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Chapter 1, Crossing to the Dogs (Preview)

"Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures" – Jessamyn West

It was high noon, and the mid summer heat was at it's peak. Bright rays of sunlight peeked through the canopy of the forest. Two fairy sisters, Feen and Oona, were hovering about a patch of ripe raspberry bushes.
"I'm serious! Oh, Feen, he's so handsome, and so different from other humans! He lives in the forest itself, like us. Not in a cottage or cabin like that crabby woman, Nell."
Oona was blabbering about a new love interest of her's, Jack, a young hermit and so called "Prince of the Forest". Feen, paying no attention to her sister's story, grabbed a chunk of a raspberry, and like an apple, bit into it. "Really Oona, you talk far too much, and not even about anything interesting."
Oona crossed her arms and scrunched up her pointy little nose in response to her sister's sour comment.
"Humph! Well, you don't find my story interesting simply because of one thing…"
Feen wiped a drop of berry juice off her chin, not even making eye contact, she asked. "And what's that?"
Oona smirked and stuck up her nose. "Your mad because you have the hots for Jack as well, but knowing I do too makes me a threat."
Feen turned to Oona with an annoyed expression, then suddenly burst out in laughter.
"What now!?" Oona glared, irritated and slightly embarrassed over her laughter.
"You honestly think that I'd fall for such a meek hearted human? I thought you knew me better than that sister… Besides, you're in love with a taken man." Feen said suavely.
Oona's eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped slightly. "W…What?!"
"Yea', he's in love with a Princess, she's from south of here. Strange, huh? Her name is Lily…"
Feen lowered her lids, licking her fingers.
"Hmm…I wonder how they met"
Oona was in shock, but quickly recovered and grinned. "As if that will stop me! Hehe!"
Feen beamed at her sister's high spirits as they fluttered to a nearby river to wash. This river marked the edge of their forest, and where another began. The elves and fairy folk call it, "The Crossing to the Dogs". Feen eyed the wood with great intrigue, but Oona was becoming jittery and upset.
"Look, let's rinse of the sticky berry juice and head back to meet up with Gump."
Feen dismissed her sister's plea with a wave of her hand. "Gump can wait, besides, I really don't care for his company. He's a pushy and ignorant child!" She boldly stated as she pointed into the overgrown forest of the "Dogs". "I'll bet REAL adventures are played out in there!"
Oona murmured, as if afraid of being heard. "But Feen… the creatures in there…"
"What? The DOGS" She emphasized.
"Yes, their not like the dogs that live with humans. I heard that their huge and, and I even heard that they can walk, talk , and LOOK like humans…"
Feen shrugged, "So?"
"Well what if you run into one of those beasts!"
Feen's eyes grew wide and glimmered in excitement. "Now… that would be something…" She darted across the river into an opening of the forest.
"NO! Feen, you don't know what your doing!" Oona shouted in fear for her sister, but Feen had already dispersed into the shadowy labyrinth.

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