

"Okay then what's with the deadly sweet smile?" Tucker asked as he crossed his arms and glared at Sam.

"I just wanted to say thank you, so thanks!" Sam told him while flashing another smile. Poor Tucker look more confused now, then before.

"For what?!" Tucker asked frustrated.

Sam rolled her eyes at him. "For exposing my secret to Danny," then she stopped to think about what she just said and then continued, "Although I can see why you would be confused for my gratitude of telling my deepest secret to Danny, because normally I would..,"

Tucker busted out laughing effectively cutting off Sam from finishing her explanation. It was now Sam's turn to look confused and frustrated because it took the Techno-geek about a minute to calm down.

Tucker caught sight of Sam's expression and explained, "Oh, I'm sorry Sam it's just that I haven't said anything to Danny and you were just so serious about it," Tucker stopped to chuckle a bit more before concluding, "Please Sam! I would never do that to you and I'm pretty sure you're secret is safe because of how clueless Danny is."

"But he's not clueless! He told me he knew last night!" Sam exclaimed rather loudly and immediately proceeded to cover her hand over her mouth.

Tucker looked flabbergasted. Then thoughtful, then his eyes widened as he suddenly came to a realization. He shot a sly look at Sam and said, "Oh I see…that's why you're smiling," he stopped to put his arm around her shoulders and then continued, "So what did you and Mr. Fenton do last night, Ms. Manson?" He asked her while raising his eyebrows up and down suggestively.

Sam pushed him away. "It wasn't like that Tucker! Sheesh, get your mind out of the gutter. No, I was asleep or at least pretending to be asleep and I heard Danny..,"

She was cut off again by Tucker, "Danny was in your room last night!?" It was Tucker's turn to exclaim something rather loudly which prompted a few stares from other students passing by them.

Sam punched his arm. "Will you shut up?! Now be quiet as I explain."

After Sam's rather long explanation of the previous night was told, Tucker stood silently still as if in shock and then gave a rather loud and random "Whoopee!" of joy while jumping around in the hallway. Sam crossed her arms and glared at him waiting for him to calm down.

When he did Sam asked, "You done now?"

Tucker smiled at her and grabbed her shoulders to talk to her face to face. "Don't you know what this means?"

"What Tuck?"

"After all this time you two are finally going to come to your senses and stop denying the fact that you are indeed..,"

"Don't you say it," Sam told him threateningly.

"Lovebirds!!" Tucker exclaimed which earned him another punch in the arm. "Hey, now," he complained while rubbing his sore arm. "Don't get violent. This is a great day for the two of you and an even greater day for moi!"

"Now, wait a minute what is that suppose to mean?" Sam questioned him.

Tucker shook his head. "Don't worry about it. Worry about what you are going to say to Danny at the end of school today."

"Gee, thanks Tuck," Sam told him sarcastically.

"Aw, come on now, you have nothing to worry about. Believe me!"

Sam rolled her eyes at the Techno-geek as they walked to class together. Tucker practically skipping the entire way while Sam just glared at him.

"Hey Tucker! Not a word of this to Danny, understand?" Sam told him.

Tucker nodded eagerly. "Of course Sammy! Don't you trust me?"

"Yes, but the way you're acting it looks like you are about to burst out and yell it to the world, ya know?" Sam informed him.

"Oh, sorry Sam." Tucker then resumed his causal demeanor and walked into their first class.

By the end of the school day Sam definitely confirmed what she had written in her journal that morning about today not being an ordinary day, at all. And she didn't even confess to Danny, yet about what she had heard from him last night. To say Tucker was aggravating Sam was an understatement. She was seriously regretting telling him what had taken place because he could not control his jumpy, gleeful self.

Danny kept giving Tucker strange looks about his behavior and then would give the look to Sam thinking that their private conversation from that morning had something to do with it. Sam and Tucker both had told him 'no' but Danny kept looking more and more suspicious. Sam would also give Tucker strange looks from time to time because she would witness him talking to teachers, preps, jocks, and even some ghosts looking very suspicious. When confronted about it Tucker just shrugged his shoulders and would causally walk away whistling.

Finally the last bell of the school day rang and Sam trudged her way to her locker to put her books away. Then under the watchful eyes of Tucker she slowly made her way over to Danny who was trying to fish a book from the bottom of his messy locker.

"Hey, Danny," Sam said nervously.

She heard a bang from Danny's head hitting the top of his locker as he tried to look up at her. She winced and gave him a small smile as he rubbed the top of his head.

"Oww," he said, "Hey Sam, what's up?" Then he went back digging through his locker.

Sam's tone became serious. "I know your secret Danny Fenton."

She heard a chuckle from Danny echo in the metal walls of his locker. "Haha Sam," he told her, "so does Tucker and so does Jazz." Sam rolled her eyes and let out a sigh of frustration.

"No, Danny, I meant your deepest secret," she told him emphasizing the word 'deepest' in her statement and then she heard another bang from his head meeting the top of his locker as he quickly stood up to face her. Sam looked up to meet his eyes and noticed that there was a tinge of red on his cheeks.

"I am going to kill Tucker," he simply stated and Sam had to smile because she too had thought the same exact thing when Danny told her that he knew her secret.

"And I will gladly help you with that," she told sincerely, "but Tucker wasn't the one who told me."

"Well, that's impossible because he was the only one who knew!!" Danny exclaimed becoming more colored in the face with every passing second. Sam only shook her head at him smiling slightly.

"Wait…wait," Danny was slowly yet surely coming to a realization, "Oh no! Don't tell me that you..,"

"…heard everything you said last night?" Sam finished for him. "Yeah, I did."

Danny's eyes widened in fear. "Oh wow Sam I'm so sorry, you don't have to say anything to me," Danny rambled, "can we just forget that I said anything, please…I don't want to lose you as one of my best friends so let's..,"

Danny was cut off suddenly by Sam crashing her lips on his. It took Danny a second to realize what had happened but when he did he returned her kiss and he quickly put his hands on her lower back pulling Sam closer to him. She then proceeded to cautiously wrap her arms around his neck. When they finally came up to breath, Sam quickly untangled herself from Danny's arms. Danny gave her a look that had a mixture of confusion mixed with pure happiness and a tad bit of sheepish curiosity.

"Sam…?" Danny questioned still out of breath.

"I love you too, you idiot." Her statement came out in a rush due to her lack of oxygen. Danny stared at her letting her words hit him which gave him a rush of fire that started to spread throughout his body. He felt like he could fly…well without the ghost powers.

Sam waited for Danny to do something. Anything. But he just stood there staring at her with those big blue eyes. She sighed; maybe she had broken the ghost boy.

She turned around and started to walk away but was stopped from doing so by Danny who held her wrist gently. "Don't go," he pleaded.

Sam slowly turned around to face him. Danny's eyes were filled with hope and he beamed down at her with a small smile tugging at his lips. "Is that true?" He asked in a whisper; praying that her answer won't be 'no'.

She narrowed her eyebrows at him in frustration. "You really are that clueless, aren't you?" Sam told him with a smirk.

Danny nodded at her as if that was the most obvious thing in the world. Sam let out a laugh and rolled her eyes at him. "Just answer me," he pleaded again.

"Of course, it's true you clueless, mo-," this time Sam was cut off by Danny's lips capturing her own. Sam went so weak in the knees that if Danny hadn't have wrapped his arms around her waist she would have been a puddle on floor, for sure. This kiss was more passionate and hungry than the previous one which was gentle and sweet. Sam felt her heart beat faster and her skin caught fire at Danny's every touch. Needing more of the fire sensation that was spreading throughout her body, Sam pressed herself closer into Danny and she could have sworn she had heard him moan.

Danny was under the same torture as Sam; he could not seem to get close enough. One of his hands was found in Sam's silky dark tresses while his other hand stayed on Sam's waist, keeping her as close as possible. He kept wondering if it was possible that they could stay like this forever.

However, Tucker's whoop of delight at finally seeing his two best friends together ended that dream rather quickly. They reluctantly pulled away from each other and glared at their friend who was holding a huge wad of cash in his hand. Odd…

"Uh, Tucker I thought I was the rich one," Sam told him while giving him a strange look than she turned her glaze back to the wad of cash he was holding.

Tucker gave a little jump of surprise as he looked down at the cash in his hand. "Oh this?! This is nothing, forget about it," he exclaimed nervously as he shoved the wad of bills into his pocket.

Realization hit Sam as she put two and two together. Her fire from the passionate kiss before turned swiftly into anger and she glared daggers at the Techno-geek. "You placed bets on US!!" Sam shouted at him as Danny chuckled.

She turned to face Danny. "You think this is funny?"

He quickly put his hands up in mock surrender. "N-no, no I just…um think we should kill Tucker now…"

Sam smiled mischievously and turned back to glare at Tucker. "Hey! Come on, guys I wasn't the only one who placed bets on the two of you getting together," Tucker tried to talk his way out of Sam's wrath, "I mean the whole school was in on it, so was Mr. Lancer! And the Box Ghost and Skulker, for God's sake!"

Sam stopped walking toward him, "Okay," she said simply.

"O-Okay wh-what?" Tucker stuttered as he backed away slowly, "You're letting me off the hook?"

"No," Sam told him as she casually leaned against the lockers, "just giving you a head start."

Tucker laughed thinking it was a joke but one look at Sam's serious expression told him otherwise and he quickly ran out of the school building.

"You really are going to hurt him, aren't you?" Danny asked her amused.

Sam nodded. "Oh, yeah. He has had it coming with all the crap he has put us through and now placing bets on us. Seriously?!" Danny chuckled at her as he moved closer to wrap an arm around her waist.

Then he whispered, "Do you have to do it now?" Sam involuntarily shivered as Danny's warm breath collided with her face.

"Well, I suppose it could wait a couple hours," Sam shrugged and Danny pecked a quick kiss on her lips.

"Or days," she whispered and Danny kissed her longer this time.

"Or weeks," she whispered again but this time pulled away to look at him, "but it's going to happen."

Danny grinned at her and they started to walk out of the building. "Do you really think I am a clueless wonder?" Danny looked at Sam puzzled and hurt.

"Of course I do," Sam told him confidently and watched as his face fell. She gave him a quick kiss and then said, "but you're my clueless wonder."

Danny smiled and pulled Sam closer to him, "I wouldn't have it any other way."

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