A/N: For the sake of this story, I'm pretending the whole New York thing happened in August. Why? Well, for one, that's when Twin aired and two, because I feel like it! And I have plans for it in the sequel....


Fiona sat on her bed back home in Hope Springs. It had been three days since her encounter with Damon and she still felt a bit jumpy. Almost as if there was something that was going to happen. She could still feel the heavy feeling in the pit of her stomach.

It didn't help that her mother and Jack still weren't speaking to each other. He had refused to acknowledge what had happened in New York and left the room every time Molly had tried to explain it to him. Fiona sighed as she thought of the tension in the house.

Her thoughts drifted to the showdown between herself and Damon. He had forced her to choose between her parents. How could somebody do that? She could feel anger building up within her again as she relived the memory. Fiona closed her eyes fighting the urge to use her powers.

'Fi,' a voice whispered.

She opened her eyes and searched her room. The voice sounded familiar, yet was too muffled to make out. Fiona closed her eyes and thought of her father, wondering if she'd be able to feel where he was. She hadn't heard anything from him since Damon had banished him and she was starting to worry. "Daddy..."

She searched through the realm of the spirits, feeling a small tug in her chest, but couldn't pinpoint the location.

"...No, I don't want to hear this crazy talk!" Jack's voice carried through her room.

Fiona quickly walked out of her room and down into the kitchen where her brother and mother were fighting.

"Jack would you just let me explain..." Molly tried unsuccessfully to get her son to listen.

He turned to her, fury shining in his blue eyes. "NO! I'm sick of this! First it was Dad, then Fi and now you. Don't you understand that this is just going to get you killed just like it got Dad killed? Or is it you just don't care anymore?"

The comment hurt her more than she wanted to admit. "You know that I care. Jack, I'm being careful. I'm just being more open to what it is your sister has to say rather than just ignore it."

"Well I don't want any part of it! Stop trying to talk to me about it, okay?" His eyes met hers, pleading with her.

Molly nodded in agreement. "Okay baby, but we are going to have to talk about all of this eventually."

"I know, just...not right now, okay?" His mother smiled at him, happy he was agreeing to at least talk it all out."Hey, uh, is it okay if I go over to Clu's?"

"Yeah, that's fine, just be home in time for dinner." She knew he needed to talk to his best friend about everything that had happened and this was his opportunity.

"Okay." Jack quickly turned and walked out of the kitchen, nearly hitting Fi as he left. Fiona stayed quiet, wondering if he was going to yell at her for eavesdropping. "Hey," he said softly.

"Hey," she replied back.

"Listen, about what happened at Aunt Rachael's..."

Fi put her hand up. "It's okay, Jack, you don't have to explain."

"Yes I do. Fi, I didn't mean to yell at you. I was just...scared, you know? I mean, mom was missing and you kept going on about that...thing. I was just scared."

"I know."

"I nearly lost the both of you," he whispered.

"You won't lose us, Jack," She reassured him.

He smiled at her attempt. "You promise?"

Fiona smiled back. "Promise."

Jack leaned down and hugged his sister. "I love you, Fi."

"I love you too."

They stayed like that for a moment before Jack pulled back. "Don't tell mom about this," he grinned, referring to the hug they shared.

"Yeah like she'd ever believe this happened." Fi teased. Jack laughed and waved goodbye to his sister. She grinned and rolled her eyes before walking into the kitchen.

"Hey baby. What's up?" Molly asked as her daughter walked in.

Fi sat on the stool at the island. "Not much, just thinking."

Molly moved to stand across from her daughter. "About what?'

"Just...everything that happened. Damon, our powers, Daddy..." Fiona's eyes went wide. "Oh my god!"

"What? What is it?" Molly noted the alarmed look on Fi's face.

"Dad! I was trying to find him earlier, but I couldn't because I heard you and Jack yelling." Molly winced slightly.

'Fiona...' the same voice whispered.

Both Molly and Fiona froze. "Rick?" Molly questioned into the air.

"Daddy? Daddy where are you?" Fiona could finally make out the agonized voice.

The salt shaker that was in front of the girls began to move back and forth violently before falling over. White crystals moved to spell out a word. Hesitantly Fi moved to read what it said. 'Hell.' She looked back to her mom, seeing fear reflecting back in the brown eyes that were so much like her own.