First Day on the Job

(A/N: I've realized something… there aren't many Madara/Sakura stories. So, I'm going to write one. Modern AU, in case your wondering. Rated T for language, mild violence and mild adult themes. Enjoy. Oh, I will be periodically updating my stories. The next update WILL be for "Amnesia".)

Summary: MadSaku. Uchiha Corp just hired a new secretary for one of their sellers. Funny thing is, Madara doesn't want one. Sakura's 'no-nonsense' attitude just has to work; it has to! Watch the sparks fly as the two dominate personalities clash.

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Sakura walked somberly into her apartment, kicking the door closed behind her. Yet another unsuccessful interview… all because of her pink hair. Of course, every job she applied for, Sakura was more than over qualified for. But, her damned natural hair color kept her from finding means to make more money. She suddenly felt lucky that her scholarship paid for her education in full because her job at Burger King was just barely enough to pay the bills.

With a scowl, Sakura marched over to the phone and hit the play button for her answering machine.

"You have one new message." The mechanical feminine voice echoed in the long hall.

"Sakura, it's me, Ino. Listen, I know you're still looking for a better job and I think I may have an answer. Give me a call the minute you hear this. I don't know how long the opening is going to last. Love ya!"

Sakura immediately snatched up her phone and dialed her friend.

"Ino, you're my hero." She said when the blonde picked up the phone.

"I figured you'd say that." Ino chimed with a smug tone. Sakura could have sworn Ino's lips were cracking, imagining her friend's wide smile.

"So, what's the position?" she asked while walking towards the kitchen.

"One of our salesmen just fired his secretary; a real hard-ass, if you ask me." Ino sighed into the receiver. "You'll have to go through training, of course, but it's nothing you can't handle."

"Sounds like fun." Sakura said sarcastically. "Who's the nut job I'll be working for if I get the job?"

"I thought you'd never ask. You'll be working for Uchiha Madara."


Dressed in the nicest suit she owned, Sakura walked in the front door of the towering skyscraper. Met with the sight of shining, grey marble floors and polished white marble pillars. A little intimidated, Sakura walked up to the front desk with long confident strides.

"Good afternoon, I have a one o'clock appointment with Uchiha Fugaku-sama." She said politely to the receptionist.

"Your name, ma'am?"

"Haruno Sakura." The woman behind the counter nodded and picked up the phone. Sakura didn't listen to the woman on the phone, instead, Sakura took the time to memorize the lobby. Grey floors met black walls that led to the high, glass ceiling. Suspended from thick metal beams was an ornate glass chandelier of gold and silver.

"Haruno-san, Uchiha-sama will see you now. He's on the top floor, the big office at the end of the hall." The woman said.

"Thank you very much." Sakura gave a polite bow before heading for the elevator.

"Sakura-chan?" a voice called from the entrance. Sakura turned and smiled.

"Hi, Shisui-kun. How are you?"

"Me? I'm fine. What brings you here?" he asked as he caught up to her.

"I have an interview with Fugaku-sama." She stated as the elevator doors opened.

"Whoa, ho, ho… now there's a strange turn of events." Shisui smiled as they stepped inside. "I was just thinking about how cool it would be to have you here." He said as he tapped the button for the fourteenth floor.

"You mean, it would be cool if I were here to do your work for you." She snapped with a sarcastic sneer. "I remember those times you would show up at Burger King and beg me to help you."

"Hey, those were tough cases!" he defended with a pout. "I just needed a fresh pair of eyes to look it over."

"Cell phone sales contracts aren't hard." She responded flatly while glaring at him from the corner of her eye.

"Oh, come on." He said with a sigh. "Ok, Miss Genius, what's the first step in setting up a contract?"

"Corporate or personal?"


Sakura tapped a finger to her chin as the elevator came to a stop. The doors opened and they stepped out. "Checking the buyers credit, baka."

"Alright, you win." He sighed. "Come on, Fugaku-jisan's office is this way." Shisui took a left in the hall with Sakura right behind him. They stopped in front of the office door and Shisui turned to her. "A word of advice." he whispered, looking around to make sure no one heard him. "Make eye contact and give a firm handshake. Ji-san's like a shark, he can smell your fear from a mile away."

Sakura rolled her eyes. "If there's anyone that scares me, it's your mother." She sighed and checked her watch, she still had five minutes but it was always best to be early. "I have to go, Shisui." She turned towards the door and stopped. "Shisui-kun?" she turned to face him again.


"A word of advice… brown isn't your color." She gestured to his suit. "Stick with blue or grey, they look good on you." He smiled at her.

"I'll keep that in mind. Good luck, Sakura-chan." Sakura waved him off and knocked on the door.

"Come in."


Fugaku stood with his back to the door, arms behind his back as he looked upon the bustling streets. He turned to face her once he heard the door click shut.

"Good afternoon, Uchiha-sama. Thank you for seeing me on such shout notice." Sakura bowed politely to the powerful man before her.

"Please, have a seat Haruno-san." Taking Shisui's advice to heart, Sakura shook Fugaku's hand with a firm grip and made sure to look him in the eyes. It wasn't necessary though, they've known each other for years. Fugaku glanced at the clock. "Punctual as usual, Sakura-san." He said with a hint of a smirk.

"Of course, Fugaku-sama. When have you ever known me to be late?" a small smile graced her lips.

"That is very true." He said as he picked up a piece of paper and looked it over. "From your resume, I can see that you are more than qualified for the position. What I want to know is, how did you find out about the opening so fast?" he raised a brow as he looked up at her.

Tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear, Sakura gave a tiny grin. "A friend of mine works on the same floor. So, when everything happened, she called me immediately."

"Are you sure you're up for the task? My nephew isn't the easiest person to work with."

Sakura nodded. "I've worked with Sasuke and survived, he won't be much different." She answered honestly.

"Alright, Shisui will show you to your office. My nephew won't be back from his trip until Monday, so, you'll have the rest of the week to get acquainted with the building, clients and cases."

"Thank you so much, Fugaku-sama. I won't let you down." She stood with him and shook his hand again.


Monday, bloody Monday. Madara hated Monday's the most for it signaled the end of his happy hour (which started the minute he left the office every Friday). Not only that, but he was to meet with his new secretary today. By the gods, he would kill himself if he got another bimbo! Thus the reason why he protested the very idea in the beginning. But he worked for his uncle and didn't want to loose his job because of some chick.

Taking the elevator in the parking deck, Madara sighed, no, he growled. This was not going to be a good day. Just thinking about the new secretary made his blood boil with anger. They didn't even bother to tell him her name, when she would be in or what to expect from the new girl. All he knew was that he wasn't allowed to fire her… at all. Only Fugaku could make that call or the girl would quit on her own.

This brought a smile to his face. Madara wasn't known as the best salesman for nothing. He could make anyone do what he wanted when he wanted. The chime of the elevator broke him from his musings as he stepped into the lobby.

"I don't see why not, Shisui-kun." A soft melodic voice reached his ears. Madara turned towards the elevators that led to the offices upstairs. And standing by said elevators was Uchiha Shisui and a girl that looked vaguely familiar. Her long, pink locks pulled back into a French twist, she stood all of five foot four in a pair of low heels. What really caught his attention was her athletic figure, wrapped snugly in a black suit.

"I'll treat you to lunch, seeing is how you don't look like you eat much anyway." Shisui said as the doors opened.

"I do eat. I'll have you know, I had an omelet and oatmeal for breakfast with a cup of coffee." The girl said while the stepped forward.

"Sure you did." He said sarcastically. The doors closed, shielding anymore conversation. Madara stood stock still. Was that his new secretary? If so, this was going to be a cake walk. Making her quit would be as easy as pie. His devious smirk grew as he walked to the elevators, the people around him parted like the Red Sea at the sight of him. Madara scared a lot of people and others avoided him… just because. He wasn't known to be a pleasant person, didn't care for others (unless it was family) nor did he have a good report with the secretarial staff. Hell, he just fired his third secretary this month… and it was only the seventeenth!

"This ought to be interesting." He snickered and pressed the button for the eleventh floor.


The computer hummed to life as Sakura pressed the button and flicked on the lights. She set her bag down under her desk and turned to the small table behind her. Coffee, she needed more coffee. Filling the coffee pot with water, Sakura set about making more of the miracle wake up juice while turning on the radio. Turning from the table, Sakura flipped open the planner on her desk and looked it over. The last secretary had scheduled a meeting at nine so, Sakura filed through the cabinet for the correct case for the meeting. The door opened behind her, muffled footsteps skirted towards her.

"And just who the hell are you?" a voice hissed from behind. Turning abruptly, Sakura glared daggers at the tall, dark-haired man standing on the other side of her desk with his arms crossed over his broad chest.

'Good morning to you too, asshole!' she thought bitterly as she kicked the file cabinet closed with a tap of her foot. Sakura bowed low even though she wanted to reach over the desk and strangle him already. "Good morning Uchiha-san. My name is Haruno Saku--"

"Save it." He interrupted with a wave of his hand, eyes narrowed in a glare as he looked down his nose at her. "I want the files for all of my meetings today on my desk in five minutes and a cup of coffee when it's finished brewing." Madara spat as he tossed his black wool cost on her desk, knocking over her pen tray and a picture frame.

"Right away sir." She answered, hiding the scowl that threatened to pull at her lips. He turned away sharply, long hair flapping with the movement, and walked briskly to the other door. Once she heard the door close, Sakura fumed. "That fucking asshole!" she hissed in a whisper while, literally, wrenching his coat from her desk and throwing it in the closet. Quickly picking up the mess he made, Sakura pulled the files and made his coffee.

Without speaking, Sakura marched into his office, deposited the files and coffee before walking right back out. Madara smirked. Not even ten minutes into the work day and he already had her feathers ruffled. This was just too perfect. Taking a sip of his coffee, his smirk wavered as he looked down at the mug. She made a damn good cup of coffee. With a shrug of his shoulders, Madara set about his normal routine.


It was eleven in the morning and already, Sakura wanted to go home. Madara had walked into the office after his meeting and flung the flies at her, as if pitching a baseball, completely ignoring the messages she held out for him. Crouched down on the floor, Sakura picked up the papers scattered about with a frown, cursing under her breath as she went.

"I'll kill him, I swear… beat him to a bloody pulp. When I'm done, not ever his own mother will recognize him."

"Beat who to a bloody pulp?" a monotone asked. Sakura squeaked in surprise, looking up to see Itachi and Fugaku standing in front of her desk.

"His Majesty." She answered, jerking her thumb in the direction of Madara's office.

"We've come to see Madara." Fugaku spoke with a raised brow, watching as Sakura stood.

"Of course." She smiled and hit the speakerphone button and buzzed Madara.

"What do you want?" Madara hissed into the phone, not pleased by the interruption.

"Uchiha-sama and Itachi-san are here to see you." Sakura said, setting the file on the desk.

"Very well, send them in. Then make yourself useful and jump off a cliff or something." He spat as he crumpled a piece of paper. Before Fugaku could protest his nephew's choice of words, Sakura was smiling sweetly at the phone, though her eyes glared at the plastic machine.

"That is quite disgusting sir. I suppose I could pick up a cucumber and lube for you while I'm at lunch, if that is what you wish. If I could be so bold as to make a suggestion; please leave your fantasies of raping little boys at home. It is hardly appropriate for workplace conversation." Itachi gave a snort as Madara sputtered into the phone.

"You little bit--" Click.

"He's ready whenever you are." She grinned as the two men chuckled and walked passed her. Neither one spoke to the other for the rest of the day. Sakura was quite pleased with herself and how she handled her new boss. Shisui seemed to think so too, as he laughed at the situation and gave her a high five at the end of the day.

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