Second Chances


Melinda was lying back on her bed, trying to relax. As she closed her eyes, she heard a knock on her door and let whoever was there come in. It was Wyatt, and right behind him was Chris. Just sitting up seemed to take a lot of effort and energy that she just didn't have, but she mustered up the strength to do so. She felt so drained, physically and emotionally.

"What was it you wanted to tell me earlier?" she asked.

"That's what we came to talk to you about," Wyatt replied. He took a deep breath and looked at Chris, who was unusually silent. Melinda noticed the look, and began to worry.

"It's not that it's bad or anything," Wyatt continued, sensing his sister's impending feeling of more bad news about to hit her. "It's just that... certain people might not feel the same way."

Chris gave a not-too-subtle cough. "You're telling me," he muttered darkly under his breath.

"First off, we have to find and protect Lenore. When we do, they – the Elders – want us to take her and the baby to Bobby's house. The Elders couldn't seem to stress that enough. And secondly, with the impending birth of Sam's son, and the sure-to-be demon attack to get said special child, the - uh - Elders thought it to be wise to... have a Whitelighter stay constantly around the child for protection."

Melinda was confused, and it showed.

"You're probably wondering why a Whitelighter just can't orb in every now and then to check on the baby instead, but these are not normal circumstances and the Elders thought it best that there be one magical force consistently around the baby at all times. And they wanted someone blood related for this task. Someone who would already do anything to protect his brother and nephew."

Wyatt gave his sister a meaningful look.

"Oh my God," Melinda gasped. "They want Dean to be a Whitelighter?"

"If that wasn't freaky enough," Chris said, now speaking up, "they want us," indicating himself and Wyatt, "to mentor him and give him a crash course in Whitelighter 101 before the baby's born."

"I take it Dean doesn't know yet," Melinda said, eyes wide.

"No, he doesn't, but he will probably shit himself to learn that he's about to become a Glow-worm himself." A devious smile crept its way onto Chris' face. "And I wanna be the one to tell him."

"Dude, kinda not the time to do it, given the circumstances –" Wyatt began.

"Dude, do not take this one little joy away from me, please. I ask for so little."

While the brothers bantered back and forth, Melinda couldn't help but wonder how Dean would react to being a Whitelighter... She was positive this wouldn't go over well with the older Winchester.


Dean pulled out Sam's laptop and got to work. Pulling up different news sites, he tried looking for any news about recent cattle killings. Wherever Lenore was now, he was sure she would pop up eventually, knowing she would have to feed at some point. And unfortunately when she did, it would leave a huge bull's eye on her as Dean was sure the demons were well aware that Lenore and her vampire clan only drank cow's blood.

Off in the distance, he could hear Sam snoring through his bedroom door. The poor kid had been asleep for most of today and yesterday, ever since Doc Steve had left, and only coming out on those rare occasions to eat. Sam was emotionally and physically exhausted.

"Don't worry, bro," Dean said softly. "We'll get though this. I promise."

A beep of the laptop drew Dean's attention back to the computer. An article just popped up on the screen.

He clicked it up and read it quietly to himself.

Well, speak of the devil, he thought.

The article stated that near the tiny Nevada town of Rachel, dead cattle were littering the only highway in and out of the rural town. The blood was been completely drained from the cows' bodies, and the residents were convinced that aliens – or the government and their nearby secret base – were responsible for the atrocities.

Dean couldn't help but smirk slightly as he read it, knowing that those poor, misguided people had it totally wrong. This report screamed of Lenore and her group, who had managed to make it safely out of San Francisco and were making their way east. But for how long, he wasn't sure.

Saving the article, he would call and alert the Halliwells first thing in the morning as it was too late to do so right now.

Clicking up a few more pages in hope of gathering more info, the tiny kitchen where he sat suddenly grew bright, almost to the point of blinding him. Dean had to shield his eyes until the light dimmed.

"Cas?" he called out. But what he saw wasn't Castiel, but a man and a woman, each wearing a white and gold robe.

"What the hell?" Dean jumped up from his seat, unsure whether or not he could make a play for the rock salt… or some other weapon of choice to use against these strange visitors.

"Don't be afraid," the woman said, calmly. "We mean you no harm."

The man now spoke up. "In fact, we come with good news for you, Dean Winchester."


Lenore rubbed her expanded stomach and sighed. The child inside her was growing fast and that scared and excited her. This pregnancy provided her with a roller coaster of emotions.

She had allowed herself to be turned all those years ago because she had lost her first child shortly after his birth. Marcus had been a beautiful baby but the plague had hit and taken not only her child but her husband.

Lenore had wished to die, but a handsome and mysterious stranger had promised her a world where she and her loved ones would never face death. Little did she know that with this immortality there was a price.

The stranger had turned her, and soon she had learnt that she might be free from death, but now she would no longer know the pleasure of parenthood or many of the wonderful human treasures. And death was still lurking in the form of hunters.

She and her nest had evolved over the years to a harmless clan that fed on cattle and stayed in the shadows. It kept them safe for the most part, except for the occasional crazed hunter like Gordon Walker.

It was that crazed encounter that had allowed her to meet Sam Winchester the first time. Lenore had been impressed with the young hunter's sympathy and ability to see gray areas were others saw only black and white.

Now she was pregnant with his child. She hoped that their child would have Sam's sympathy and caring of others. Lenore knew this was an unholy union, one born from demons and rape, but she wanted to forget that part and revel in the fact she soon would be a mom.

Her nest had been supportive and had helped hide her away. They were afraid of what might happen if demons found Lenore or the baby. She really wanted to reach out to Sam but was afraid of how he would react to the baby.

She hoped that he would want his child but she couldn't risk his rejection. No, this was her second chance to be a parent. Her second chance to do something a normal human would do, and Lenore was going to fight for that right no matter what it took.


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