As Zoe curved to the east she saw Takuya sitting on the bench.


Takuya's soft voice came, her hair wind-blown from running.

"Let's get thus stupid conversation over with," she mumbled as she sat beside Takuya, not meeting his eyes.

"Am I a bad person to you?" he started.

"Well, you were a bit jerk ever since I punched you," she admitted.

"I should've said this a bit earlier…I…just don't have the strength to face you." He muttered to himself. He took a deep breath, and then Zoe smiled slightly.

"When you dated my best friend, a part of me wanted to get you back but I reminded myself that the decision to terminate the relationship was mine alone," she confessed then sniffed, feeling a little awkward. After memories of the four months they spent together resurfaced. "I…uh…gotta go."

Takuya let her turned her back on him, again. Accepting that they may never be together.

Zoe stopped from walking then turned around. She sighed. "Takuya," she called over his name. "I'm sorry," her tears ran down to her cheeks. "I'm really, really sorry," she sniffed. "Because I'm hurting you…" she sobbed. "I didn't mean to."

Takuya was touched. "I didn't mean to," Zoe repeated. "Sorry. Sorry. Sorry," she kept saying sorry over and over again.

Takuya pulled Zoe into his arms at once, and kissed her forehead, then her cheeks then her lips.

There was too much tension, too strong an edge to the way his lips crushed hers—like he was afraid they only had so much time to left them.

Zoe couldn't let herself think about that. Their hearts, racing already, spluttered frantically. Zoe twisted slowly in his arms. His hands seized her face.

His mouth was gentle; there was a brand-new edge of conflict and desperation in the way his lips moved. She locked her arms in his neck, and, to her suddenly overheated skin, his body felt hotter than ever.

He didn't stop kissing her. Zoe was the one who had to break away, gasping for air. Even then his lips did not leave her skin. Zoe pulled away from him.

"I'm sorry," she apologized again as she rubbed her mouth. Before Takuya say something she runaway from him.

Takuya, Koji, Koichi and JP hang out again at the plaza. And again, they bought a can of soda.

"So how was it?" Koji asked.

"I kissed her without her permission," Takuya touched his lips.

Koji, JP and Koichi spitted the soda they were drinking.

"No comment," Takuya said as he watched them spit.

"Who…what…when…huh?" JP was confused.

"She said she wanted me back when I dated Ash but she reminded herself that she broke up with me alone," Takuya explained. "She was gonna walk away from me again but she faced me again and apologized to me. She cried."

"Whoa…whoa…whoa…wait a minute, did she push you away?"

"And I thought she was going to push me away but I was wrong," he answered.

"One question, one answer, Takuya," JP said. "If you still love her, how much?"

Takuya gulped his soda. "I love her so much, JP, more than my own life. The way I loved her before, it never changed. Even though she's hurting me, I still love her just the way she is. I always wanted her to be safe and happy."

"You know, we've got a friend," Koji patted Takuya's back. "He's proud yet kind and loyal."

"And he always accept the girl he loves at her worst and gives his best," JP added.

"And we all know that he's going to do the right thing," Koichi ended their statement.

One day, Zoe was alone at the plaza early in the morning. She was thinking, if Takuya leaves, she may never see the boy she loved ever again.

"Your mother told me that you're here," sat beside Zoe at the green bench. They were in front the fountain. "I'm flying to Canada tonight. I'll be there like four years."

Zoe sighed then met her eyes to Takuya's. "Sorry."

"You know, I should be the one here apologizing. So I'm sorry," he apologized. "I'm sorry for not saying sorry the day I hurt you because when you broke up with me I only thought…for myself…what I only feel…what I only like," he continued. Zoe looked deeply into Takuya's eyes and listened to what she was saying. "I'm sorry Zoe I became selfish. I never cared you need to find the Zoe that got lost that time," Zoe's eyes were burning.

"Zoe still loves you," she touched his face with her firing palm. Takuya rested his head on Zoe's palm and took it and kissed her hand, crying.

"You don't know how much I love saying you that…" he sniffed. "I wish we are still together," his tears raised down on his blazing cheek. "I wish there enough more time to say how much I've missed you…" he held Zoe's hand so tightly and never let it go, "but…every time I how much I love you…I can't avoid to feel the pain…and I'm sorry," he sobbed.

Zoe finally had shed into tears. "What am I supposed to do?"

"This is me, Zoe. I'm the one who needs time, now…so I can forget each and every pain…to remember all the way in what's best for us," Zoe nodded. "In order for Takuya to come back when we separated…" he didn't finish instead, he rubbed his eyes. "I will never stop loving you, Zoe," he sniffed. "If I come back here, I can love you with all my heart that there's nothing you have to worry about if we get hurt."

His lips crushed hers. He kissed her calmly, smoothly, his other hand gripping tight around the back of her neck. His mouth was soft, despite the calm, his lips molding to hers in a warm, unfamiliar way. Zoe's lips opened, she felt his hot breath in her mouth.

And he pulled back to look at her. He pressed his lips softly to hers again, once, twice…third time.

He let go of her face and leaned away.

"As long as I'm alive, my heart will always be yours," He leaned down, and pressed his lips very lightly to her forehead for the briefest instant. Her eyes closed.

There was a light, unnatural breeze. Her eyes flashed open. He was walking away.

Four Years Later

After all these years, Zoe had graduated from Business and Accountancy while Takuya from Science and Technology.

Takuya left Zoe in the cheerful plaza, bright, harmless. And that's where she is, still waiting for him to come back.

"Takuya, where are you?" She said. "Please, come back to me," she whispered. She looked down.

Then a few seconds later, someone touched held her hand so tightly. "I told you I'd come back," Takuya said under his breath. His voice was rough—if velvet can be rough—with anxiety.

"I thought you'd never come," Zoe said.

"Do you wanna go out tonight?" Takuya asked.

"Will you leave me again?" Zoe asked.

"Actually, I've already got a job here," Zoe finally looked at him.

"Star Bucks would be cool this afternoon…" Zoe smiled.

"Then tonight, wanna go for a mall?" His voice was anxious.

"Definitely," she replied.

But before they proceed, Takuya's mouth was on hers then. Their kiss was not quite as careful as others she remembered, which suited her just fine. If she was going to rip herself up further, she might as well get as much trade as possible.

Takuya pulled away. "I'm not leaving you," he said in casual tone.

Zoe didn't say anything, and he seemed to hear skepticism in her silence.

"I'm not going anywhere. Not without you," he added more seriously.

"Promise?" she whispered.

"Promise," happiness glinted metallic in their eyes.

Zoe squared her shoulders and walked forward to meet their fate, with their destiny solidly at their side.


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