He looked down at the piece of paper sitting on his desk awaiting his attention. His tired brain strained against reading it, but almost twenty years of protocol drilled in from the moment he stepped foot into the Royal Australian Navy, insisted that he put off sleep for just a little while longer. But upon reading the first few lines of the document, Mike's eyes widened and it seemed like sleep would never come again.

"Why her?" he wondered out loud, suppressing the urge to groan. Running a hand through his already messy hair, his eyes wandered over the name once more, before skimming over the rest of the document and stopping at the very small postscript.

Smiling, he rolled his eyes before folding the document neatly into thirds. Filing it away with the rest of the awaiting documents to be read, he gazed momentarily at the photo sitting on his desk. His smile faltered slightly as he took in the happy scene, and realisation dawned on him.

Damn, he thought, this means I have to put it away...

Document of Notice and Transfer

Name: Kate McGregor
Date of Birth: April 27
th, 1979

Ship: HMAS Hammersley
Position: Executive Officer

This document is to state the positioning and transfer of Lieutenant Kate McGregor from divisional officer of HMAS Melbourne to executive officer of HMAS Hammersley. This document is enforced as of Friday 27th April, 2007.

Commander Steve Marshall

P.S. Mike, please give this one a go.

A/N: Well here it is, the prologue for my new fanfic: You, Me and the Navy. I got the idea from the title of a fanfic I've been reading on called You, Me and the Bourgeoisie. I basically liked the way the title flowed so I came up with my own little version (title wise). I'm really enjoying writing this fic, so I hope that you all enjoy reading it. Please note also, that this is an alternate universe. ET is still alive, Buffer, Spider and Nikki haven't left, and Gap-Girl and Maxine have joined the ensemble.

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