Cedric sat in his room, he was reading a book. When suddenly a bright light appeared out of now where and landed in Prince Phobos rose garden.

An intruder? He thought and put away the book and started to run to the private rose garden. When he arrived all he saw was how the castle guards vanished in a pink light one by one and in the middle of all was a young woman not older than 20 summers.

The young women were dress in a long white and red dress, she had long black hair and she looked very pale. She is sick and still has the power to defeat all of the guards. He should attack and he did, from behind.

He get a hold of both her hands, she turned around to face the attacker. He was in awe, she was indeed beautiful, but he hadn't time to think about such.

"Stand down" he told the rest of the guards and they did.

"Let go of me" she said and tried to get away from him, but he was stronger.

"No" he hissed.

"Why not?" she asked, she seemed to have a hard time breathing.

Cedric didn't answer her. A guard handed over a rope to him and he tied it around her wrists, he dragged her to the throne room. She didn't fight back, she was to tired.

´Damn it!´ thought the women, ´I feel like I'm going to faint at any time´ the young woman turned to look around, a rose garden, she had landed in a rose garden. And then she saw the castle. 'Wow, I guess I'm no longer in the feudal era or earth' she thought when she saw a little human inside a black rose (a Murmurer).

"Where are you taking me" asked the young woman. No replied but the man opened a huge wooden door, they step inside and they were meet by a man with long ash blond hair.

"Prince Phobos" greeted the other blond man and he bowed, he had a strange aura, like a snake. 'Wonder if his a half snake demon'

The man, Phobos sat on a throne and stared at her.

"What have we here, Cedric?" he asked and looked mildly interested.

"A rebel my lord. This woman has slayed half of the castle guards." The man with snake like aura answered, apparently his name was Cedric.

"A rebel?" Phobos said and walked towards them. 'the most beautiful rebel I ever seen'. The young woman avoided to look him in the eyes.

"Rebel, what's your name?" he asked, he put one of his fingers under her chin forcing her to look into his eyes.

"I'm not a rebel" she growled and looked at him. "And my name is Kagome" she replied.

"Then why did you kill all those guards?" asked the man know as Cedric. Kagome looked at him. "They attacked me!" she screamed.

"You are here to get rid of the prince"

"Now why would I do that? You stupid half snake!" shouted Kagome. 'Calm down Kagome, you need their help to get back to earth'

Phobos was a little surprised that the girl, Kagome knows about Cedric being a hybrid. And for the look of it so was Cedric.

"I'm sorry for being rude my Prince Phobos" she continued and bowed down her head. "I'm not here to kill anyone. I'm just lost and I really would you to help me return home" she explained. 'and I need a place to stay for now'

He couldn't help to laugh to himself. How amusing, this girl is in need of his assistance and in return she would probably help him.

"Cedric, release her" he commended. Cedric untied Kagome. "Thank you, your majesty" she said and bowed yet again. And as she rose she fell forward to Phobos, Cedric caught her and saw that she was unconscious.

"My lord, what are we going to do with her? Should I put her in the dungeon?"

"No, put her in a guest room near you"

Cedric cared Kagome in his arms, he started to walked towards the huge door.

"Cedric, keep an eye on her, she might be to some use for us"

"Yes, milord" said Cedric and walked away with Kagome.

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