She called herself Berg Katse when she founded Galactor. She hid behind voice distorters and screens, giving orders she claimed were from a mysterious leader known only as X. A few years later, she created the artificial intelligence that she passed off as Leader X. To give it verisimilitude, she had programmed it to make some day-to-day, ordinary, decisions and to respond to a number of plausible situations. From there, as its experience grew, it attained sentience. It turned on her within a few decades, forcing her into the subordinate role for real. She had played along, hoping to save her life, and to eventually retake control of Galactor.

Then the Science Ninja Team appeared, and she could not stop them, no matter how hard she tried. Constant mecha and terror attacks did not drive governments into agreements with Galactor. The V2 Plan did not lead to Earth's surrender. Destroying the Crescent Base only strengthened the SNT's resolve. Eventually, Leader X deposed her and appointed eight captains to lead Galactor. The Science Ninja Team captured and unmasked her, and she saw her chance to get back at X. With her help, the SNT fought past the eight captains and they faced X.

But X had anticipated this. It blasted off in a spaceship, leaving her to her fate.