Recall: "Give me one more night with her." Miroku groaned.

"Inuyasha…the longer we wait…"

"I know but, just one night. I want to explain everything to her. You arrive at dawn to get her." He sighed.

"Fine." They shook hands. "I'll take care of the guards now, in case your father asks sooner than expected."

"Yeah…thanks a lot Miroku."

"Nothing to worry about, it'll be fine." Miroku said, running in the direction of the palace. Inuyasha sat on the ground and looked at the sky, thinking about his mate. Just one night, and we have to separate. He thought, punching the ground. He prayed that the plan would work because he'd didn't know how he'd live if Kagome's life was taken away from him.

Chapter 9: Lovely Night

The sun finally set...Inuyasha groaned to himself, looking out the window to see the moon in the sun's place. He then looked down to see Kagome. She was sleeping soundly on his lap, he couldn't help but to caress her cheek. He sighed heavily...tonight they would have to part, and make up some arrangement so that he could still see her with out his father ever finding out. Inuyasha took her hand in his hand and squeezed it softly. He didn't want to be away from Kagome...not even for a minute. What if something terrible happened, and she needed him more than ever?

Kagome turned over in her sleep, trying to get a little more comfortable. Inuyasha smiled to himself a little. He knew she had to be away from the palace, it was the only way to keep her safe. He was just going to have to trust Miroku and Sango enough to be there for her in her time of need.

She didn't know the plan, so he didn't know how she was going to react when he breaks the news to her. And he didn't have a lot of time since Miroku would pick her up at dawn. No...he had to get this over with. Knowing her, she was probably going to get mad at him, making decisions for her with out her permission. But, she was the one that said she shouldn't stay here in the first place. It's now or never... He thought to himself.

"Kagome." He whispered. She stirred a little. "Kagome..." This time she slowly opened her eyes.

"Hmm...?" She rubbed them a couple times, her ears popping up. He leaned over and kissed her head. "What's up?" She asked barely awake.

"Come on."


"I'm taking you outside."

"'s night time..."

"I know, that's why we have to leave now." Kagome was still a little confused, but she tried sitting up. She was healing rapidly, at least her head didn't hurt, nor did it hurt to sit up. When she went to stand up she cringed a little then immediately sat back down. It still effected her back every time she stood up.

"You know better." He said, opening the door to the balcony.

"What?" He grabbed a bag and put it around his shoulder.

"I don't want you standing yet."

"Then how am I suppose to get up." She whined. He chuckled and pecked her on the lips.

"I meant wake up, not jump out of bed." Kagome made a face in a teasing manor, making Inuyasha pick her up and spinning her around; being careful of her injuries. She giggled softly, trying not to expose herself to the castle.

Inuyasha walked out onto the balcony, not forgetting to kick the door closed. He then jumped off the balcony and glided in mid-air. Kagome looked at the stars; they looked so beautiful, and the wind felt so nice. She inhaled deeply getting a whiff of fresh air. She then looked at Inuyasha. He looked, strangely unhappy for some reason. Wasn't this what he wanted? For them to be together...At this time they were together, alone. Then why did he look so unhappy?

"Where are we going?" Kagome asked.

"Your favorite place." Inuyasha answered. She looked at him confused.

"How do you know where my favorite place is?" He shrugged.

"I just know." Pretty soon, he landed on the ground, and started to sprint to his destination. It wasn't long before they arrived at the lake. This was perfect since it was surrounded by trees and none of the royals come out there. It wouldn't surprise Kagome if they didn't even know it existed. But how did Inuyasha figure it out.

"You had to have seen me come here. There's no way you knew about this place." He placed her on the ground, next to a tree to support her.

"Okay...okay...I might have seen you come here from time to time." Her jaw dropped and then hit him playfully.

"You jerk, no one was suppose to know."

"Hmph, it's not like you tried to hide it. You didn't run here you just" She crossed her arms and looked away from him. "So what you're mad at me?"

"Maybe..." He smirked before taking her hand and kissing it. "I'm truly sorry my lady..." He then picked one of the wildflowers next to them, holding it out to her. "I was just so fascinated by your beauty, I couldn't look away." Kagome blushed, taking the flower.

"My yet you couldn't stop hitting me when we were younger."

"Love taps." She chuckled.

"More like abuse." He sat closer to her.

"In all honesty, I'd have to say it was me listening to my father." Her smile dimmed.


"...I know he means well...It's just he's doing everything wrong."

"Completely." He took both of her hands in his.

"I know that I can only get so far, but...i want you to know how deeply sorry I am for what I've done to you. I was stupid, and didn't know how to express myself." She blushed a little.

"Wow, a serious apology." He looked away.

"Hmph, don't look too much into it. It's not that serious."

"It is to me. You've...treated me like shit all my life. To hear a sincere apology means a lot to me." It was quiet for a couple seconds until Inuyasha spoke up.

"...You won't forget what I've. I understand that...but I'd like to get to know you better so I can hear everything I missed out on." She looked at him in disbelief for a second before she smiled.

"Alright, but in turn, I want to learn everything about you."

"But don't you-"

"Yes being your maid and punching bag, there are stuff I know about you, but there are also some things I don't know."

"Alright, how about you go first?"

"Me? It was your idea."

"Hmph...I am soon to be king. Therefore it is up to me who goes first or not." She crossed her arms.

"Well...I don't really have to know anything about you. I'll just refuse to say anything until you go first. To bad...think of all the things you don't know about me." He glared at her as she smiled mischievously.

"Such a fucking tease...fine. Um...favorite color." She just stared at him. "What?"

"Couldn't have come with a more creative question."

"It's something I don't know." She huffed.

"Green...Yours is obviously red." He frowned.

"Well if your so smart, let's see you come up with a question." She thought for a second.

"What was going through your head the first time you met me." He looked at her with a blank expression. So she remembers that day...fuck... He sighed heavily.

"Confusion, since I've never seen you. mother was paying attention to you instead of bothering me. Powerful, knowing that since you were a peasant I had control over you...denial..." He stopped.

"Why denial?" He said nothing. I lied to myself, pretending you were evil. Anything that could make me hate you. So I could impress my father. He couldn't bring himself to say it.

"That would be two questions darling." She sucked her teeth.

"Fine...your turn. This time, be a little more creative." He smirked.

"Whatever...why did you always come here by yourself? Hell, Sango doesn't even know about this place." Kagome looked down before bringing her knees close to her.

"I needed to be alone. Get away from reality..." She looked up at the sky. "...I never really had a peaceful state of mind, until I was here." She then lifted the fower to her nose, softly inhaling the scent. "I love flowers...they remind me of my mom." Inuyasha looked at her sadly. She looked at him. "It's your turn."

"Um...whatever happened to your mom." She looked at him shocked.

"You mean you don't know."

"Know what." She looked away.

"I don't know why I'm surprised. He wasn't going to tell you."

"Tell me what." She looked into his eyes, a tear falling down her face.

"Your father killed her." His eyes widened. What... "...He killed her...because she wouldn't give me up." More tears dropped from her eyes as she held her hands to her heart; the memories coming back at once. "I saw the entire thing...My mom didn't know I was listening. He said I was going to be evaluated and if I was the wrong girl I could come back home...but my mother didn't want to take the chance. So...she lost her life." Inuyasha didn't know what to say. How could his father do such a thing...


"I doubt you were suppose to know...The only reason why your mother knows, is because I told her as soon as I met her."

"If I would have known-"

"Don't..." She inhaled deeply, drying her eyes. "...don't pity me. I'm glad you didn't know. I didn't need anyone's pity. Kaede pitied me...your mother...Sango...I love them all, but the apologies...the constant sadness they felt when they looked at me. I didn't want that. So don't you start as well." He only nodded. It's the least I can do for her... He thought to himself.

"It's your turn." She nodded, trying to compose herself.

"What do you regret the most?" He then held her hand. Maybe he could tell her some of the truth...

"Lying to myself. Saying everyday that I care nothing about you." She gasped. "I knew I was lying. I didn't want to get close to you. I didn't want to desire you. I didn't want to love you..." She blushed as he looked deep into her eyes. "But I do." She looked at her fingers.

"Oh..." This was starting to get embarrassing for her.

"You don't love me though right." He asked. She sighed heavily.


"I've accepted that." His bangs covered his eyes. "I fucked up my chances too many times. You can't possibly love me from the hell I caused you. But, maybe overtime you could like me a little more." She inhaled. I can't believe I'm gonna say this...She thought to herself.

"I-I..." He looked at her confused. "I liked you when I realized it was you that saved me." Inuyasha blushed, his heart speeding up a bit. "True...I didn't have the greatest life when I got here, and you weren't that big of help." Her words were harsh to him. "But...It's almost as if you redeemed yourself when you saved me from death. I just...saw you as a different person. Not as an enemy, but almost like a friend." Inuyasha smiled to himself.

"It would be your turn now." She had to think for a second. The questions were getting a little too personal, but why stop now.

"W-when did you decide that you wanted me as your mate?" He smirked.

"I gotta think about this."


"I've thought plenty of times that you'd make a perfect mate, even when we were young." He chuckled softly. "I remember I had a fever when I was 13. You hated it, but you had to make me soup, and I made you feed me." She smiled, remembering that day.

"You were such an asshole."

"Hmph, and then I suddenly made you leave, when I was half way finished with the bowl." She nodded. "That was because I thought about you doing this when I mated you." Kagome smiled nervously. This is like...what the 5th time he confessed to me... She thought. "That was probably the first time I thought of it. Weeks ago, when I told you in my room...that's when I was sure." She surprised him when she laid her head down into his lap.

"'s your turn." He had to think for a minute.

"How many ways did you want to kill me." She laughed.

"A thousand and one." He laughed at her response. "Of course, I had plenty of oppurtunities."

"Thought long and hard about it, huh?"

"Well..." She shrugged.

"It turn." He tugged on one of her ears, making her swat his hand.

"Okay, exactly do you find attractive about me?"

"Everything." He responded almost immediately. She gave him a face.

"Well be specific. You say everything then you're not even trying."

"But, you're absolutely flawless." She blushed. "Yeah right, fine, what do you hate about me."



"I'm serious."

"Stupid...there has to be something."

"Okay, I hate how you resist me. Just willingly become my mate-"

"Oh shut up." He laughed.

"I honestly can't think of anything that I can hate about you."


"I guess it's my turn."

"I guess so."

"Hmph...okay...Will you let me court you?" This time, Kagome got up, wondering if she really just heard what she heard.

"I'm sorry?"

"Let me court you."

"You and I both know you're engage to that little priss."

"Don't even joke like that."

"I'm not. At least, that's how your father sees it."

"I don't care..."

"I'm sure you don't. Speaking of this, what's he gonna do when he smells me all over you." Inuyasha pulled out a necklace from out of his shirt. It was beads, but she didn't get the reference.

"Miroku gave these to me. It neutralizes all scents on me. He won't smell you."


"That reminds me..." He went into his pocket and pulled out a necklace with a purple gem. "This is yours. It almost has the same effect, only it blocks out your scent entirely." She blushed as he put it around her neck. "This way he won't track down your scent when you leave." She looked at him in disbelief.

"W-what do you mean?" He sighed heavily, hating having to do this.

"You're not safe with me...I really brought you here so we can have time alone before you leave."

"W-where am I going?"

"Miroku is picking you up at dawn." She looked at the sky. The sun was just about to rise.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I didn't want to ruin our night." She rolled her eyes.

"So, I'm just out of your life at this point?"

"Hmph, don't be stupid. As if I'd get rid of you now, of all times. You're staying with Miroku, but once in a while, we'll meet each other here...when you feel better that is. Until then, we'll be writing letters...anything...but you will never be out of my life." Kagome nodded, not really having a choice in the matter.

"Okay." She said sadly. Inuyasha then wrapped his arms around her tightly.

"Trust me, Kagome. I don't want you to leave. But, this is the only way to protect you. I need to keep you safe so we can be together in the future." She laughed coldly.

"You're promising impossible things again."

"I'm not." He almost shouted. "I'm promising you what's going to happen." She relaxed her head on his shoulder. "Once we get everything situated, you'll be my mate. Then we can truely be together, okay." She didn't know if she really wanted to be his mate, but that didn't stop her head from nodding. Inuyasha pulled away, placing a passionate kiss on her lips. She couldnt help but return the same passion to him...secretly never wanting to let him go.

Soon, they met up with Miroku, who had a horse waiting. Inuyasha helped Kagome onto the horse, the pain in his heart making him feel sick.

"I'm hating this, Kagome." He whispered, Miroku's human ears not hearing a thing. Kagome gave a weak smile.

"I'll be okay." She answered back with a weak smile, trying not to let out a tear. Inuyasha squeezed her hand, not letting go. He turned to Miroku.

"You keep her safe."

"Don't worry." He answered. "She'll be fine." Miroku then snapped the reins on the horse. Inuyasha held onto Kagome's hand until it slipped out from his. As they rode, she snapped her head away from Inuyasha, her tears finally streaming down her face.

Inuyasha watched as his love left his sight...It's for the best...



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