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Chapter Seven: The Proposal

A'isha breathed a jaded sigh as she leaned back against the faux brick wall. It wasn't exactly comfortable on her back but, of course, Amara had taken the bed for herself. Even if the girl hadn't been submerged in water when they'd first been stuck on this slave ship, Ish knew Mar would've claimed the bed without so much as suggesting a friendly game of 'paper scissors rock'.

An empty bowl sat upon the bedside table next to A'isha, confirming that hunger had finally conquered her stubborn nature. When she had at last eaten the stone cold soup, she'd made sure to plaster a sour look upon her face in case the jerk was watching through his creeper-cam. She'd sighed between swallows, silently regretting neglecting the soup for a few hours. It probably would've been more pleasing to her tastes if it had been hot.

A'isha's attention was stolen by the faint sound of conversation beyond the same wall she leaned against, beyond which was the boat's deck and, by extension, the fresh air of freedom that jerk face was so infuriatingly denying her. Thinking she might have been hearing things, she glanced up at the small porthole for a few moments before curiosity got the best of her and she quickly rose to her feet. Turning to face the porthole as she did, she could see that they had docked. From what she could see in the dull light of dawn, the area looked similar in structure to the docks in Alexandria, so she assumed they were still in Egypt.

Let's hope it stays that way, she considered grimly, before a particular blond caught her eye. He wore well-fitted beige cargo pants, along with a plain black tank top and navy blue leather shoes, the colour of his shirt and shoes reversed from their first meeting. The jewellery that adorned his arms remained the same. She wasn't sure about his attire during their second meeting as a mauve cloak had been the only visible article. A'isha snapped from her thoughts as Marik pulled a grey helmet with black goggles from an unseen cargo area and placed it on his head, and adjusted it leaving the headwear to be fastened as he carefully stepped backward to ease a motorcycle out of that same cargo area.

From what A'isha could see, the wooden docks criss-crossed and the jerk could take the vehicle through any of the myriad of intersections to get to the main entry point from the land. A'isha watched, silently steaming as Marik gripped the handlebars of the crimson motorcycle and had the nerve to roll it past her little porthole. His lavender eyes met her blue ones for a moment and his lips curved into a smirk when she returned his stare with venomous eyes.

It was five seconds feeling like that many minutes. Neither his smirk, nor her glare wavered. He sauntered off and A'isha heard the brazen sound of a motor fade into the distance about half a minute after that. Unimpressed, she huffed, turning her gaze to the opposite wall. It had the same faux brick pattern as the rest of the room, but it strangely seemed more pronounced directly in front of her. She hated this room so much.

A'isha kicked off her shoes angrily, unconcerned of waking Amara as she heard the satisfying THUD of her footwear against the wall. She blinked as the sound reverberated slightly. The wall was hollow. She stepped towards it, barely avoiding tripping over her discarded shoes. She sidestepped to the far left and applied pressure with a hand against the wall at chest level. Her brows rose as a tile began to sink underneath her palm.

The wall slid to the right to reveal a bare mattress and a linens cabinet. A'isha knelt on the mattress and carefully opened the cabinet, pleased to not only find white sheets in the left half but also white bath towels and wash-cloths in the right. A'isha was torn between happy and ripping someone's head off. Sure, she had a place to sleep but there was no pillow in sight. Sighing somewhat ruefully, she put sheets on the bed – using one as a make-shift pillow – and flopped down on it. The bed was hard as a rock, though if she was on her stomach, it was bearable. Anything was better than the walls she had been sleeping on lately. That thought was her last before she succumbed to sleeps soothing calls.

A'isha wasn't sure of exactly how much time had passed when unwelcomed nudges jerked her from her sleep. She heard someone whisper her name, and after an irritated groan left her lips, she opened one eye to find Amara leaning over her.

"What is it?" A'isha asked, her tone a bit more bitter than she'd intended.

"I wanna have a shower, Ish," she groaned back. "Where are the towels?"

A'isha barely lifted her arm to gesture to the cabinet to her side. "In there… And you remember how to use those blasted wall-switches?"

"I think so…"

"Good," A'isha said simply. "Now can I return to sleeping?"

Amara murmured a "yes" and A'isha heard the low rumbling of the shifting wall as the bathroom was revealed, then closed once more. She breathed a contented sigh at the idea of solitude being her only company…if only for a short while. Only when silence enveloped the room did she hear the faint hum of that blasted camera. She ground her teeth at the discomforting reminder that she was always being watched. This thought was ridden in her mind as she threw her nearby shoe at the camera with a growl, before slapping the make-shift pillow over her head.

A'isha found that thought diminishing as she felt herself drifting off. She barely even registered the jiggling of the lock. But her eyes went wide when loud, uncalculated footsteps met her ears. Footsteps she wasn't familiar with.

A'isha pushed the make-shift pillow to her side to look to her left, but before she could look a shocked scream involuntarily left her lips as she was mercilessly pulled from the bed by her arm. As her body met the hard marble floor beneath her, a menacing laugh met her ears. "All alone…" She was spun from her stomach like a ragdoll to feel the cold marble floor against her clothed back, and when she stared up she was met by a wicked grin and two grey eyes, as stone cold as their colour. "Are we, girly?"

A'isha's eyes narrowed as his eyes wandered up and down her.

"We don't get a lot of…entertainment around here," he leered, and A'isha's nose crinkled in disgust at both his smell and his words.

As he leaned over her, A'isha spotted her remaining sneaker less than an arm's length away, partially tucked under her mattress; her lips curved into a slight smirk upon remembering the shoe was steel-capped. She had no trouble reaching it and, before the Rare Hunter could retaliate, she lashed it across his face. He cried out in pain, his hand impulsively gripping the slash upon his left cheek as he fell to her side.

A'isha silently thanked her dancing skills as she leapt to her feet with ease. She was relieved to find the Rare Hunter had left the door unlocked as she swung it open and sprinted down the hall. She heard the thudding sound of his steps as he pursued her. Fortunately, she was a fast runner.

She glanced over her shoulder to find he was no less than ten meters behind her, before she skidded to a halt to dash around a corner. She turned her attention to her front just in time to catch two wide lavender eyes. Air shot from her lungs as she painfully slammed into Marik. She gripped his shoulders to regain her balance. "I'm not trying to escape, Marik, I swear," she cried quickly as she hid behind him.

As the words left her lips, the Rare Hunter came to a halt before them and his eyes went wide when his gaze was met by his Master's narrowed ones.

"M-Master—please, I—" A'isha watched in slight confusion as Marik silently raised the Millennium Rod. Suddenly, it gleamed almost blindingly and an ear piercing scream met her ears. She instinctively clenched her eyes shut, raising her arms to block out the bright light. Beneath closed lids, she could tell that the light had subsided.

A'isha's eyes opened just in time to see the man slump lifelessly to the floor. Her eyes widened in horror.

"Oh—Oh my God," she whispered, mortified as she stumbled away from Marik in fear. "You…You killed him."

Marik spun to face her with narrowed eyes. "I sent his soul to the shadows," he hissed through clenched teeth. "I wouldn't kill anyone."

"Is there a difference?" A'isha screeched, horrified by the newly discovered ability the rod possessed. "Without his soul his body will die, won't it?"

Marik's visage turned firm, his lips forming a stern line. "You should consider yourself lucky," he murmured softly. "I disposed of him before his intentions could ring true."

Anger sparked within her at his nonchalance. "Oh, I'm sorry!" she hissed, sarcasm strung through her words. "Should I be flattered right now?"

Marik frowned as he took two calculated steps towards her, closing the distance that the girl had created. "I could have allowed his intentions to come into fruition."

A'isha rolled her eyes. "We both know you wouldn't want your goons thinking they could disobey their Master."

Marik's frown curved further. "Perhaps I found his intentions rather…distasteful."

A'isha's blood boiled, the first thought to present itself being that he was insulting her. "What's that supposed to mean?" she hissed, fists clenched at her side. "I've had more boyfriends than you and you're insulting my looks?"

Marik's frown curved into a smirk. "I'd be insulted if you hadn't had more boyfriends than me." His smirk grew upon hearing A'isha growl.

"Y-You know what I mean!" she stuttered, her cheeks flushing red as the small fact that she'd thrown herself right into that one irked her brain. Marik somewhat roughly grabbed her arm. "Hey, what do you think you're doing?"

"I don't think that room is the best place for you to be after that…rather traumatic experience." He tugged the girl to follow him, not relaxing his grip on her arm.

"Can you please let go of my arm? I told you I wasn't trying to escape." A'isha was grateful that her legs could move fast enough to keep him from literally having to drag her.

"I would much rather ensure it this way than simply take your word for it." His pace never lessened as he opened a door and pulled them inside a room.

The first thing that A'isha saw was a sink and a refrigerator. "Why are we in a kitchen?"

"It's semi-private, something necessary for what I am about to do."

"If what you're about to do is as suggestive as it sounds then consider yourself sterile." A'isha growled, resignedly took a seat in a chair at the table, farthest away from Marik.

"Memory fails you quickly. Not only did I just prevent that very scenario, I recall stating only yesterday that even I have a minimal set of morals." Marik plucked something from the fridge and placed it behind the coffee maker, after which he slid a black mug closer to the appliance and removed the glass container. He tilted the container into the mug, the brown beverage steaming in the mug. He paused, before pulling out a second, tan, mug from a cabinet. "How do you take your coffee?"

"Do you by any chance know how to make a mochachino?"

"I'm afraid not Dear A'isha. I can put some chocolate syrup in it if that will suffice."

"Just three teaspoons of sugar then." She watched him plunk the contents of three spoons into the tan mug. He then placed the mug across from her. "Why didn't you set it in front of me?"

"Patience, Dear A'isha." Marik suddenly thrust the mug in her direction. A'isha waited in terror to feel the hot liquid soak her. To her shock, the cup came to rest directly in front of her, without a single drop missing from it.

"How did you do that?"

"It's a gift." He grabbed his own mug and the mystery object and sat across from her. He slid the mystery object toward her in the same manner as the mug, without the same degree of success. It fell into A'isha's hands, which went instinctively to catch it.

"Apparently your gift doesn't work with" She glanced at the object now resting in her hands "a chocolate bar?" A'isha snickered quietly. "You are full of surprises today."

"It was intended to be for me," Marik breathed, before drawing his mug to his lips. A'isha thought she caught the remnants of a smile when he set the mug back on the bench. "But I think you need it more than I do."

A'isha's expression reflected her confusion at his sudden chivalry. "Thanks," she drawled, staring at the chocolate bar for a long, hesitant moment before she finally ripped it open. She took a small bite from the milk chocolate candy. Her taste buds seemed to sing when she quickly realised the centre was filled with soft, hazelnut mousse; her favourite. But pride refused to show it on her face.

"There is something I need from you."

The chocolate suddenly tasted acidic. "This is bribery, isn't it?" Marik smirked. A'isha bit her lower lip. "You can take the chocolate back."

"Oh the chocolate was not a method of bribery, Dear A'isha. You really look as though you need it."

"Gee, thanks." A'isha stated somewhat sourly, giving perhaps a second of thought before taking a bigger bite of the chocolate.

"Perhaps what I am about to introduce would be better thought of as a favour." He sipped at his coffee again.

"A favour for what?"

Marik smirked. "You don't realize how lucky you were to run into me."

"Right now, I'm not feeling so lucky." A'isha drank from her mug.

"You will be accompanying me on a small business dinner at the end of this week as my fiancée."

A'isha coughed and sputtered mid-swallow. She grabbed a napkin and was oh so very thankful that she hadn't sprayed Marik. She sighed, sopping up the liquid that soaked areas of the table. "And suddenly my last sentence is an understatement." She shook. "You really think I- you really think I would do that?"

"This is not negotiable." Marik leaned onto his elbows. "But I may as well sweeten the deal, so to speak."

"So that's the reason for the chocolate."

"For the last time, the chocolate was never a bribe."

"Why not Amara?"

Marik was frank as he continued, ignoring A'isha's inquiry. "Would I better secure your cooperation if I were to grant you more freedom aboard this vessel?"

A'isha swirled her coffee in the mug, looking as if she was giving thought to the idea. "Answer my question first. Why not Amara?"

Marik smiled. "You can act." He stood and stepped around the kitchen, still able to see the girl from the corner of his eye. "Besides, your cousin's lack of tact is the primary reason you find yourself in this little situation."

"If I refuse?"

"Once more, this is not negotiable."

"Fine." A'isha reluctantly downed the last of her coffee.

"I knew you would see it my way, with proper incentive."

"Whatever." A'isha huffed as she crossed her arms. "Proper incentive would actually be letting my cousin and I go!"

"That's not an option, Dear A'isha."

"It was worth a shot." A'isha sighed. "Before we seal this deal I want to make sure it's worth my while."

"I'm listening."

"I'd simply love a personal tour of this boat, starting on deck. For all I know you could just be giving me more space to sit on my butt and do a whole lotta nothing in."

"Of course, Dear A'isha." Marik returned back to his seat and downed the rest of his coffee. He stood and watched A'isha rise from her seat. "Follow me." He stepped out to hold the door. A'isha sighed as she exited the door.

Marik grabbed A'isha's shoulders after she exited the door. "You still aren't going to try and escape?"

"Honestly, do you think I'd get very far?"

"You're learning." A'isha could hear the smirk on his face as Marik released her. "Now, shall we begin your tour?"

A'isha reluctantly sighed, following Marik down the hall.

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