Dean wasn't sure how long they had been standing in that position; him soaking in Sam's presence, Sam leaning on him and rubbing his face in Dean's neck. It only took a subtle shift in Sam's stance to alert him to the change in the atmosphere. Sam seemed to wriggle into him, to try to get closer, almost as if he wanted to climb into his skin with him.

Sam smiled. It felt like he smiled with his whole body. Dean was holding him, not because he had a nightmare and needed comfort, not because he was sick or injured. Dean was holding him because he wanted to, wanted Sam. He brought his body closer to Dean's, pressing against him from thigh to shoulder, rubbing their skin together lightly, and it wasn't enough. He wanted Dean's hands on him, wanted Dean inside him, as deep as he could get.

"That for me, Sam?" Dean's voice reverberated through Sam's chest where they were pressed tightly together and he shivered. He was getting hard and Dean couldn't help but notice. But that was ok, because he was ready for him to notice, ready for more. He wanted it all. Now.

Sam pulled his head back enough to look into his big brother's shining green eyes, "Yes, it has been for a long time." He watched Dean's eyelids flutter as he took that in, glad he had seen that moment and the effect it had on Dean.

Pulling his brother through the house and into the bedroom, Sam couldn't restrain the butterflies that took flight in his abdomen. After a lifetime of finding out how easily nightmares could come true, he was going to finally get his dream instead.

They fell on the bed, laughing as their knees cracked together. Smiling softly, Dean reached out to run his knuckles along Sam's flushed cheek. "You are really beautiful, little brother." His eyes were clearer than Sam could ever remember them being and he wondered how long the shutters had been drawn to keep Sam from seeing inside.

Drawing a deep breath, Sam smiled. "You are the beautiful one, Dean, always known that. Just makes me the lucky one cause I've always been looking at you."

"How long?"

Sam bit his lip. He knew what Dean meant, and a slight hitch of fear bled into his eyes, but now was not the time to give in to fear, he had come this far. Shrugging he admitted softly, "As long as I've known how to want. It scared me at first. You knew me so well, I was afraid you would see it. I would dream about you, and wake up, hard as hell…"

Dean felt a groan well up from deep inside, that bubble he had kept all his feelings in was seeping out. "Shit Sam…that's so…"

"Pathetic?" Sam cocked a half smile.

"Hell no. It's incredible. How else could it make me feel?" He paused and closed his eyes momentarily, "Well, its also really fuckin hot."

When he saw Sam's dimples, he almost groaned again, but damnit, he was starting to sound like a girl on prom night.

"What about you? How long have you felt this way?" Sam was beaming at him, and just a little need was visible in those seeking hazel eyes.

Dean winced slightly, guilt crowding in for a moment, but he pushed it down. They deserved this happiness. They had both had shitty lives, they had given to everyone, and it was their turn, damnit. "I guess since about six months before you left for Stanford. I realized I was noticing how your body had changed, how you weren't a skinny kid anymore. I suddenly had the urge to touch you…almost kissed you a couple of times when I came home drunk, you know."

The idea of that pleased Sam, while it also made him just a little sad, thinking of all the wasted time, all the unnecessary guilt and angst they had both endured all these years. "Kiss me now, Dean. Show me how you wanted to touch me."

Dean threaded his fingers into Sam's hair, pulling his face in close, aligning their bodies, and brushed his lips over Sam's softly, over and over, until Sam moaned. Then the kiss became deeper, more frantic. Sam's fingers digging into the muscles of Dean's lower back, Dean thrust his tongue deep into his brother's hot wet mouth, sucking in the flavor, reveling in the essence that was his Sammy.

Pushing Sam onto his back, Dean shifted to rise over his long, lean body, dragging his skin over Sam's. Breaking the kiss, Dean licked the corner of Sam's mouth before placing his open mouth over Sam's jaw, then moving down his neck, licking and sucking his way down the long sinewy length. Reaching the bruise he had already made at the juncture of neck and shoulder, he drew it in again, sucking the mark darker.

The pleasure pain of Dean drawing on that bruise that he was already aware of brought a hiss from Sam. Such a good pain.

"Mmmm, you taste so good Sam. Better than in all those fantasies, so much better." He continued his exploration across Sam's lean muscled shoulder before moving to his chest, nipping and licking and kissing every inch of skin he came to, before licking his nipple and placing a quick sharp bite there as well.

Sam was on fire, he was starting to writhe beneath the weight of his brother, wanting to brush his cotton encased shaft against Dean's now naked one. "Please, Dean…I need…please…just."

Dean smiled against Sam's skin. He was holding himself in check by a very thin thread, and Sam was threatening to snap that control with his words and that damn squirming he was doing. But if they started that, he wouldn't last, and he wanted this time to be all the things he had dreamed about. Surely after coming less than an hour ago they could make this time last a little longer.

"Stop squirming, Sam. I promise I will give you what you need. Trust me, ok? If you don't stop squirming I'm gonna stop." That stilled Sam immediately. Dean quickly raised his eyes to make sure Sam wasn't unsure of what he meant. The slight uncertainty he saw there made him shake his head slightly. Seriously, could Sam really doubt what he felt now?

He was so fucking hard it hurt, and Sam could definitely feel that. "Sammy. I want this to be perfect. I want to enjoy every piece of you. If you don't stay still I will lose it, lose control. You make me too crazy, baby."

Sam sighed, soaking in the words that flowed through him like pure happiness. His hands resumed their seeking exploration of Dean's heavily muscled back, and he felt his eyes mist up and hoped no tears actually seeped out. But he stilled, because he wanted everything Dean was promising, wanted it to last forever.

Dean placed a kiss at Sam's sternum and began to move further down his body, careful to lift his crotch away from Sam's lest he create the friction he just warned Sam about. He really was afraid that one long stroke, one delicious rub and he would spill.

Watching his brother move inevitably down his body sent a shiver of excitement through Sam. How many times had he seen this in his mind? How many times had he come just picturing these kinds of moments, never, never expecting to see them through open eyes.

Dean flicked his tongue into Sam's navel before settling carefully against the bed, his chest resting between Sam's open thighs. He sighed, "Right here, Sammy." He placed a kiss just below Sam's belly button, where a light dusting of hair began. "I wanted so many times to taste you right here." He ran his lips over the taut golden skin from one hip bone to the other, tongue darting out to taste and then drag over the soft flesh, carefully avoiding the long hard length of Sam's cock. Then he found a place, just inside Sam's jutting hip bone and latched on, creating another dark bruise, another mark of ownership.

Soft panting sounds were starting to come from Sam's throat. He watched his brother licking and tasting and, oh God, sucking his skin and he wanted to scream. It was building inside of him, it was all too much. He wanted everything, and yet everything he was getting was winding him so tight he felt like he was going to come apart.

"Now what?" Dean asked him quietly. He wanted to hear the words from Sam, hear that sexy voice ask for what they both wanted.

"Please Dean. Lick me. Suck me." Sam begged, his hands clenching the sheets desperately.

The sight of Dean's tongue coming out to touch his cock, to lap up a drop of pre come sliding down his length almost pushed Sam over the edge. Dean felt the slight shake in the thighs resting against his shoulders and he pulled back, wrapping his fingers tight around the bottom of Sam's shaft. He watched his brother's face, and listened to his body; and when he was confident Sam was under control enough, he leaned up and took Sam's head into his mouth and sank down until he felt it hit the back of his throat, then created suction and dragged his tongue back up, releasing him.

"Aahhhh," Sam shook with his need. That felt like nothing he had ever felt before. No blowjob had ever come close to the feeling of Dean's mouth on him, around him. Just knowing he was inside Dean would have had him coming if not for the tight grip Dean had on him, preventing his release.

Sam could see the question in Dean's eyes and he was surprised somehow. Dean always seemed to know what he wanted or at least what he needed, so he hadn't expected to have to say it. "I want you inside me, Dean…please. Now. Please, fuck me."

Dean had to clench his teeth and close his eyes to get himself under control. Damn, but Sam tasted so good, and those words that he had jacked off so many times imagining were almost his undoing. He couldn't bear the thought of being this close and then coming just hearing them and ruining this moment with Sam.

Fairly sure he had himself in check, Dean raised up, resting his hands next to Sam's shoulders, and his knees on either side of Sam's hips. "Lube?"

Sam drew a tube from the nightstand and handed it to Dean, his breathing shaky and harsh. "Hurry up, Dean. I want you so bad."

"Shhh, Sammy. Keep talking like that and I'm not even gonna make it. Sorry…I'm just so fucking close, like some fucking virgin."

Dean wrapped his fingers around his shaft, squeezing himself as he had just done to keep Sam from going over, and spread the lube generously over himself, touching his cock as little as possible while making sure he was well coated with it. Sam watched Dean touch himself, his teeth almost biting through his lip in his excitement.

"Spread your legs for me Sammy." Leaning back onto his heels, Dean squirted out another generous amount of the slick liquid onto his fingers, watching Sam draw up his legs and open for him. He tried not to think too much about it, because he was so dangerously close. He reached down and slid his fingers along Sam's crease, finding and pressing one digit inside carefully.

Sam tensed up slightly at the invasion.

"Relax, Sam. I don't want to hurt you, and you are so fucking tight." Dean rubbed his left hand along the muscles of his brother's hard stomach, soothing him before adding another finger once he felt Sam open up as he calmed. Twisting his fingers and spreading them, Dean ground his teeth at the feeling of Sam gripping him. He could just imagine what this was going to feel like surrounding his dick.

Once he was confident he wasn't going to hurt his brother any more than necessary, Dean moved up, coming between Sam's legs, moaning quietly at the sight of their cocks so close to touching and the realization that he was finally getting ready to make love to his brother. Shit, good thing Sam couldn't hear his thoughts. Too much girly sounding shit inside his head right now. Like how fucking much he loved Sam and how fucking lucky he felt right now.

Dean ran his hand up the sweaty length of Sam's thigh as he positioned himself. "Wrap those long legs around me, baby. Yeah, love your legs, Sammy. So fuckin hot."

Sam's head was thrown back on the pillow, his neck arched. He had had to stop watching Dean and what he was doing to get himself back under control, and he was shocked how after the initial shock of invasion how good it felt to have Dean's fingers inside him, preparing him.

"Look at me, Sammy." Deans voice was harsh and gentle, and when Sam's head came forward, his hair falling to his forehead, Dean touched his cheek softly. "You sure? I think it's gonna hurt, and I don't want to hurt you, but…"

Sam raised his own hand, laying it on Dean's heart. "Yes. God yes…now, Dean…ahhhh." He forced himself to stay relaxed as he felt Dean press into him, slowly. It did hurt, but then it felt good. The pressure melding into something more, and he pressed his heels into Dean's ass, pulling him in.

"Holy fuck, Sam." Dean growled. It was so tight, so hot inside, and he was exerting every ounce of control he possessed to go slow, not to just thrust in as his body was urging him to. Now Sam was pushing him, and he was gonna break if he wasn't careful. "I'm trying to…be careful…if you keep doing that…"

"Stop being careful, Dean. Fuck me. Stop fucking teasing me, and just fuck me." Sam urged.

Dean thrust the rest of the way in, embedding himself inside his little brother, feeling his balls pressed deep against Sam's smooth tight ass. One more second and he was pulling out, feeling the tight drag along his length, until he felt the head of his dick reach the clenching pressure of Sam's asshole, then pushing back in, still controlling his speed, until Sam keened and bucked under him. He had hit that sensitive bundle of nerves and Sam was now grinding up into him, "Yes, Dean, again. Do that again. Fucking move. Harder, Dean, harder."

That was the end of the control. Dean slammed into Sam's ass, his hips pumping wildly, and fucking that incredible sound out of his brother with every retreat. They were both jerking with no semblance of rhythm, and Dean knew he was close. So fucking close. So he wrapped his fist around Sam's long hard cock and pumped, "I'm gonna come, baby. I'm…fuck…come with me Sam, come with me fucking your sweet ass. Come, baby…come."

Sam screamed Dean's name as he shot thick, creamy jets across both their bellies and chests, and the clenching around Dean's cock was almost painful for the three thrusts he lasted before releasing his own hot come deep inside his brother's ass.

Dean kissed Sam, lowering himself to lay onto his brother, sighing and pressing his face into the crook of his neck as Sam wrapped his arms and legs around Dean. Dean's fingers skirted up to lightly brush the bruise at his brothers neck. "Mine," he whispered against Sam's sweat damp skin.

"Always," Sam answered, his heart in his throat. "Always."

Dean thought he might have dozed off for a few moments, and realized he was still laying completely on top of his brother, and suddenly worried that he was crushing him, but when he moved as if to roll off to his side, Sam just tightened his hold and grunted lightly.

A chuckle escaped Dean and he raised his head to look at his brother, "Alright spider monkey, if you aren't smothering, I'm good."

Sam grinned back at Dean, the sight of those dimples bringing a flutter to Dean's stomach. "I like this. I can feel all of you. You have always been so funny about touching, so I am going to enjoy it as long as you let me."

"Aw hell, Sam. I wanted to touch you, wanted you to touch me, but…I just knew it would make me crazy, maybe break me…I…I just couldn't touch you a little, does that make sense?" Dean felt himself flush. He was such a girl. He had just said all that hot, sexy shit and here he was blushing like a school girl from this admission.

Sam nodded, blinking to keep tears from forming in his eyes. He could already hear the taunts of 'Samantha', or 'Francis' he would hear if that happened.

They lay there soaking up the closeness, the sweetness of the moment until something intruded into Dean's consciousness. Sam had had lube in his nightstand. Maybe there was someone? He stomach ached with the fear and jealousy that spread through him at that thought.

Sam felt his brother's body tense up, and he ran his hand through Dean's short, amazingly soft hair before asking, "What is it? What's wrong, Dean?"

"Sam, I know I have no right to ask this. I just…well, if there is someone else in your life, I mean, it's not like I have some claim on you….I need to know though…" His voice trailed off, and he tried to look convincingly unmoved by the question.

"What? What the fuck kind of question is that, Dean?" Sam sounded angry. "You think you went to hell and I just went out and got laid? Yeah. I didn't think about you at all. I didn't even miss you. I just shrugged it off and moved on. No big deal, big brother." Sam pushed Dean, unwrapping his arms and legs from his brother.

Dean wanted to giggle, he felt so relieved. "Nuh uh. I'm still stronger, Sammy. Don't make me prove it, not while we are all warm and sticky and sated." He wrapped long fingers around his little brother's jaw and forced him to meet his gaze. "I just realized you had lube awfully handy, and I wanted to be sure." He pressed a hard kiss to those sweet lips, swollen from their recent activities.

It was Sam's turn to blush, although not as surprising to either of them. "I use it to, you know…"

"Got it. So…have you ever? With a guy?" Dean asked, knowing he had no right to, but still hoping for a 'no'.

And he got it. "Never. Never wanted to. I mean, obviously I slept with women, and I definitely cared for Jess, and I even tried to believe for a while that it was what I really wanted. But, somehow it never felt right. It's just always been you, I guess." He pause. "Have you?"

Dean grinned at him, "Yeah. One guy."

Sam wasn't sure why Dean thought this was a reason for smiling, because it kinda hurt. Stupid, but he wanted it to be special to Dean, too, not just one more thing he gave away without caring. "Oh. Anyone special, or just…?"

"Real special. Big Sasquatch of a guy…" Dean tried to look serious.

Dean found himself flipped over in a heartbeat and under his younger brother before he knew what was happening.

"Stronger, huh? Not so sure about that big brother." Sam looked down on a face he couldn't get enough of. "I'm glad. I hated all those fucking women, so much. I would have had a really hard time knowing that there were men too. I guess I'm kinda possessive, but…well, I really love you, Dean."

Pulling his brother down and placing his lips close enough to brush the curl over his brother's ear, Dean growled, "I was already thinking about what my next hunt would need to be if you said there had been another man, baby boy. You're mine, all mine. I love you, Sammy, always have."

Sam shivered, "And you are mine, Dean." Finally.

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