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Charles wiped his hands on his pants as he followed the page through the quiet passage. He didn't know why he was so nervous; he'd done this a million times before. That wasn't exactly true. He knew exactly why he was nervous, even though he'd done this before. Henry would call for him at night, and after a few long rounds of…calisthenics… he would ask Charles to tell him what the rest of the court was afraid to tell him. What was odd was that he didn't really have anything to tell the king this time. What with Henry's obsession over his mystery bride, this was sure to be a long night. Charles slipped into the king's chambers and watched the page leave. "Majesty?" he called softly. There was no reply. "Henry?"

"I'm here, Charles."

Charles walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed next to where Henry was sitting.

"Stay with me," the king said simply.

Charles opened his eyes slowly. "Shit," he whispered. The sun was just barely coming up. He realized, as he slid out of bed, that this was the first time he'd stayed with Henry until morning.

"Charles?" Henry muttered sleepily.

"It's almost morning," Charles said.

Henry nodded. "We shall talk later. I want to know about my new bride."

Later was good. Telling the king the truth about the new Anne would just kill the mood. Henry wanted to know if she was beautiful, and Charles would eventually have to tell him that he had no idea what she looked like. Happy to not have to talk about the woman his royal lover was about to marry, Charles grinned and said, "Yes, Majesty."

"Cut that out, we're alone."

Charles smiled and nodded, even though Henry wasn't paying attention. It was habit now, and he let himself out of the king's room quietly.

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