Naruto Rise of the Second Dragon God

Based off of Challenger's story challenge. When the Kyuubi is sealed inside Naruto it awakens a power that is in his blood. The unknown power is so strong that it destroys the Kyuubi. This power is the power of the Dragon which his father's family is the descendants of Bahamut the Dragon God. He is then taken away from Konoha by Bahamut, the God of dragons. 14 years later, Naruto returns from the dragon realm and prepares to not only face the Akatsuki and Madara, but an evil that is considered to be more powerful than the Juubi.

Hey everyone, I'm back with another story from challnger's challenge stories. You guys have to check out his challenges because they are badass! Now this story will have a small crossover of Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, Bleach, Inuyasha, and other anime, video games, manga, etc. in it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any thing from ninja gaiden but I do own the weapons, bloodlines, and jutsu I created.

Chapter 1: Enter the Dragon

Hokage Tower

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Kami no Shinobi (Shinobi God), the professor, and the Sandaime Hokage of konoha was sitting at his desk doing paperwork and smoking his pipe. He stops writing for a while and looks out the window.

It's been 15 years since Bahamut, the Dragon God took Minato's and Kushina's son, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze to the dragon realm after Minato, the Kiiroi Senkou (Yellow Flash) and Yondaime Hokage died sealing the Kyuubi no Kitsune into his son. Kushina, the Aka Arashi died giving birth to Naruto.


Hiruzen was standing before the motionless body of his successor Minato Namikaze with his son in his arms. The professor then saw the now crying blonde boy and couldn't help but be saddened that the boy was now a jinchurikki.

Hiruzen looked at the boy with sadness and pity in his eyes. "To think he's only entered this world for a few hours and already he's lost everything. Minato you honorable fool I should've been the one to perform the Shiki Fuin (Reaper Death Seal). Now you've burden your son to a fate worse than death." He says with an agonizing sigh. He already knew that the Civilians and Elders would demand his death or turn him into a weapon.

He was about to pick the boy up until the blonde baby started to cry even louder when red bubbly chakra covered his body, forcing the Hokage to step back in horror. "No. The fox is trying to break free." He says with fear in his eyes while the red cloak grows bigger.

Naruto's Mindscape

The Kyuubi no Kitsune was currently forcing it's youkai through the cage while cackling evilly.

"Soon I will be free of this accursed seal and then I'll raze that pathetic village to the ground and devour every single one of those foolish nin-" It would've ranted on until its chakra was sent back into the cage making him blink in shock. "What is this!? Who dares stop me from gaining my freedo-" The ruler of the bijuu yelled out only to stop and see a pair of glowing blue slitted eyes with white teeth snarling at him.

The unknown creature's head appeared from the darkness and revealing the head of a dragon. Its head was a golden color and six ivory horns protruded from the crown on its head. It eyes were slit and blue with a tint of silver around the outside of the pupil.

The dragon head snarled at the startled fox and it slightly opened it maw causing smoke to escape and its nostrils snorted out a stream of white flames a couple of times. Kyuubi came out of its shocked expression and glared at the dragon who revealed its entire body. The scales that covered its skin seemed to be stronger than diamonds and they started from its neck to its tail which seemed to have a retractable blade on the tip.

Its underbelly was a silver white color and the claws on its fingers were silver also. On its back were folded bat-like wings but what was shocking was that the dragon was the same size if not slightly bigger than the kyuubi.

A sinister grin appeared on the demon fox's face. "I don't know what you're doing here dragon but you will not deny me my vengeance and freedom so get out of my way!" The fox roared and sent a wave of youkai at the dragon. Said creatures body was surrounded by a yellow aura and then it released a thunderous roar at the incoming youkai while its wings spread out. The shockwave from the roar was so powerful that the evil energy was forced back into the cave at double the force and making the kyuubi stumble back a little in the cage.

The dragon stopped roaring and then walked towards the cage, phasing through the bars of it, and entered into the fox's prison. Kyuubi got up slowly and glared at the dragon with all of the hate it had.

"Do you think that'll be enough to stop me? Fool! I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune! Ruler of the demon world and of the other bijuu! I will not be defeated by the likes of" It roared out but the dragon breathed in and shot out a powerful stream of white fire which hit the fox full force making the bijuu hit the ground once again.

The fox again cackled like a psycho. "Fool! Do you actually think that these flames will stop m- AAAAGGHHH!" The fox cried out in pain while the white flames spread across its body. It tried to use it's youkai to remove the flames but it only made the pain worse.

The Dragon watched as the fox squirmed and wailed in agony as the flames slowly spreaded around the fox in a circle. "You can struggle all you want fox, but the more you struggle the more the flames spread and cause you more pain. It is the flames of Ryujin. Flames that are more powerful than those of Amaterasu-sama and they can only be extinguished by the user. I am the boy's other half and I will not let a vile creature like you taint his soul. Now demon be consumed by the flames of Ryujin!" The Dragon roared as it fired more flames at the fox who let out a cry of agony as it was consumed by the white flames.

The Outside

Hiruzen continued to watch as little Naruto continued to cry out as the cloak got bigger but then it did something that shocked even him. The cloak burst into white flames and covered up Naruto. Hiruzen tried to reach into the fire and pull Naruto out but the heat from the flames was so hot that it burned the man's hands and he had to back away while blisters appeared on his hands.

"Kami if the heat alone is that strong, then how powerful are the flames?" He says while two Anbu who seemed to be 15 appeared. One had gravity defying silver hair, wearing a dog mask and the other had shoulder length brown hair and a wolf mask. When they appeared next to the Hokage and their eyes widened when they saw Naruto covered in white flames the wolf masked nin tried to rescue him but the dog masked nin stopped her.

"Kakashi please! I must save sensei's son!" The wolf masked nin cried out but Inu just held onto her.

"No Rin! Those flames are not normal! Just look at Sandaime-sama's hands!" He said while she tried to pry his hands from her waist.

"I don't care! Please let me save him!" She cried out until the flames died down and revealed Naruto who was unharmed but different.

The whisker marks on his face were gone and his blonde hair now had silver streaks in it and instead of the shiki fuin on his stomach it was a red dragon coiling around the blonde's abdomen. His body was giving off a silver aura also.

Hiruzen and Kakashi were so shocked that he released Rin who ran over to Naruto and scooped the sleeping baby in her arms. She held him in one arm and removed her ANBU mask, revealing the face of a beautiful kunoichi with brown eyes and purple markings on her face. Naruto opens his now blue silver slit eyes and looks around and see's Rin's face and reaches his small arms out to her.

Rin smiles and places her finger in front of the boy and he grabs it and giggles. Hiruzen smiles at the as does Kakashi who still wore his mask. The Sandaime was about to say something until a bright light appeared out of nowhere, shocking the group. Hiruzen and Kakashi got in front of Rin and got ready to fight whoever appears from that light. When it fades they are shocked at who they see.

It was a man who was 6'5, had dark purple hair that was spiky and slicked back. He also wore a purple coat that had three tails and a black dragon on the back of it. He also wore all black from his shirt to his boots and he had slit golden eyes and fangs that jutted from his mouth. He also had pointed ears.

The man just stared at the ninja and points to the boy in Rin's arms. 'I'm here for the boy.'

He says while Kakashi gets ready to pull out his Ninjato and Sarutobi removes the hokage robes and hat and was in his war gear.

"You will not be taking the boy. Now leave" The old man says but the man smirks at him and closes his eyes for a while. They then shot open, unleashing a level of KI that was on par if not stronger than Kyuubi's.

Kakashi fell on his hands and knees and was breathing hard while Hiruzen's knees were buckling from the pressure. Rin was shivering in fear but the KI wasn't directed onto Naruto. It dies down and Kakashi lets out a breath of relief. Sarutobi was sweating like crazy. This man's KI was incredible. If he had added a little more pressure then he would've died.

"Now that you realize you're no match for me, I must take the boy with me so that he can learn how to wield the power that just awakened in him." He said confusing the three while he chuckles.

"Allow me to explain. I am Bahamut the Dragon God and ruler of the dragon realm." Bahamut says while they look at him in shock and fear.

"You're a god?! But why would a divine entity like you be interested in the son of the Yondaime?" Sarutob asked while Bahamut smiled.

"Simple. The boy is my heir." He said and their eyes pop open.

"WHAT!?" Kakashi and Rin scream and Hiruzen's jaw dropped.

Bahamut laughs at their expressions and then snaps his fingers and they find themselves in an area where there is nothing but stars surrounding them. "Now let me explain. Along time ago, I granted a man whom you all know as the Rikudo Sennin, the founder of chakra and the ninja world the Rinnegan and chakra. During that time, a creature Known as the Juubi ravaged the lands, destroying anything that was in its path. I gave the sennin the power to face the creature and defeat it by sealing its body in the moon and its spirit into the man's body, becoming what you ningen call the first Jinchuurikki. He realized that once he dies the Juubi will be free again so he separates the spirit into nine creatures you all call bijuu.

"The Namikaze clan was once known as the Ryuu clan who were the descendants of dragons during the clan wars and the founding of the villages. Sadly the clan's population decreased during the wars, Leaving Minato Namikaze, The Kiiroi Senkou as the last one alive." He explained while Sarutobi's eyes widen.

"His son though is a different case. You see, before the birth of the ninja, I had a son named Ryujin. He was the next one in line to take my thrown. He was powerful. He was the only dragon aside from me to create and master the white flames. Flames that were as powerful as Amateratsu's, the Goddess of the Sun. The heat alone was enough to incinerate anything in its path while the flames themselves could burn even the heavens."

He pauses and clenches his fists. "But before I could make him my heir, A Dark Dragon named Ranmyaku attacked our realm. The Dark Dragons are a group of fallen dragons that have given into their darkest desires and only care about destruction, mayhem, and seeing others suffer. All they care about is power."

"They are merciless and blood thirsty monsters that make even the vilest demons look like saints. Ranmyaku was the strongest of them all and wanted my power to become a god. My son tried to stop him but he was too strong so he did the only thing he could think of. He used a technique that would destroy him and Ranmyaku's soul, but before that happened, he removed half of his soul and told me that his reincarnation will be the one with the mark of a red dragon on his body and after that he and Ranmyaku perished."

He said and a tear fell from his face. "I spent the last millennium searching and waiting for my son's reincarnate to appear and now he has." He looks at Naruto who was clinging onto a strand of Rin's hair and a small smile appears on his face. Hiruzen was stumped. Naruto was not only the reincarnation of a kami's son, but he's also the next heir of the dragon clan.

He had to make sure that no one knew this or Konoha would be suffering the consequences. Bahamut then snaps his fingers and they appear back at the forest. "Now Hiruzen sarutobi I must take the boy with me. I will teach him both the ninja arts and dragon arts that my people know. I also need to take Minato's body and his techniques with me because I don't trust any of you ningen with them or this man's body."

Hiruzen wanted to speak up but the look Bahamut told him to be silent. "I may sound harsh but that is only because I speak the truth. There are people in this village who will attempt to steal his techniques due to how powerful they are. I am a god and I know that Minato has enemies that are both inside and outside of the village."

Hiruzen nods and then speaks up. "If I may ask for one request Bahamut-sama?" The dragon god nods. "I only ask that you let Naruto return in 15 years to become a ninja for the village in honor of his parents?" Bahamut looks at him for a few minutes and nods.

"Very well but on a few conditions. You'll announce his inheritance and inform your council and village that he'll be returning in 15 years. The second one is that you give him traveling rights because there are tasks that I'll need him to do like dealing with demons, fiends, and dark dragons. Also, you will NOT tell anyone about him being related to a god. Do I make myself clear Hiruzen Sarutobi?"

He says in a serious and threatening tone. The old man gulps and nods. Bahamut tilts his head to the left and fires a blue fire blast at a tree. When it hits, an ANBU with a blank mask falls out of it, rolling around and screaming. He then stops moving and the flames disintegrate him.

Sarutobi sees the mask that had the Kanji Ne on it and growls. "I'm gonna kill Danzo." Bahamut then snaps his fingers once more and a large scroll that contains the Namikaze clan's jutsus appears in his hand. It then vanishes and he looks at the awed faces of the ninja and he just shrugs.

"Sometimes being a god is a good thing. May I have the boy now Rin?" He asks looking at the girl who nods and walks over to Bahamut. Naruto coos as Rin hands the boy over to Bahamut and he looks at the Dragon God with his big blue and silver eyes. Bahamut smiles and places the boy in one arm.

"Remember our agreement Hiruzen." He says and the old man nods. The dragon god then morphs into an orb of light and disappears, taking Minato's body with him. Sarutobi looks at Kakashi and Rin and gives them a stern look.

"Listen you two what just happened here is a SSS class secret. If you so much as peep a word of this to anyone I'll have you chasing Tora the cat and doing D-rank missions until you're my age is that clear?" he says and they pale but nod.

They were about to leave until Sarutobi's eyes widen. "WAIT!" he screamed scaring the two ANBU.

"What's wrong Hokage-sama?" Rin asks while man looks down at the ground.

"I forgot to ask him if he knew how to beat paperwork!" He said while anime tears fell down his face, getting sweat drops from the two teenagers.

Flashback ends

On a dirt road that was routed to Konoha's main gate, two hooded figures were walking towards the gate. One was male and the other female. The male wore a dark blue cloak with a red Dragon coiled around the front while the female wore a red cloak with a black dragon on it.

Strapped to his back were two Katana's and a black duffle bag and large scroll. One had a dark red hilt with gold diamond patters on it and the cap was a gold color. The guard was gold plated and it looked like a dragon was coiled around it. The sheath was black with gold around certain parts of it and a white dragon was coiled around it.

The other one had an ocean blue hilt with black diamond patterns going down it and a silver hilt that was hexagonal with a dragon pattern on it.

The female had what appeared to be a Naginata strapped to her back and the blade was covered in a sheath. The staff part of the weapon was red, gold, and black. The male appeared to be 15 while the female seemed to be 17, and the male seemed to be 5'8 (Ichigo's height) while the female was 5'6.

"So are you excited to be coming to the village for the first time Naruto-sama?" The hooded female asks while the male sighs.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Sama Momiji-chan?" He asks in an annoyed tone while she smiles.

"But I have to respect you Naruto-sama. You are the next heir of the dragon clan and-" She says while Naruto cuts her off.

"So what? You know I hate formalities. I may be a demigod but I don't need to be pampered." He says while a grin grew on Momiji's face.

"Well you are royalty whether you want to admit it or not Naruto-sama." She says while the blonde sighs.

"You're hopeless Momiji. I'm just glad I don't have to take the title for a long time."

"I'm also glad my training is over for now. I swear that Old Dragon nearly killed me on certain accounts." He mumbled while Momiji giggled a few times

"Maybe because you keep calling him an Old Dragon Naruto-kun." She replies.

"Well he is one. I mean, he's like what a million years old?" He says with a cheeky grin on his face while Momiji sighs.

"And you wonder why he always tries to kill you." She mumbles while they walk towards the main gate.

"Well here we are Naruto-kun. I have to go back to the dragon realm for awhile. Bahamut-sama has me doing a few missions." She says and then leans over and kisses him on the cheek, getting a blush from the Namikaze." She winks at him and then turns into an orb of fire.

"Tell Yami-chan and Shini-chan I said hey and I'll see them soon." He says while she shoots off into the sky until the orb is gone.

Naruto sighs and walks towards the check in station where two chuunin by the names of Izumo and Kotetsu were sitting there with their heads down. Naruto walks up to it and sweat drops when he hears them snoring. He then raises his hand up in the air and brings it down hard, making a loud noise echo and the two chuunin shot up looking around frantically.

They noticed a hooded figure standing in front of them grinning, revealing a pair of sharp canines. "Sorry if I disturbed your nap, but I need to get in the village I have an appointment with the Hokage." He says and pulls out a scroll.

Izumo takes the scroll and places it into the desk and unrolls it. When he looks at it his eyes widen as does Koutetsu's while the blonde smirks. "Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze eh? Welcome to Konohagakure. So where have you been for the last 15 years kid?" Izumo asks with a cheeky grin on his face while Kotetsu slaps him upside the head.

"Baka! Show some respect to the Yondaime's son! I'm sorry about my friend Namikaze-sama." Izumo says while Naruto chuckle.

"Eh it's cool, you don't have to be so formal Kotetsu-san. I may be a Namikaze but that doesn't mean I'm your better." He says and walks into the village while hoisting his bag up.

The two chuunin had looks of awe and shock on their faces as he walks into the village. "Well at least he's modest and not arrogant like the Uchiha-kid and Hyuuga clan." Izumo says while Kotetsu nods in agreement.

As he walked through, he noticed a few people giving him a few stares wondering who he was. As he continues to walk down the path he notices a huge tower that had the Kanji fire on it and smirked. "That must be it." He says to himself and then a swirl of blue flames surrounds him and he vanishes, shocking everybody.

Hokage Tower

Hiruzen Sarutobi was currently doing some paperwork in his office and while he was doing that, a twister of fire surrounds him, making the man jump out of his seat and with a kunai drawn. The four ANBU in hiding appear with their ninjato drawn.

When the flames clear, a male in a deep blue hooded cloak was revealed smiling. Sarutobi narrows his eyes at the person and speaks. "Who are you and why did you break into my office?" The Kami no Shinobi demands while the ANBU prepare to kill the mysterious person if he's a threat.

Naruto chuckles and speaks up. "Relax Hokage-sama, Bahamut-jiji did say I'd be back in 15 years?" He asks while Hiruzen blinks in confusion but then his eyes widened.

"You wouldn't happen to be Naruto by any chance?" Sarutobi asks and the blonde nods and pulls his hood back, getting a gasp from the Anbu especially the female with long purple hair and wore an ANBU cat mask. The boy was like a teenage version of the Yondaime. He had wild spiky blonde hair that stopped to his shoulders and bangs on the sides which had silver highlights.

His face was void of baby fat and his eyes were cerulean with silver around the outer part. His pupils were slit also but in a more draconic way. He also had what appeared to be fangs jutting out of his mouth from his upper lip. 'He looks just like you Minato.' He thought before regaining his composure and then spoke up. "Stand down ANBU you may leave us." He says and Neko speaks up.

"Are you sure Hokage-sama?" she asks not sure if leaving her leader her with the boy was alright.

"Yes I'm sure Neko. You and your squad take a 30 minute break for now." He says getting a nod from them and they vanish.

Hiruzen then performs a silencing jutsu around the office to speak with Naruto. "So Naruto tell me. What was it like living in the realm of the gods?" He asks while the blonde shrugs.

"It was an interesting experience, some were very humble but most of them were obnoxious or arrogant like Loki who's a trickster, a war god who goes by the name Ares, and a guy named Hades who's the ruler of the dead. Loki I like though because of all the pranks he taught me." He said with a cheeky grin on his face while Sarutobi groans.

"Your parents were pranksters also. They're the reason why I already lost half of my hair." Sarutobi said in a humorous tone while Naruto laughed.

"Don't worry, I'll try not to shorten your life-span." He said while the old monkey twitches his eyebrow.

"All kidding aside Naruto I'm probably guessing that your training was out of this world huh?" Hiruzen asked the blonde who smiled sheepishly.

"Well to put it simply I'm glad to have survived that sadistic dragon's training sessions. Heck even when my folks trained me, they weren't trying to kill me though I think Kaa-san enjoyed beating me into the ground." He muttered while Sarutobi's eyes bug out from his sockets and his jaw was on the floor.

"Y-you met you father and mother!? I thought the Shinigami devoured Minato's soul."

"No she didn't. She doesn't eat the souls of the innocent. She sends them to heaven but the corrupt she'll either devour completely or send to hell." He says while the old man's jaw drops even further.

"The Shinigami is female?" He asks" "Yep. She, Kami, Yami, Amateratsu, and Tsukuyomi are all goddesses. Not really shocking to me since females can become more dangerous than any male. I remember seeing kaa-san beat the crap out of tou-san after he sealed the kyuubi in me. What shocked me though was how she was able to bend his arms and legs in a 90 degree angle while stomping on his manhood 30 times and calling him a baka." He said while Sarutobi became pale at the thought.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Your father was as dense as concrete when it came to Kushina. Hopefully you didn't inherit that." He said while Naruto just grins and rubs the back of his head but on the inside, he was sweating bullets.

"Nope. Not me, unlike dad I'm not clueless when it comes to the opposite sex." He says but could've sworn he heard thunder boom in the sky and took it as a sign that Kami was calling him a liar.

"So will I be living in my family's compound or what?" Naruto asks while Sarutobi rubs his chin in thought.

"You can live in your family's estate. Everyone already knows about your inheritance and we have had a few problems with Iwa but nothing serious." He replies and Naruto sighs.

"Leave it to mom and dad to make an entire country their enemy. Oh well, assassins are the least of my problems. Bahamut-jiji told me he filled you in on my other activities right?" Naruto asks and Sarutobi nods.

"Yes he did and Naruto I want you to be cautious around those you associate with. Your father has enemies inside of the village too and there are people who would love nothing more than to get their hands on your family's fortune." He says and Naruto nods.

"I will don't worry. Jiji also taught me how to tell the difference between the innocent and the corrupt. So will I be going to the ninja academy or what?" He asks. Sarutobi let's out a hm but then he smirks.

"I have a better idea Naruto. I would like to see your progress by testing you against a few of my best Jounin. How does that sound?" He asks and Naruto smirks.

"Sure that's cool." Naruto replies and then Sarutobi releases the seal. That was when there was a knock on the door and a female secretary walked in and was carrying a load of paperwork. Naruto sweat drops from the sight and then turns to see Sarutobi's brow twitching and glaring at the paperwork.

The secretary drops the papers on the desk and bows to the Hokage but blushes when she sees Naruto and leaves. "Wow. That's a lot of paperwork though it's nothing compared to the amount Shini-chan gets." He says while Sarutobi sighs.

"Kami I hate my job." The old man mumbles and pulls out the first one then pulls out two stamps.

"You know there is an easier way to finish that paperwork faster." He says and the man's ears perk up when he hears that.

"There is? What is it? He asks in a tired voice while the blond grins. "Kage Bunshins." He replies and laughs at the old man's expression while vanishing into a swirl of fire.

Sarutobi sighs again and performs a hand seal and 6 clones pop up and start on the paper work. "I really need to find a successor and soon." He mutters and then pulls out and orange book from his desk, opens it to the last page he was on, and starts to giggle like a pervert.

And Cut! Here's the First chapter for Rise of the Second Dragon God. In the Next Chapter, Naruto faces off against the jounin of Sarutobi's choosing and then begins his ninja career. Oh and the Harem will be a mystery. This is Namikaze09 saying PEACE OUT!