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While the team finished sorting through the evidence and packing it away, Gibbs went back to the base. He arrived to find the Fentons packing the RV in preparation to leave for the next base. So far, only the inventions had been put into the vehicle.

"Agent Gibbs!" Maddie came out with a box filled with pieces of equipment. "What brings you here, today? I'm sure you noticed that the ghost shield is up and running, now."

Gibbs smiled. "Yes, I did. I stopped by to let you know our case has been solved."

"Really? So you found the man who killed the store owner?" Maddie put the box on top of a pile in the back of the RV.

Nodding, Gibbs replied, "We did, Mrs. Fenton." Then, he looked at the house. "Would you mind if I talk to your son for a few minutes? Alone?"

Maddie considered the request. "Not at all. I think he's finished his packing. The rest of us can finish loading the RV without him."

"Thanks." The two headed inside to find the teen.

Danny was in his room, closing his suitcase. He looked up in surprise when his mother came in with Agent Gibbs. "Danny, Agent Gibbs asked to talk to you before we leave. The rest of us will be loading the RV if you need us."

"Alright, Mom." Danny took a seat on his bed, and waited for his mother to leave. As soon as she was out of hearing, he said, "Hey, Agent Gibbs. What did you want to talk about?"

Gibbs turned the desk chair around and sat in it before answering. "First of all, Danny, I wanted to thank you for all your help on this case. We couldn't have solved it without you."

Danny blushed. "I try. It's what I do."

"I also wanted to tell you that both of our suspects confessed everything," the agent continued. "So your testimony won't be needed."

"That's a relief. The last thing I need is hardened murderers knowing I'm the witness that helped put them away," Danny sighed in relief. "So what are they gonna get? Considering everything they did."

Gibbs smiled grimly. "At the very least, neither of them will see daylight for a very long time, if ever again." He didn't think it was necessary to tell the kid what the maximum sentence would be.

Danny simply nodded. "Do you know what Evan will do, now? I didn't see him after I left, last night. And besides, he wouldn't be able to get on the base, with the shield up."

Gibbs leaned forward, elbows resting on his knees. "Evan watched the interrogation this afternoon. Afterwards, he said goodbye and... moved on."

"That's good." Danny sighed. "He deserves to have a break after all this."

Gibbs nodded. "He certainly does. Oh, by the way..." The agent reached into a pocket, and pulled out a sheet of notepaper. "Abby asked me to give you this. She said she'd like to keep in touch with you."

Curious, Danny took the notepaper. It had Abby's name and e-mail address on it. "Cool! I'd love to have her as a penpal." The teen grinned excitedly.

Gibbs smiled amusedly. Then, something else occurred to him. "Are you planning on telling your parents your secret?"

Danny froze and looked at the man. "Not for a while yet."

"I really think you should," Gibbs told him. "I won't say anything, but I think your parents have a right to know."

Sighing, Danny rubbed the back of his neck in thought. "They'll probably find out, eventually. It's kind of inevitable. But I think I'd like to hold off a little longer."

"Alright, Danny," Gibbs acquiesced. "It's up to you how to play this. Just don't wait too long. It'll get to be a habit, and then you won't be able to tell them."

After Gibbs gave the team their instructions, he left to run a mysterious errand. Tony pondered what Gibbs could be doing now that the case was solved as he took the elevator down to Autopsy. The senior agent had been running quite a few of these errands over the course of this case. Did it have to do with the older man knowing Danny's secret already when the teen stopped by last night?

The doors to Autopsy slid open, and Tony came in to find Ducky at his desk. The ME was filling out paperwork. "Hey, Ducky," he greeted the older man.

The doctor looked up from his work. "Good afternoon, Anthony! How may I assist you?" He closed the file he was working on as he turned his chair to fully face his visitor.

Tony straightened his suit jacket and cleared his throat. "Gibbs sent me to pick up the autopsy report on David MacLean. We're collecting all of our evidence in one box."

"Ah, yes." Ducky turned to the pile on his desk. "I made a copy of my report in anticipation of that request. A most unusual case." He pulled a file out. "Both the murder victim and the witness completely undamaged by falling merchandise, despite the obvious violence with which it was thrown and the weight of it."

Tony reached for the file. "Well, maybe whoever threw it was aiming for the killer and didn't want to hit anyone else."

Ignoring Tony's outstretched hand, Ducky tapped the file in thought. "Perhaps. But it doesn't explain Danny being hit by both a heavy display case and the merchandise that fell from its shelves, and bearing no bruises, contusions, or any sign of head trauma. A case that heavy should have caused a minor concussion at the least."

Dropping his hand, Tony sighed. "Where ghosts are involved, who can say?"

"Ghosts?" Ducky studied the younger man intently. "When did ghosts enter our discussion?"

Tony winced. Gibbs would kill him. "They didn't." At least, not directly.

Ducky nodded. "I see. Were you, perhaps, referring to young Danny?" At the terrified look on Tony's face, the doctor quickly reassured, "Don't worry, Anthony. I shall say nothing. And if Gibbs asks, I will tell him that I figured it out on my own."

"How?" Tony was still too shocked that Ducky knew to ask more clearly.

Ducky chuckled. "I had quite a long talk with Mr. Fenton about ghosts. What I learned explained a number of oddities about Danny. But I wasn't completely certain until our conversation a moment ago. You must learn how to guard your tongue more carefully to be successful at guile, my boy."

Tony sighed. "I guess so."

Ducky patted him on the arm, then held out the file. "Danny's secret is safe with me. Now, you'd best get this upstairs before the rest start wondering where you've gone."

Taking the file, Tony grinned. "Thanks, Ducky." Then, he headed back to the elevator.