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The trio walked into the TV studio and stood behind the curtain waiting for Molly to finish her segment with Greg Kincaid. "Fi, are you sure you're okay?" Rachael asked once more, placing a hand on the teen's shoulder.

Fiona shivered as she thought of her near-death experience again. "I'm fine, Aunt Rachael." She took a deep breath. "I promise." She turned her attention back to where her mother was.

"And that was Molly Phillips." Greg's voice drifted from the stage as Molly smiled and walked off the stage.

She let her smile drop once she was out of sight of the cameras. "Fiona!" Molly quickly ran to her daughter and gently cradled her face in her hands, looking for any scrapes or bruises. "Are you okay, baby?" Fiona began trembling and tears clouded her eyes. Molly pulled her daughter close to her and held her tightly as she cried. "Shh, you're safe now. You're safe."

Fiona tightened her hold on her mother. "Mommy," she whispered out softly in between her tears. Molly closed her eyes tightly and rested her head on top of her daughter's. The teen pulled back slightly from the embrace. "I have so much to tell you." Her mother nodded and wiped away the tears.

"Yeah," Molly whispered in return. She pulled her daughter back to her once more, allowing the familiar presence of her to calm the restless beating of her heart. 'She's safe, Molly,' a soft voice spoke in her ear, and for a moment, she thought Rick was standing with her.

*.* -- hehe, StarDotStar! (Hotel Room)

Fiona sat on her bed, contemplating how to tell her mother what happened. She had been quiet ever since she told her mom that she needed to talk to her. Her ring began to emit a warmth and she closed her eyes. "Daddy," she whispered out.

Molly walked out from the bathroom and sat on the bed opposite her daughter. Her brown eyes stared at her daughter's form as she closed her eyes. She faintly heard Fiona say 'daddy' and a pang of sadness reverberated in her chest. "Are you ready to talk, baby?"

Fiona opened her eyes and looked at her mom. She nodded slightly. "Yeah." Fi took a breath. "Do you know what automatic writing is?"

"Writing without knowing it?" Molly guessed.

"Pretty much. The night I stayed at Aunt Rachael's she fell asleep and her hand started to move. So I put a pen in her hand and she wrote out these weird symbols and when I showed them to her she said they were just symbols, but she looked like she recognized them."

"Fi, maybe they were just symbols."

Her daughter shook her head. "No, mom, they weren't. Aunt Rachael knew them. They were a code that she and daddy made up when they were kids."

Molly could feel the pain and sadness begin to worm its way to the surface. "Maybe she wrote the symbols subconsciously. I mean, we were talking about your dad, Fi, she's bound to think of him."

"Mom, it wasn't her writing them; it was daddy!"


"No! Why won't you believe me? It was daddy! He was sending me a message!" Fiona stood up from her bed and began pacing. "He wanted to talk to me!"

Molly quickly grabbed her daughter's wrist as she passed by. She didn't want to fight with Fiona. "Okay, okay." Fiona sat back down on her bed and took her hand back from her mother. "Baby, how do you know it was from him?"

"He used their code. He told Aunt Rachael that he went first."

"Okay," Molly replied, not following where her daughter was going.

"Daddy wanted us to go downtown to a building and meet him on the roof."

Molly shook her head. "Meet him on the roof?"

Fiona ignored her mother. "And when we got to the building, my name was written on it. It was in the twin code. It had to have been from daddy. But when we got to the rooftop, he wasn't there..."

"Oh, baby, you had to have known he wouldn't really be there."

"He was there mom, I know it." Fiona stopped talking for a moment and took another deep breath. "Aunt Rachael and I got separated. The door to the roof closed and I got trapped up there. The door wouldn't open at all. And then, there was this thing in the wall next to me. It was a demon." Fi looked into her mother's eyes. "He tried to kill me. He...he pushed me over the edge of the roof." Molly closed her eyes, remembering the vision she had while onstage, her daughter being pushed over the edge by an unseen force. "I called out for you to help me." She got a faraway look in her eyes as she thought about what happened.

"I heard you call for me," Molly said quietly.

"But I started to slip," Fi kept going, recounting the events. "And I almost fell....but daddy appeared. He saved me. Daddy saved me from falling." Fiona looked back to her mother. Molly had her eyes closed, tears making their way down her cheeks. "Mommy, you heard me call for you?"

Molly stayed quiet, trying to process everything her daughter had just told her. Slowly she opened her eyes. "Yeah," she whispered out.

"How is that possible?"

Molly shook her head. "I don't know! One minute I'm standing behind the curtain waiting to go on stage and the next, I see you falling off a roof! That's why I had Jack go look for you! I was terrified, Fi! And then while I'm singing, I hear your voice in my head, screaming for me to help you! I had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach the entire time you were gone! Fiona, I was so scared! I thought you were dead!" Molly angrily wiped away the tears that were falling. "The last time I had a feeling that was so strong like that one was, your dad died."


"Fiona, I was so scared. I thought I had lost you today. With everything that you do, I know that I could lose you at any moment and that thought terrifies me." Fiona looked away from her mother. "You become more and more like your father each day and that scares me. I don't want to lose you like I lost him."

Fi turned back to her mom. "I'm sorry that I scare you with what I do, but I'm okay, I'm not hurt. Daddy's protecting me."

"Stop!" Fiona jumped back at the tone her mother used. "He's not, okay. Fi, he's dead. That's it."

"That's it? He's dead, so he can't protect me?" Her voice broke. "So he couldn't have pulled me up when I slipped? He couldn't have talked to me on that rooftop?"

"No, Fiona, he couldn't have!"

Fiona stood up and shook her head. "You're wrong. He was there! He saved me!" Her ring began to glow, as did her mother's.

Molly looked down at her ring. "What's going on?"

"It's daddy," Fi replied with such conviction. "He wants us to stop fighting."

"Yes, I do." Molly and Fiona turned to the voice that had just spoken. Rick stood at the opposite wall, his body transparent.

"Daddy." Fiona shot him a smile and he smiled in return.

"This can't be real," Molly whispered out.

Rick walked over to his wife. "Molly, this is real. What Fiona said was real. I am protecting her; I'm protecting all of you. I will never let any of you get hurt."

"But you're dead, how can you possibly protect us?"

He smiled once more. "Divine intervention. I love you, Molly, but you've got to stop fighting with Fi about this. She's not going to stop; the only thing you can do is trust her. She knows not to push too far."

"Yeah, especially after that thing that came after me," Fi joked.

Molly looked to her dead husband. "I can't make any promises."

"But you can try harder," Rick proposed and she nodded.

Fiona walked over to her mom and hugged her. "Thanks, mom."

"I have to go now," Rick announced. Both girls looked at him, sadness evident in their eyes. "I love you both so much."

"We love you too, Daddy."

He smiled before disappearing from the room. Molly wiped away her tears and looked at the clock. "It's late, we should get some sleep."

"Mom, we have to talk about what just happened."

"Not right now, Fi, just...not now." Her daughter nodded before climbing into her own bed.

"I love you mom," Fiona whispered before turning off the light.

"I love you too, baby."

*.* (2:30AM)

Fiona stared in horror as the demon burst through the wall. "Who are you? What do you want from me?"

The demon stared at her. "It is not you we want; it's your mother." An arm shot out and pointed to where Molly stood on the rooftop.

Fiona followed the arm. "Why do you want my mom?"

"She is the key. With her gone, we can finally overtake the O'Sianhan magick."

"No! I won't let you!" Fi screamed at the three-headed demon.

The demon laughed and swiftly flew towards Molly. He threw his arms forward and a bright yellow bolt shot out, hitting Molly in the chest. She cried out in agony as the bolt connected with her. "Mom!"

"Mom..." Fiona woke herself up from the horrible nightmare she was having and quickly looked to her mother's sleeping form.

Silently she got out of her bed and slipped in beside her mom. Molly stirred and opened her eyes. "Mmm, baby what's wrong? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just a really bad nightmare..."

Molly pulled her daughter close to her. "I'm sorry, baby. But don't worry; your dad will protect us."

Fiona stayed silent and watched as her mother fell back asleep. "I'm not so sure of that," she whispered in the darkness.