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Title: Retail Therapy Outtake (Edward calls Michael)


The feel of her milky white skin underneath my hands was perfect. It was just as I'd always imagined it. She was so soft. Soft and perfect and the woman of my dreams. She wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked it slowly, looking up at me through hooded eyes, her chestnut hair falling in tousled, messy waves around her beautiful face. It was the way I'd imagined her looking at me for four years. I was in love with her and finally, she was in love with me. I didn't know how we were going to make it work, but I knew that we could.

I watched as she placed a kiss on the head. It twitched and grew infinitesimally harder from her kiss and I saw the excitement in her eyes that she felt at the very thought of having my big and throbbing dick inside her. She would be so tight and no man would have ever filled her the way that I would fill her now. She crawled on top of me and positioned herself right above my cock. I could feel her heat and I just knew that she would be so wet.

Wet for me.

She reached her hand down and grabbed my cock once more, positioning it between her legs. The moment was here. We were going to do this together. Images flashed through my mind of intimate meetings, long conversations, stolen glances at her when no one was looking and the excitement that I felt whenever she would call me. I would never have crossed that line that was drawn between us, but now, with her above me, offering herself to me in this way, I knew that I would never have been strong enough to tell her no.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"Yes, Bella," I told her, without question. "I'm ready."

"There's no turning back now."

"I would never want to."

And with that, she began to lower herself onto my aching cock...


The ringing of my Blackberry woke me up from my perfect dream. The dream I'd had, in some form or another, almost every night for the last four years. I picked up the intrusive piece of technology and fought the urge to throw it against the fucking wall. Who the fuck would be calling me at this early hour? It was only six-thirty in the morning. I squinted as I looked at the screen and my breath caught in my throat. This happened at the same time as my deflating erection sprang back to life. Bella was calling me. Absentmindedly, my hand reached for my dick at just the thought of hearing her voice. I jerked it away quickly, mortified at the inappropriateness of the action and I answered the phone.

"Bella? It's early. Is everything alright?"

"This isn't Bella."

The man's voice on the phone startled me and I had to look at the screen one more time to make sure that I hadn't been seeing things. Yes. It was her number calling me.

"I'm sorry," I offered. "I thought this was Bella since it is her number calling."

"This is Edward Cullen."


Edward…the boyfriend.

"Edward, I'm sorry. I just assumed you were Bella. Is everything alright?" I asked. "Is Bella okay?"

I thought about the conversation I'd had with her the night before. She had been upset by a vile, disgusting customer.

"No," he responded curtly. "Everything is not alright. Bella is not okay." His voice cracked slightly on the last word.

"What's wrong?" I asked, quickly sitting up in bed. "What happened?"

He sighed loudly before speaking again.

"Bella was attacked as she was leaving the store last night. Brutally attacked. She has been admitted to Regional West and is being treated for her injuries."

Was I going to have to pull out every piece of information from him? He had given me nothing. No real information. He was speaking in vague terms and frankly, I was a little sick of it. Who the fuck did he think he was? I'd known her a hell of a lot longer than him. He was just some man that she was seeing. I'd been a part of her life for four years.

"What kind of injuries are you talking about Edward? Broken bones? Head injury? What?"

"I'm not sure the nature and extent of Bella's injuries are any of your business, Mr. Newton," he said coolly, but there was a sharp edge to his voice. "I'm fairly certain that Bella doesn't have to disclose any medical information to her employer at all. That is covered under FMLA. If Fineley's needs information regarding how much time she'll need off work they can take it up with her doctor, Carlisle Cullen."

Cullen? Of course, he was related to him. Fuck.

"You said she was admitted to Regional West. I can be there in two hours."

I was already making plans in my head of how I was going to arrange my day. I would call my assistant and have her reschedule my conference calls. I would have to speak with Angela regarding the store. Edward interrupted my thoughts.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Newton. It would absolutely be inappropriate for you to come to the hospital to visit Bella. Surely, a man of your position and intelligence would understand that. I'm sure that Fineley's will need a copy of the police report. Bella has already made her statement. You can contact the police department for anything that you need."

"Can I at least speak with her?" I asked through clenched teeth, knowing that there was nothing I could do at that time.

"I'm sorry," he replied quickly and without emotion. "Bella is unable to talk right now. I'm sure that she will call you this week when she is up to it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to her. This has already taken up too much time."

"Yes, of course."

"Goodbye, Mr. Newton."

"Goodbye, Mr. Cullen."

Fucking prick.



Thanks and love to my beta and ficwife, Marvar. She is so wonderful and supportive and so the inspiration for this outtake.

We have started writing a fic together. "Love in My Box". It's a funny little story…and by funny, I mean hilarious.

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