I think… I loved you…

To think…that it was you all along…you were Ciel Phantomhive. My friends and I searched for you and couldn't find you. But you found us; you found me. And you certainly were beautiful, just like we were told.

But Ciel is not the one that I love. Ciel is not the one that I like. Ciel is a stranger to me.

But, Smile…

You're different, though, aren't you, Smile? You're different from Ciel. I can tell. I know. I see it. There's uncertainty in your eyes. There's a nervousness about you that Ciel doesn't have. You can't be Ciel, Smile. Tell me you aren't. Please tell me. Promise me. Promise me.


But that's right… You don't like me in that way, Smile. It's alright, though. I'm fine with us just being friends. I want that, at the very least. I want our friendship. I've been looking for friendship like this for a long time. And you've brought it to me. For that I couldn't be happier. I feel safe when I'm around you. I feel comfortable when I'm near you. Smile… You've had a tough past... I wish I could do for you what you did for me. I wish I could heal you…but I can't. Maybe if I did heal you, it wouldn't have come to-


I love you, Smile. Even if you're gone… Goodbye.

And then I saw Ciel, held by Black…no. I saw the Earl Phantomhive, a stranger, being carried by his butler. The Earl's eyes looked dead. He looked beaten. He looked brutally harmed.

And in that moment, I saw in the Earl's eyes something very familiar. A cold, chilling pain. It was unnerving and powerful. I felt the ice shoot up my spine and wrap itself around my neck.

You looked fragile even then, Smile.