Title: Handwriting

Rating: Harmless

Disclaimer: The characters are not a product of my brain and do not belong to me.

Summary: Musings on handwriting

Note: Thanks so much to Dev for the beta!

I found a note of Bruce's today.

I needed the mechanistic toxicology text to fact check some antitoxin modifications I was working on, and it just slipped out when I first opened the book.

Handwriting 101 was always part of detective training, but you know your family's writing. It helps that ours are so different. Tim's is small, blocky, and forceful – I swear the kid is going to put his pen through the paper one of these days. Babs abandoned handwriting for typing years ago, and her scrawl is nearly illegible from disuse. Of course, Alfred's is perfect script, and the man will forever write his grocery list in formal cursive. I hated those lessons, with no room for improvisation in letter formation. I suppose mine is just as obvious, with flourishes and swirls whenever the showman makes himself known.

Damian is still too young to know for sure, still forming his handwriting, but I think the end result will look something of a cross between Tim's tightness and what I see before me.

Because this note was obviously written by Bruce, with his purposeful engineer's shorthand. He probably never intended anyone else to see it, but even if he did, the writing wouldn't change. I suppose Abbreviations by Bruce 496 was part of that training too.

These look like notes on Joker gas. Did he get the chance to make these antidote changes, or was this all preliminary? Even though the notes are for Batman, the writing is Bruce's. Batman's notes are all typed in to the Crays after patrol. Bruce's were all like this. I remember seeing him sit at his desk, jotting down the information needed from the book of the moment. And it was always on loose sheets of quality stock. Can you imagine Bruce writing in a spiral bound notebook?

This can't be one that I saw him write – the text is too new, the paper not yellowed. The page goes back in the front cover to be reviewed later, but right now I need to make some notes of my own.