Author's note: I do not own Bleach or its characters. This is for the 30 Kisses challenge using list zeta. Theme 3: Tangent.

Chasing Butterflies

He was waiting for her as usual. Yoruichi grinned when she spotted Kisuke under the tree. She had slipped her minders once again and snuck out to the Rukongai again. Her friend was already there when she arrived at their meeting place.

It had become something of a habit for them to meet at least once a week. Then ten year old was pretty sure she would go insane without these meetings. Running around with a boy from the Rukongai was not appropriate behavior for the Shihoin heir. That was probably one of the reasons that Yoruichi liked it so much. Here she didn't have to worry about proper etiquette or remembering lessons that weren't that useful. She learned far more out here than she ever had from her tutors.

Kisuke grinned at her, and the two of them took off. Yoruichi felt something in her loosen and relax. Kisuke was her freedom. He was the one person who she could just be Yoruichi with. He didn't care about her family background or proper behavior or even the fact that she was faster than he was. And that was fine because she didn't care about the fact that Kisuke was far too curious for his own good or his tendency to go off on tangents. She didn't care about his incessant needed to tinker with things. All that mattered to her was the fact that he was Kisuke.

Yoruichi shot him a mischievous look, and the game of the day was set. She laughed and kissed his nose before dashing down the street.

"Tag. You're it," she called over her shoulder.

Kisuke just grinned and gave chase. Yoruichi lost herself in the fun of the chase, and the speed, and the wind in her hair, and her friendship. This was what childhood was supposed to be.