Summary: After a series of burglaries and beatings, the girls of Kadie's move into Old Town for protection. Set after the events of Sin City. WARNING: FEMSLASH. Dwight/Gail/Shellie conflict, Marv/Wendy, Nancy/OC. Starts off as shorter snapshots of character thoughts but gets longer as the story gets going.

Disclaimer: Sin City is the marvelous work of the brilliant Frank Miller. I own nothing except for Nola... no matter how much I want Nancy ;-].

I glance around the dirty bar and roll my eyes. I'll never understand why guys would rather come here and sweat over dancer girls when they can come to Old Town and actually screw one. I grimace as I spot Shellie, that barmaid Dwight spends his spare time screwing. I don't hate her. Not really. I just hate that she has Dwight and I don't.

I reach out and stop Shellie. She looks pretty surprised to see me.

"Gail? Wow, I didn't recognize you without your fishnets," she says. I roll my eyes. I can never tell if this girl is being a bitch or just plain stupid.

"Can I get you anything?" She continues.

"Actually I'm here to see Kadie. Is she available?"

"Sorry hon, but Kadie died two moths ago. Her daughter took over running the place."

"Died?" I repeat. "Damn."

"I know," Shellie says. She lowers her voice. "Syphilis." I grimace.

"You wanna talk to Nola?" Shellie continues. I pause for a moment.

"Well... Sure."

"I'll get her." Shellie puts her tray down and goes through a door, leaving me hoping that this new management will be as open to the idea as Kadie was.