Title: Lightning Strikes Twice
Disclaimer: I own nothing (a sad fact indeed), especially none of the characters from either Roswell or Smallville (but I can dream).
Pairing: Liz / Clark
Rating: Not sure yet, but for now Mature
Summary: Liz leaves Roswell to find herself. Only problem is, aliens seem to follow wherever she goes…
Note: This is my first XO fic – please be kind. I will try to update regularly, as and when I can manage the time from work.

Chapter 1
Alexander Charles Whitman, my best friend and confidante, died 3 months ago. It was all so senseless, a stupid accident. Swerving to avoid a dog that had run out on the road, and instead running head on into a truck. Oh Lord, how many times have those types of things happened – but to someone else… You can never fully understand until something like that happens to you and yours. It was a tragedy and I think that the worse part is that it was so sudden, leaving no way to say all the things that you put off saying, like 'I love you' or 'You're my best friend' or 'I'll treasure you always' or 'I appreciate all the times you were there for me, and all the things you have done for me'.
Stupid dog! Should have just knocked the damn thing. For a while, I seriously contemplated using my powers on it – maybe getting one of the Sherrif's guns and shooting it between the eyes!!! Shit, I didn't even know which one it was. But I was so angry, for so long. Suffice to say, I didn't handle his death very well.

I cannot say that life has been easy for me lately – in fact, I cannot say that life has been anything but wearying – dragging me down, making me feel old almost to the point where I begin to ask myself why am I even living – why hasn't my body given up on me? Why am I still here? How much more can I withstand?
For a while, I truly contemplated throwing in the towel and meeting Alex on the other side. Maybe then my soul will be at peace… maybe then I will be able to sleep at night without feeling pain, without feeling alone.

But that's a defeatist attitude – I have my health, well, maybe not… who knows what that alien touch has done to me. I'm sure that I cannot be classified as human anymore. Humans don't have green lightning sparks running through their body. Humans don't see flashes when touching people. Humans certainly cannot predict the future. And please, don't even mention psychics, Madam Vivien certainly didn't get it right, did she?!

Let's not focus on that, how about looking at the other positives in my life – I have Maria, sort of. We've drifted apart quite a bit, But I hope that we can get back to the type of friendship that we used to have before, despite the fact that one of the three is now gone… And look at that, I'm still using the word hope – so all cannot be lost.
Maybe one day we can let go of the past and forgive each other.

As for my other friends, well… Michael and Isabel more or less put up with me at the beginning, simply because of Max. Then completely tossed me aside once they found out that I had 'slept' with Kyle – their loyalty was always going to be with Max, and I both understand and commend that, and will never blame them for it.

With Kyle, things are going to get better – that whole Future Max debacle gave him an excuse to distance himself from all the aliens, me included. He still doesn't know why I asked him to do it, and I don't think he wants to know, he's certainly never showed any interest in finding out the reason. At the moment, he is focusing more and more on sport, which for him is as normal as you can get.
It's funny, you would have thought by now that he would be displaying some evidence of powers. Apparently not… I must be the lucky one!

As for Tess, we've never been friends – I always considered her as the other woman, trying to steal Max away from me. But, if I'm honest, she really didn't have to try too hard. It wasn't all a mind warp – I picked up that much at least… from Max himself, no less. See, those kisses were good for something anyway.
So, let's just say that he prefers blondes to brunettes, or rather former Alien queens with kick-ass powers and stunning looks as opposed to semi-human earth girls with plain looks and hit-and-miss powers.
Anyway, I don't know if Tess and I will ever be friends – that's one of those situations where we will just have to wait and see, and she seems much happier now, more comfortable in her skin. That's probably because she finally has Max all to herself, who is starting to look at her the way he used to look at me.

So finally, there's Max… We had a really long talk, and for the first time ever, I think that we were completely honest with each other. He told me that he did feel something for Tess, and that when he found out that she was having his baby, it all just turned around for him. I think that's when he finally admitted it – Tess and the baby she was carrying – his baby – had become the centre of his universe… I'm glad for them, I really am…

Do I sound as if I'm trying to convince myself?
Well, I suppose I have to ask, where does this leave me?

Maybe, I can heal in Kansas. Aunt Nell offered me a place to stay while I complete my last year at school, where I can get back to my studies and regain the ground that I lost. Maybe my dream of being a molecular biologist is not out of my reach just yet.
The more I think about it, the more appealing it sounds – taking a break, finding a bit of peace away from the Aliens, from ex-boyfriends and strained relationships.

Smallville, here I come…