I do not own the rights to Chaotic. This is an alternat universe story type.

Chaotic Revisited; The Shifting, Never Was


Chapter 1: The New Adventure

Tom raced through the Jungle with his friend Kaz close on his heels. A creature smashed through the dense foliage in hot pursuit of the young men. Tom was average with black hair where Kaz was thin with red hair. As the creature gave a roar Tom looked back at the creature. The creature reminded Tom of a cross between gorilla and prehistoric triceratops. He wished that he could scan it. He wished it could be like it was, back in the day. This was no longer a game, it was real and deadly.

Tom pulled his scanner out of his pocket. It was silver, flat, oval device, with a clear screen, blue trim and a single black directional button. As Tom pushed the directional button the screen lit up.

"Tom!" The voice on the other end yelled to him. "Are you and Kaz in Place?"

"Yah, Payton are you and Sarah ready?"

"We've got the hard part, just get ready to do yours." Payton retorted.

"Kaz, wait right here Sarah and Payton are ready!" As he tightened his grip on his scanner. He came to a stop in front of a over hanging cliff Tom turned on his heels.

The creature was on top of them, suddenly the creature reared back and waved it arms and hands back madly. A Mepedien appeared out of know where, it was a sand yellow lizard man with a lion like main.

"Tom, get ready." The Mepedien yelled. "Sar-bear's on her way!"

Another creature came soaring down from above. It was a blond haired Danian with two sets of overlapping bat like wings. With a hiss it opened its mouth to reveal a set of sharp fangs and incisors. Sinking them into the side of the creature neck.

"Ready, Kaz!" Tom yelled as he aimed his scanners. They both leveled their scanner and activated scan mode. "We're ready Payton, Sarah!"

The two spun the creature around until its back faced Tom and Kaz. Tom saw a metal spine with over lapping metal plats in a cluster near the top.

"There," Tom yelled. "On it's back. Its a Para-fuser!" Tom and Kaz pressed their buttons a cones of blue light covered the spin as the a picture appeared on the scanner the spin disappeared from the creatures back.

"Got it!" Tom yelled. "Lets get out of here now!" He pressed his button on his scanner and he disappeared in a pillar of light and colored numbers. The other three followed his lead, leaving the disoriented creature near the cliff.


The group repaired on the top of a monolithic stone pillar, with a cluster of silver disks.

"Ti's' ever so humble there is no place like the Hub," Payton said as he stretched. "Hay which one of you got that creature?"

"I did" Kaz replied. "Want me to make a couple of copes for you to bring to Chaotic?"

"Roger-Will-Do Kaz-a-mondo." Payton said with a salute.

"How could you, Kaz? The Para are more important," Tom shot a look at Kaz. "This isn't a game we don't need scans any more! This isn't the world we know we don't need anything. The Hub provides us all we need."

"Not every thing, we need them. We need a way to help Sara and Payton to get back to normal. The only place that can do that is Chaotic City and in the new Chaotic, scans are money."

Sara stepped forward and touched Tom's shoulder. "Kaz is right, Payton can be turned back by the technology found in Chaotic City and as for me the players could know were the Danians are. They're the only ones who can cure me. Give me the scan, I'll put the Para in the cantonment unit."

"Ok," Tom said as he pressed another the transfer button on his scanner and the scan transferred to Sara's scanner.

"Lets go," Kaz said as Payton and Sara walked over to another set of silver disks. With a press of their scanners they disappeared again.

Tom looked around at the scenery from the pillar. The pillar was surround buy a dense jungle like forest that stretched on for miles, one side was bordered by mounts. Another by an expansive green ocean, yet another was frozen tundra and the final an enormous stone castle. The whole place was encompassed with a bright violet sky with puffy blue clouds.

Each day just gets harder. Tom let out a sigh as he thought to himself. What am I suppose to do?

"Your suppose to come with me." A voice whispered from behind him. Before Tom could react a tangle of tendrils quickly incised him.