Lazy Town belongs to Magnus Scheving

It is Labor Day nearly a month after Stephanie Meanswell's mother, Ruth, died in a car crash. The nine year old is starting Lazy Town Elementary School, which is about ten minutes by bus.

Her older sister, eighteen-year-old Sally and her dad, Howard, moved to Lazy Town shortly after the loss of Ruth. Sally already started college in College Town which was only a fifteen minute ride from the Lazy Town train station. All three live with Howard's brother, Milford, who is the mayor of Lazy Town. It was dinnertime and they were all eating dinner. Stephanie had just finished her meal.

"Daddy, may I leave the table?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes, of course, sunflower," replied Howard. Stephanie got up and headed to her room with her cat, Smokey, following her.

"She's having a tough time," said Uncle Milford.

"I know. We all miss Ruth," said Howard.

"It just makes it worse that school is starting soon. Mom always put us on the bus and made our lunches." Sally heaved a sigh as she got up to clear the table.

The next day, it was the first day of school and Stephanie was a bit nervous and excited at the same time. She walked over to her bus stop to meet her friends. After school, she was going to Annabelle Sanders' home for her piano lessons. The auditions for the piano recital, which was next week, and she needed to practice.

"Who is my new teacher?" asked the nine-year-old as she and her friends approached Lazy Town Elementary School after the bus dropped them off just outside the front doors.

"You, Monique, Pixel, and I are going to have Mrs. Gomez together for our fourth grade teacher," replied Trixie.

"Awesome," smiled Stephanie.

"I know I can't wait," said Trixie.

"Me either," said Pixel. The group walked into the classroom and took their seats.

"I see we have two new students to the school this year, Stephanie Meanswell and Monique Walkins. Welcome and welcome to the fourth grade, everyone, I'm Mrs. Gomez," said Mrs. Gomez. "I'm going to start handing out the daily planning for homework or project assignments."

"It's hard to believe you're turning ten years old in two weeks, Stephanie," whispered Trixie.

"I know," agreed Stephanie in her low voice.

"I'll also hand out all your textbooks when I call your name in alphabetical order," announced the teacher. "You may talk to your neighbor while you wait as long as you whisper so you can hear your name when it's being called."

The task didn't take long to do and the class went on until lunch.

At lunch, Stephanie saw her friend, Patrick Gomes, Jr. and went to him.

"Hi, Patrick," said Stephanie as she sat next to him.

"Oh, hi, Stephanie," smiled her friend.

"How you and the girls are doing?" asked the nine-year-old. Patrick has two older sisters, Alicia and Tricia who are nine-year-old twins. Their parents recently got divorced, but they were able to see their dad a lot while living part time with their mom.

"We're starting to get used to it," said Patrick, referring to his parents' divorce.

"That's good to hear," said Stephanie. "My birthday is coming in two weeks."

"How old are you going to be?" asked Patrick.

"Ten," replied Stephanie.

"You're starting to be an old lady," teased Patrick as they laughed.

To Be Continued…