Chapter One

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Author's Note: Not much to say this is a rewrite chapter. Hope it's better, and of you who read the first first chapter, let me know if it is/isn't. Thanks! Oh yeah, the whole story will be told in Nudge's POV. And, the above disclaimer will be the ONLY one, but it holds true throughout the whole story. Okay?

I rested my head on Micha's shoulder as a cartoon character delivered a punchline that made Gazzy chuckle from the floor in front of me. Micha smiled into my curly, black hair.

As the episode neared the end, I felt eyes watching me.

I whipped my head around towards the front of the house and saw a flash of blonde hair disappear upstairs.

"What's wrong, Nudge?" Micha whispered as I turned back to the TV.

"Nothing," I replied back. "I just thought I saw something." Angel was laying next to Gazzy, watching the episode's ending.

It was Max.

A commercial break started as the episode ended and Micha checked his watch.

"Well, I'd love to stay and watch the next episode with you guys, but, work calls." Angel and I grinned and Gazzy sat up.

"Bye, Micha," he said, giving a little wave. Micha kissed the top of my head as he waved back to Gazzy. As Micha left, he called out to the whole house,"

"Bye, guys!"

"Bye, Micha!" I swear, the whole house called back to him and I couldn't help but smile; could I have had a better boyfriend?

The dinner that night was great. Iggy grilled burgers that everyone couldn't seem to get enough of, so I assumed they were great. I didn't have any, I'm a vegetarian, but Gazzy ate my share happily. I, instead, had these really great grilled potato cheese things that Iggy also grilled and salad that Ella and I made.

Once all the dishes were done, Max gathered us all back into the kitchen, even Dr. Martinez and Ella. As we were milling around, waiting for Max, who was standing behind a sitting-and-typing Fang, to start, she caught my eye and waved me over.

I walked over to here, unsure of what she wanted.

But it was Fang who spoke.

"Can you hack into this for me, Nudge? Please?" He added the last part after a second.

I bent over the table and turned the laptop to dace me before starting.

"It's Itex's old database. We have to finish one last part of Max's mission, and then we can access some information that you may enjoy."

I glanced at him, my fingers not leaving the keyboard, but he only gave a little grin.

Behind me, Max cleared her throat and the little amount of noise there was changed to absolute silence.

"To cut right to the point, I'll explain to you what's happening. Nudge is hacking into Itex's old database, which Fang found on his laptop this morning. After she does that, Fang will be able to send out a virus that will get every single Itex related computer in the world, except for his, and completely wipe out its database. Then, we might be able to get information on you families, using these files."

My hands froze at the keyboard. My family? Like, biological? Parents and siblings?

Fang elbowed my side. "C'mon, Nudge. Keep typing." I did as he said, touching the screen gently and then letting my hands fly as they entered a long stream of numbers and letters before I forgot them.

Until, finally, finally, I was done. I cracked my knuckles and rolled my shoulders back as Fang pulled the laptop over to him.

His fingers flew all over the laptop, typing and clicking with the track pad.

Fang pushed the laptop back to me and I typed in another password that he needed to be allowed to send the virus. I scooted the laptop back towards him, and Fang quickly hit the "send" button.

"Okay," Max said, "Fang's sending the virus." The virus got ready to be sent to maybe ten, or maybe thousands of computers all over the world, but, first it needed yet another password.

I quickly typed it in, and when the screen flashed "sent", and after Max announced it, a small cheer went up.

Fang started to type and click and scroll again as he looked for the files that might contain information on where we came from, who we were.

Suddenly, he stopped.

"Guys," he said, "I found it."