A drunken Night

(A/N: I am so sorry it took me so long to get this up. I only had one day off in two weeks and almost no time to write. Again, I'm sorry and I hope you enjoy the show. Oh, and keep in mind that if some of the characters seem to be a little odd at times, it's because they're drunk!)


Pink dusted over Sakura's cheeks with her fifth beer resting empty in front of her. She felt warm and fuzzy as the alcohol swam through her veins, clouding her mind with a delicious dizziness while the music in the bar pounding against her drunken brain. Across from her sat Kakuzu and Hidan, to her left was Sasori, and on her right sat Shisui. Madara and Itachi sat on stools with their backs to the bar while Itachi related the night's event to the late arriving Sasuke. And, standing in the corner, Kisame happily gulped down another cup of sake while talking on the phone to his, still seething, secretary.

"I thought Naruto was coming tonight." the drunk rosette said, blinking thickly as another beer was presented to her. She smiled her thanks to her father (who had arrived moments ago… though he had to be tied to his chair and was made to promise not to kill Deidara until tomorrow.) and twisted the cap off the bottle.

"He said he was on his way with little Hinata." Kakashi informed her with an eye crinkle.

"Aw! I always knew they'd make a cute couple!" she spoke, clapping her hands excitedly. Sakura was just too cute when she was drunk. The pink-haired secretary wasn't one of those flirtatious drunks, but a bubbly, talkative and expressive type; a funny drunk. She also spoke the blunt truth when blitzed… not that she was a good liar to begin with. "And it's about damn time, too." she took a swig of her new beer and set it back down.

"What will happen with Deidara?" Sasori asked, motioning for the bartender to bring him another water. He was the designated driver for Kisame, Kakuzu and Hidan tonight.

"You're his best friend," Sakura drawled, leveling the redhead with a blank stare. "You do something about him. I've officially washed my hands of him."

"Will ya fuckin' go out with me, Cherry-chan?" slurred Hidan, rolling his head to give Sakura a half-lidded stare.


"Jashin-fuckin'-damn it!"

"Keep it down you idiot." Kakuzu snapped, elbowing Hidan in the ribs.

"With all due respect, Stabby-chan, I like you… just not in that way." Sakura slurred back, leaning to her right, dangerously close to falling into Shisui's lap. "I think I may just stay single for a while."

"That sounds fine to me." Kakashi mumbled over the rim of his cup. "The rest of your life would be even better."

"Otou-chan, don't be mean." pouted Sakura cutely with her arms crossed over her chest. "You were the one saying you wanted grandchildren some day."

"True," he spoke, setting his glass on the table. "But only when you're thirty and married to someone deserving. Not Deidara."

"Well, that wasn't going to happen any time soon. I'm still as pure as the driven snow."

"Thank Kami-sama!" Kakashi sagged in relief.

"You mean to tell me," Kakuzu interrupted with a raised brow. "In the four years that the two have been together, you've never… done the deed?"

"Nope." she shook her head. "And it sure as hell wasn't going to happen after the Ayame incident!" Sakura scoffed, downing the rest of her beer. "It's not that I'm a prude or anything. I just didn't feel comfortable enough to take that step with him." Kakashi cried anime tears as he agreed with her; his baby girl was growing up to be a fine woman.

"Deidara never tried to force himself on you, did he?" Sasuke questioned, deciding now would be a good time to add his two cents.

"No, and trust me, if he ever had, I would've castrated him then shoved his balls down his throat." Another wave of anime tears streaked down Kakashi's cheeks at the fierceness of her words as she all but glared at her long-time male friend.

"Ugh… this is depressing!" Shisui groaned while rubbing the back of his neck. "Care to dance, Sakura-chan?" the pink-haired young lady blinked twice before nodding.

"Sure, but no swing dancing! I'm too drunk for that and I'm totally not dressed for it either."

Madara watched from the bar as Sakura and Shisui flew across the dace floor in a stumbling, drunken rendition of the tango; the former messing up the whole time. The older Uchiha scowled as Sakura laughed at Shisui, who tripped over his own feet. If there was one thing that irked him and really got on his nerves, it was the horrible swaying of their bodies, trying (and failing miserably) to execute -what should have been- an elegant, graceful and beautiful dance (and sensual, let's not for get about that one!). And his buffoon of a cousin had just thoroughly butchered Madara's favorite dance in two steps.

Whether it was the four dirty martinis in his system or his own anger towards the debauchery on the dance floor, but he decided to set the record straight. Madara stood with ease, brushing the wrinkles from his shirt before stalking forward and joining the couple.

"Shisui, I think you've stepped on her feet more than enough." Madara spoke over the music playing from the juke box.

"Well then, Lord of the Dance, why don't you show us how it's done?" snapped the younger Uchiha, leaning heavily on Sakura with an arm draped over her shoulders.

"I may as well, seeing is how you've completely ruined the tango." replied Madara, offering a hand to Sakura. She really wanted to dance, she really did, but not with jackass of a boss. So, Sakura crossed her arms over her chest and glared at Madara while tapping her foot. "If you're afraid I'm going to hurt you, don't worry. We have a truce… I won't hurt you."

"You won't try anything funny, will you?" she asked, peering through long lashes.

Madara gave an exasperated sigh and rolled his eyes. "It's the tango, we'll have to be close and touching in order to dance properly." Sakura glanced over at Shisui who wore a carefully blank look.

"I don't trust you…" the drunken Uchiha spoke, his head rolling to the side with a half-hearted glare in his glazed eyes. Thank the heaves that Itachi was driving him home tonight.

"And I didn't ask for your opinion." that said, Madara reached across the two foot gap between him and Sakura and grabbed her hand, effectively pulling and spinning her away from Shisui.

"What-" she cried, making three full turns before being pulled against Madara's chest, one of his hands resting on the small of her back and the other at the base of her neck. Sakura glared up at him, her lips pulled in a full pout. "You're an asshole, you know that, right?" he smirked down at her as the hand that held her neck slowly moved to her right hand. And the next thing she knew, Sakura was that much closer to him to where her nose almost touched the hollow of his throat and her right arm thrown carelessly over his shoulder.

"This changes nothing, wench." he said, taking a sharp step towards her. Sakura countered with a step back, a blush threatened to break out across her cheeks (and she fought like hell to keep it at bay). "Just dance." another quick step followed by a tight turn brought them closer together (if it were possible) as Sakura's arm tightened around his shoulders and his hand pressed harder on her lower back. They separated momentarily, Madara's left hip pressed against Sakura's right as they clapped twice then turned and clapped again. Madara took a step away from Sakura, an hand held out for her to grab. She took it and spun sharply into a dip.

And they were lost from that point on.

Madara's free hand came up to rest upon her collarbone, sliding slowing down her body, through the valley of her breasts, along her flat stomach to her rounded hips. Sakura's eyes fluttered shut against their will, her right arm moved gracefully above her head while she was slowly made to stand. Her arm fell to lightly rest on his shoulder once more while his left hand moved up her back. Sakura's breath caught in her throat when she felt his warm hand on the skin between her shirt and skirt and her emerald eyes snapped up to meet deep onyx ones. She licked her lips without thinking, sucking in a quick breath to calm herself… and it didn't work.

The hand on her back moved over her tight, miniskirt-clad rump and grabbed the back of her leg, hiking it up and over Madara's hip. Sakura arched her back automatically into another dip, catching the shocked gazes of her father and friends before Madara swung her body slowly, from left to right. She snapped back up, her left hand came up and pressed on his hard chest as a tiny gasp left her lungs. Their faces were mere millimeters apart when Madara lifted Sakura into the air, one of her legs kicked up before being set back on the ground and pressed against Madara's chest once more. His hooded gaze held hers as his hand clasped hers firmly, turning their bodies to face the watching crowd to their left. They took five quick steps forward, never once breaking eye contact.

One… two… three-four-five, they went before a pause, a quick step back, two claps, turn and another clap. Then the came together and repeated the process in the other direction. The group of family and friends stood entranced as the watched Madara spin Sakura out away from him then back, bringing the rosette close while they twirled across the floor, eye still firmly locked on each other.

"Um… is it me or are they actually being civil towards one another?" Kakuzu voiced; he could actually feel himself loosing the bet the long they danced.

"I believe they are." Sasori answered with a smugness that irritated the hell out of the masked man.

"Damn! I have to find out where he learned to dance like that." growled Shisui, taking note of the younger women watching Madara like a hawk.

"We all took lessons, idiot. You skipped out on them." Sasuke informed his older cousin with a glare. It was required of all Uchiha men to know how to dance; it was a sort of family tradition that, supposedly, helped to woo women. It worked for Fugaku, Itachi (who tragically lost his wife of three years in child birth but had a beautiful daughter to show for it.) and now it looked like Madara would be next. Too bad he and Sakura hated each other like it was nobody's business.

"Damn it!" the unlikely Uchiha growled when he realized how right his baby cousin was. "Double damn it!" his fist pounded on the table, waking Hidan from his drunken nap.

"So not fucking fair!" the white-haired man shouted when he caught sight of Madara dipping Sakura one last time as the song on the juke box came to and end.

"I think it's about time we called it a night." Kakashi said before Hidan could act upon his murderous thoughts. Everyone else couldn't agree more with the silver-haired SWAT captain.


Sakura sat as close to the door as she could possibly get while the BMW took a left onto Hokage Memorial Avenue. What the hell was she thinking, dancing with him? And in that manner. How could she let herself get carried away like that? Oh dear Kami! What was Ino going to say about this (hell, they practically had sex on the dance floor with some of the moves they made!)? What were the other secretaries going to say? Sakura groaned inwardly the more she thought about it.

The rosette knew Kisame was going to tell Ino about her… dance with Madara. Kami, she wouldn't be surprised if the two were secretly seeing each other because they were that close (practically attached at the hip). Sakura half expected her phone to start ringing with Ino asking for a play-by-play of her dance with 'the most gorgeous bachelor' at Uchiha Corp. But she knew the blonde well. Leave it to Ino to call first thing in the morning. Sakura bit her bottom lip, glancing at Madara out of the corner of her eye.

Ok, she would admit that he was very handsome (when he wasn't being an asshole) and he had some redeeming qualities. Like the fact that he was a fantastic dancer! That had always been a major quality in her dream guy; to be swept off her feet like a princess by a charming prince. Let's not forget the fact that he shared her affinity for payback and devious plotting. Maybe the truce between them came at the right time. Otherwise, they probably would have killed each other by now. But that was not the reason why she was pressed against the car door at the moment. Her gaze fell on his hands. That was the reason, right there.

His hands had been gentle yet firm on her body as they danced. They had made her feel and forget at the same time. Sure, when she danced with Deidara and his skilled fingers moved over her body, they had made her feel warm and comforted. But, oddly enough, Madara's touch had ignited a flame in the pit of her stomach that lazily licked along her nerves from the moment he grabbed her hand up until he let her go and walked back to the bar. And it was during the dance that his touch caused her mind to go blank (against her better judgment) and she had allowed herself to be touched in such a manner. But it felt amaz-

'Whoa! Hold it right there!' she scolded herself. 'Don't you even think about finishing that sentence, Sakura!'

"Do I make a left at this light?" Madara asked, pulling Sakura from her berating, self-loathing scolding.

"Eh?" smooth, Saku-chan, real smooth. "Oh! No, the next light." he nodded in response.

"What are you thinking about?" Sakura turned to really look at him… and lied through her teeth.

"Oh, just what everyone is going to say about us dancing together because Shisui has a big mouth and Kisame will definitely tell Ino. And Kami knows Ino can't keep her mouth shut to save her life." she stated with a huff. Madara frowned at her words.

"Hn" translation: "Shit."

"Yeah, you said it." he chuckled at her, causing Sakura to blink and stare. "Are you… are you laughing at me?" she asked, slightly miffed by his attitude.

"Maybe," he teased, glancing at her with a crocked smirk. Yup, he was drunk. That explained everything. The car made a left at the next light then a direct right into the parking lot of Konoha Terrace. Madara found an open spot and parked his baby carefully before cutting the engine. As Sakura fished for her keys in her purse, she was surprised to find Madara opening the car door for her.

"Thank you." she told him, still confused by his behavior (alcohol couldn't be blamed for everything, you know). Sakura stepped out of the car and was further surprised when he locked the doors and followed her towards the building. "What are you doing?" Sakura stopped walking, allowing Madara to catch up to her.

"Despite popular belief," he spoke, stuffing his hands in deep into his pockets. "My mother raised me right." she gawked at him before crossing her arms.

"Oh really?" came her snide reply, "so, your mother taught you to hire strippers and force lap dances on people?" now he really laughed at her and it was a strange yet beautiful sound to her alcohol glazed brain.

"No. That was me getting even." she scowled at him, yet she couldn't help the smile that tugged at her lips. And so, she huffed and turned away from him, walking quickly to the front door. Madara was one step ahead of her though, holding the door open for her.

"Ok… now that's just creepy. I almost miss the asshole in you."

"Almost?" he questioned, not really serious.

"Yeah," Sakura sighed, looking sad for a split second as they stepped towards the elevators. She waved to the clerk at the visitors desk, receiving a wave and smile in return. "You're nothing like Deidara when we first started dating -not that I want to date you or anything. He was so nice and sweet and funny… the he started pulling stuff behind my back." the elevator dinged, signaling its arrival. "So, you being an asshole was a breath of fresh air." the duo stepped into the elevator and Sakura pressed the button for the seventh floor. "You know, the only reason why I went out with him in the first place was because he begged me to."

Madara 'hn-ed', leaning against the wall. "Was there someone else you wanted to date instead?" he watched her turn beet red.

"A-Actually, yes." the doors opened and the walked down the hall to their immediate left, to the end of the hall. "It may sound strange but… um… I wanted to date Shisui."

"You're kidding, right? The goof-ball of my family?" he sputtered, unable to believe his ears. Maybe he heard her wrong, he was pretty buzzed, after all. "Enlighten me." Sakura rolled her eyes while opening her apartment door. Madara wordlessly followed her in, closing the door behind him as he took off his shoes.

"Shisui is a total sweetheart." she defended, turning on the lights in the living room. Madara followed her into the kitchen and leaned against the counter as she dug up some beer. "I have some sake if you'd rather have that."

"What kind is it?" he watched her poke around the fridge.

"I have two bottles of Shukoichi from Wave Country. Kisame bought them for me as a birthday gift." Madara hummed his approval, accepting a small glass of rice wine that she presented to him. He took it with a nod, sniffing the liquid like a professional connoisseur. "Well, I guess I'll give you the grand tour."

Sakura led him down the adjacent hallway where the walls were lined with photos. As they walked, Sakura plucked random pictures from the walls and stuffed them under her arm. He guessed that they were of Deidara because when she reached the last door at the end of the hall she opened the door, clicked on the light, and let the frames fall into the wastebasket by the door. Then she turned to him with a smile.

"Ok!" Sakura clapped her hands together. "That's my room, no one goes in there." she explained and closed the door quickly. Moving towards Madara, Sakura opened the door on his left. "This is the guest bedroom. If you get too drunk to drive you can sleep in here, it's not a problem. Um… if you need a change of clothes, some of my dad's clothes might fit you. I keep some men's clothes on hand because I never know who's going to end up crashing on my couch sometimes." she moved out of the doorway so Madara could look around before he turned and motioned for her to continue. Across the hall was the linen closet with extra towels, sheets and such. Next to that was the bathroom with a spacious atmosphere of cream colored tiles and burgundy accent pieces. "I'm going to change out of this God-awful get-up. Feel free to look around, I'll be back in a minute."

Let to his own devices, Madara sipped on his sake and returned to the living room. Now that he had time to actually look at things, he couldn't help the surprise that filled him as he scanned the room. The living room was white with beige carpeting, black leather couches and a glass-topped coffee table that sat perfectly centered on a black and white, checkered area rug. Around the room were hunter green accent pieces that ranged from picture frames to a glass vase full of white carnations. In other words, she had nice taste. But really took him by surprise was the huge flat screen TV hooked up to a Playstation 3. Sakura hardly seemed the type to play videogames. But who was he to judge her? Hell, he barely knew the pink-haired secretary. So, he stalked over to the entertainment center and sifted through the games.

Mortal Kombat, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed, just to name the few that he knew. She had a gaming nerds dream collection in her living room. Then something caught his attention. The PS3 wasn't actually hooked up to the television. No, a grey, old, clunky-looking box was plugged in instead. He recognized the box as the second generation Playstation. Curiosity thoroughly peaked, Madara popped the top and pulled out the disc.

"No shit, Twisted Metal Black." he said to himself, "I never would have guessed."

"Yeah, I get that a lot." Sakura spoke from the doorway, smiling sheepishly in a pair of camouflage pajama pants and a black Led Zeppelin t-shirt. "Naruto and Sasuke come over every other Friday and play Tekken Tag." Madara clicked his tongue then took another swig of his sake.

"I never pegged you for a gamer."

Sakura shrugged. "I mostly play on the weekends when I don't have to go anywhere." another roll of her shoulders signaled Sakura's retreat into the kitchen. She made a large bowl of popcorn and brought it back with the bottle of sake.

"You never did explain why you liked the goof-ball so much." reminded Madara as he moved to sit next to the pink-haired woman on the couch. Sakura turned red again.

"Well, it didn't happen over night, that's for sure." she told him, taking a long gulp of her drink. "At first, I thought he was annoying because I had been so used to how quiet and calm Itachi and Sasuke were… Shisui was just in your face compared to them. Like my friend, Naruto, only an Uchiha. After about a year of his constant nagging, I gave up and started hanging out with him. That's also about the time when he started showing up at where I worked and asked for my help with his work." she shrugged as if it were the most normal thing in the world. "I never really knew how much fun things could be until I spent that time with Shisui."

"So, when did all of this take place?" Sakura tapped a finger to her chin at the question.

"The beginning of my senior year in high school."

"Then why go out with Deidara if you liked Shisui so much?" Sakura heaved a sigh, sitting back and sagging against the couch.

"I felt sorry for him at the time." she admitted, fiddling with the hem of her shirt as she spoke. "He told me that he just gotten out of a rough relationship and just wanted someone to talk to. So, being the nice person I was back then, I agreed to go on a friend-ish date. And one date turned into two, then three and the next thing you know; we were an item."

"But you didn't love him." the words were out of his mouth before he could even filter the thought and it was too late to take them back.

"It was never about love, at least, not for him." she supplied nonetheless, her glass half empty now. "I like him a lot and maybe it would have turned to love but by the time I realized my feelings towards him, he was screwing some chick behind my back."

"And he never gave you an explanation for it?"

"No, but I'm willing to bet it was because I wouldn't put out." Sakura gulped down the last of her sake, Madara refilled it for her before topping off his own glass. "I didn't feel comfortable enough with our relationship to go that far with him and I told him that. Deidara said he understood and that he would wait. Look how that turned out! Rat bastard…" Madara nodded in understanding while grabbing a handful of popcorn.

"Sounds to me like he only wanted you around as a trophy. Why did you take him back?" another sigh left her lips.

"Because I'm an idiot for believing people deserve a second chance. He was on his knees crying, apologizing and promising that it would never happen again. I swear, Ayame must be a good lay because within eight months of us being back together, I found out -from a very reliable source- that he was with her again." Madara cocked a brow.

"You've got friends in high places. Who told you he was with her?"

"Itachi did. He saw the two of them at a bar and followed Deidara's car to a motel across town. You know, Itachi would make an excellent spy with his mad ninja skills." Madara actually had to agree with her there. Itachi did have a habit of appearing out of nowhere at the right time. "Oh, there's more. Of course we broke up after that and didn't see or speak to each other for eleven months. Then we just happened to bump into each other at the Police Winter Ball on New Year's Eve. And it was like a breath of fresh air. He didn't talk about what had happened, he smiled, cracked jokes and kept his distance. We were friends again.

"We decided to pick up were we left off and were together for a year. But it ended in a mutual break up that time. He and I decided that our friendship was more important than having that 'something more'. And to be honest, I was absolutely petrified of going the extra mile and giving myself to him for fear of waking up alone the next morning."

"And what go you two together this last time?" he honestly thought she was stupid for setting herself up for heartache over and over again. Why the hell would anyone keep going back if it hurt that much? Madara didn't get it.

"You, actually." she surprised him with her answer and he almost chocked on his sake. "Deidara had been so pissed off about the strippers that he vowed revenge. Despite everything we went through and the friendship we had, we decided to give it another shot. And, well… you saw how that ended." Sakura shrugged once more, swirling the sake in her glass before taking another sip. Of course he saw it. Who could've missed the pretty little girl completely clean the clock of a guy who was a full head and a half taller than her… with just one punch? "Honest to Kami-sama, if he really wanted to be with Ayame, he could have just told me and that would have been the end of it."

"As I said, you were a trophy. Do you know how many guys at the office would die to be in Deidara's place by your side?" he asked as he reached into his pocket for his cigarettes and lighter. "Do you mind it mind if I smoke?"

"Not alt all. Mind if I have one?" an ebony brow raised as Sakura leaned over and pulled an ashtray from the side table.

"I didn't know you smoked."

"Only when the occasion calls for it. Don't tell my dad, he'd have both of our asses for it." she said, accepting the cancer stick he offered and thanked him as he lit it for her. "So, the guys at the office want to jump my bones? Why? I'm nothing special, I don't see what they think is so great about me."

"Well, they do. Hidan and Kakuzu especially. Maybe even that Sabaku brat." Madara said after a long drag on his cigarette. "I've seen the way he looks at you when you walk by, it's like he's undressing you with his eyes.

Sakura blushed scarlet. "N-no way! We've been friends for years. I… I've never noticed…" Madara waved a hand as if to tell her not to worry about it. Yup, she was oblivious to the advances members of the opposite sex made towards her… and that made his plan harder to work. At least she was a relaxed drunk or he's be in a world of shit right now. And he did feel kind of… maybe a little… sorry for her and the crap she had to go through tonight. Being nice just this once wouldn't hurt any. Sakura flicked her ashes into the glass ashtray before breaking out into a fit of giggles. Madara gave her a cock-eyed stare.

"What's so funny?"

"You wanna know a secret?" she slurred, purring softly with mischief shining in her eyes. Intrigued, Madara leaned forward as he flicked his cigarette ashes into the tray. With a soft 'hn', he motioned for her to continue. "Dumbass wears pink, Hello Kitty boxers."

"Are you serious?" he questioned, trying to hold back a smirk.

"I am. I'll go get them if you don't believe me." without waiting for a response, Sakura staggered and stumbled her way to her room to retrieve said article of clothing. She returned moments later, holding up the bright pink underwear over her head. "Did I mention he has more than one pair in five different colors?" Madara could not contain the laugh that rumbled in his chest, up his throat and passed his lips. He shook his head and laughed harder as Sakura took the underwear and put it on her head (like a cap) while stumbling back to her seat.

"You know," he started as Sakura plopped down next to him. "If you squint your eyes they could almost pass for your real hair." that had Sakura cracking up as she tried to finish her sake.

"Hey! Do you want to play a game?" she actually had to crawl over to the TV for the controllers, tossing one to Madara.

"Put in Tekken Tag." he said with a feral grin. "I'm going to kick your ass."

"Oh? Well, we'll see about that, buster!" the rest of the night was spent play Tekken and Twisted Metal until the both passed out on the couch.


Deidara frowned as he snapped his cell phone shut. Sakura hadn't picked up the phone when he called her (five times in twenty minutes!). Not that he had expected her to, but normally she would pick up once and yell 'stop calling me!' then hang up. Hell, he didn't even get her answering machine. All he wanted was to apologize, get his stuff back and disappear into thin air. Her ignoring him was not unexpected but highly annoying. And his frown only deepened when he found a black BMW parked next to Sakura's red Honda, in her visitors parking space. He looked at the car carefully, spotting the vanity plate that read 'TOBI 1', he growled.

"That mother fucker…"

The blonde had to park a ways off in the back parking lot, otherwise his car would have been towed, and stalked his way up to the front door of the building. He didn't care if they just broke up last night, he did not want Madara around Sakura… alone, in her apartment, most likely taking advantage of her in her time of need. The more he thought about Madara and Sakura together, the more it pissed him off. So what if they had friends in the same crowd. Deidara did not care for any of the Uchiha kin, especially Itachi and Madara; they were the Devil incarnate in his book. And he was not about to leave sweet, little Sakura to fall prey to that bastard. Walking through the front door, the clerk at the front desk looked at him with wide crimson eyes.

"Has Sakura dropped off my stuff, yeah?" he asked, glaring at the raven-haired woman.

"No, Sakura-san hasn't been down yet… neither has the gentleman she came back with last night."

"I kinda figured that, yeah." Deidara snapped, walking quickly towards the elevators. As soon as the doors closed, the clerk picked up the phone and quickly punched the numbers on the dial.

"Kakashi-san, it's Kurenai. Listen, I think we have a problem."


Sakura groaned and snuggled deeper into the warmth that surrounded her. Something around her waist pulled her forward, engulfing her in warmth and the scent of tobacco smoke and Old Spice cologne. She buried her face where the scent was coming from and heard a soft sigh in reply. The sound didn't compute with her half asleep brain. And what the hell was that knocking sound? The knocking grew louder, more insistent as Sakura slowly rose to a semiconscious state. Her hangover couldn't be that bad, it took more than six beers and a few cups of sake to knock her on her ass.

"Sakura! Open the fucking door, yeah!"

Oh, joy.

"Go away, asshole!" Sakura said loudly, though it was muffled due to the fact that her face was buried in something soft yet firm, but very, very warm.

"Don't do that, it tickles." a voice groaned from above, rough and thick with sleep. Sakura's eyes fluttered open, searching for the source of the voice. She found Madara's half lidded stare that was far too close for comfort. "What's with all the commotion?" he asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Sakura squeaked, jerking back with the realization that she and Madara were… cuddling on her couch, and promptly fell on the floor.

"Sakura, I'm coming in!"

But Sakura wasn't paying any attention to the commotion at the front door, her attention was focused on the hand Madara offered. She took the offered appendage and allowed herself to be pulled to her feet, only to stumble and hall forward because of the green blanket wrapped around her legs. The very same blanket that used to hang over the back of her couch. Strong arms kept her upright but the damage had been done when Deidara stalked into the living room, shaking with fury.

"What the fuck is going on here, yeah?" the blond demanded hotly. This was what he didn't want to find when he came in. Sakura pressed against Madara, blushing as she looked up at the Uchiha who held her in a protective embrace while said Uchiha looked down at her with an somewhat-tender gaze. "Oi! I'm talking to you, un!"

Sakura slipped away from Madara slowly, quietly thanking him for his help before turning a cold glare to her ex. "Has anyone told you that you have horrible timing?" she asked, straightening her clothes. Her arms crossed and her glare hardened on Deidara as he glared at Madara. I would appreciate it if you left now before I call the cops."

"Don't threaten me with your father, Sakura, yeah. It won't work this time, un." Deidara turned his narrowed eyes to her, burning a hole through her with its intensity. "Tell me just what the fuck I walked in on, yeah."

"I don't see how it is any of your business, Iwa. The two of you are no longer together." Madara said, easing himself forward slowly to stand slightly in front of Sakura.

"You keep your trap shut, Uchiha. This matter does not concern you, yeah."

"On the contrary," the taller male said, crossing his arms over his broad chest. "She's my employee, if she is unable to perform her duties in the office tomorrow it directly effects me and my work."

"Look," Sakura growled, glaring around Madara's arm. "Just get your shit and go. I have a headache and I really don't want to deal with you today."

"I'm not leaving you alone with him, yeah." the blonde hissed. Sakura threw her hands up and sighed loudly.

"Fine!" she yelled, stepping around Madara to go down the hall. "I'll get it for you." but before she could take two steps down the hall, her upper arm was seized in a bruising grip and harshly spun to face a very pissed off blonde. Sakura glared up at Deidara, clinching her free hand at her side. "Let go of me or -Kami help you- I'll wring you a new one."

"We," he growled, tugging her closer and tightening his grip on her arm, "need to talk. Now." Sakura winced slightly before jerking back.

"Let me go." Deidara ignored her, dragging Sakura away from the living room, but Madara took action before the blonde could get around the corner. The Uchiha moved quickly, snatching Deidara's wrist and pressing down hard on a pressure point under the palm that made the blonde's fingers go numb and loosen their grip on Sakura. Madara then eased Sakura behind him as he bent Deidara's hand at an odd angle right when the front door burst open.

Dressed in his uniform, Kakashi strode forward with his gun drawn and aimed towards the, now kneeling and screaming, blonde. Sakura rushed to her father's side, thanking her lucky stars that he appeared. Kakashi gave her a one-armed hug and let her go, stepping towards the two men between the kitchen and living room.

Without a word, Madara let Deidara go and stepped away. He chose to check on Sakura and leave Kakashi to deal with the sputtering, growling blonde idiot.

"How bad is it?" he asked, motioning to the arm that Sakura cradled to her chest. Sakura let him roll up her sleeve, watching as Madara carefully traced the angry, red, finger marks Deidara had left behind. Madara had seen this before plenty of times; it would bruise to an ugly dark purple and would hurt like hell for a couple of days, but she would be alright. "I hope you plan to dress charges."

"Oh, you don't have to tell me twice." she responded distantly, watching her father handcuff Deidara and pick him up off the floor.

"Is this the first time he's hurt you… physically?" Sakura nodded.

"Normally, he just yells. I've never seen him so angry before." well, she certainly sounded like an scared bunny at the moment, her voice was shaky and breathy, but her eyes were hard and cold. She was a strong woman, he noted, and would be just fine on her own.

"I'm going to hand off this piece of trash to another officer." Kakashi drawled, turning their attention to him and the grumbling blonde he held. "I'll be right back."

"How many officers are here?" Sakura questioned, rubbing her arm lightly.

"Well… I got a call to get the rookies on the training field this morning. So, there's two in the hall and the other five and waiting downstairs." he shrugged his shoulders at the show of force. When it came to his little girl, eight men weren't enough. If he had it his way, the entire district would be in her apartment. "Oh, and don't think I haven't noticed the empty bottle of sake and the pair of boxers in the living room."

Sakura paled as Kakashi turned a pointed glare to Madara. Deidara stiffened in his grasp, Madara sighed and Sakura groaned. Greaaaat! One more thing to explain when he got back.

"I'll make some coffee." she said with a sigh and slunk her way over to the counter. Kakashi pushed Deidara towards the door with a sigh of his own. "Hey, dad?" the silver-haired man paused in mid step, looking over his shoulder at his daughter.

"Yes, Pumpkin?"

"I want my spare key back from him." she declared with a glare.

"Of course, Pumpkin." from his tone, Madara knew things wouldn't turn out fine for the blonde in handcuffs and the eye-crinkle Kakashi sent over his shoulder unnerved the Uchiha. It promised pain and suffering for the man being shuffled out of the apartment. There was nothing to worry about when the door closed.

"Pumpkin, huh?" Madara chuckled and ducked to avoid a dish cloth thrown his way.

"Don't even start, Mada-chan!" she roared, shaking a fist at him. "Help me clean up a bit before my dad gets back, then I'll make breakfast."

"I may have to come over more often if your mornings are always this exciting." this time, he could not duck fast enough as a wet wash cloth hit him in the back of the head.

"That's the last time I get drunk and play Tekken Tag with you!" he chuckled at her fury-etched features, the sight of her hard gaze and clenched jaw had hid shaking with repressed laughter.

"Oh, but Sakura, there's always Mortal Kombat." that did it. Sakura chased him around her apartment with a frying pan.

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