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Bulma looked over to the doorway as her mother peeked inside the small private hospital room in the ICU. She stared at her daughter for a moment, but then a broad smile formed on her lips, and she bounced into the room with an expression of pure delight on her face. She danced her way over to her daughter's bed, and took her daughters hand in hers. "Oh Bulma dear, the doctor just gave me some fantastic news," she cried, a very proud smile was planted on her lips. "The doctor says that your tests came back in the clear, so you can come home today. Your father is getting your release papers ready now."

Bulma wished she could be as excited and cheerful as her mother was at that moment. She sat up in the hospital bed to get more comfortable as she watched her mother as she hurried to begin packing up her daughter's things. She turned excitedly and threw a nice dress her daughter's ways. Bulma caught it, and looked at it, mentally moaning at the dress her mother had picked.

'I don't have the breasts for this!' Bulma mentally cried. It was a fact that Bulma never thought she would ever think. She was a woman known for her very feminine curves, which included her perfectly perky breasts. Now she had nothing. No breasts that was. Her eyes drew down to her chest, tightly bandaged and flat.




She was a woman who didn't have a rack. She let her eyes draw up to her still very excited mother. "I can't wear this dress mom."

"What do you mean dear? You always look fantastic in that dress!" her mother cried, clearly not understanding what she meant.

"I did mother, before," Bulma explained. She picked the dress up and pointed toward the front of the dress that had always helped shape and curve her chest. Without her breasts in place, the front of the dress would sag and look too big on her.

Her mother frowned, "Oh dear...you are right. I am sorry Bulma, I wasn't thinking."

"It's okay," she sent her mother an assuring smile. "I'll just wear a t-shirt and some jeans."

Her mother retrieved her dress, and placed down a pair of jeans and a nice yellow shirt. She then folded the dress, and packed it away with the rest of her things. Quickly Bulma removed her hospital robe, and began to dress in the clothing her mother had given her. She held her breath as she put the shirt on. It was loose in the chest area. Of course it was. She had a lot of adjustments to make. Namely, she would need new clothes. One that would actually fit her in the bust area. Sadness fell over her. She had a lot more adjustments to make. She would have to now live her life feeling as if she was perhaps only half a woman. What a life this was going to be.


A/N: Research shows that breast cancer survivors who have had their breasts removed have suffered through the feeling of being 'less' of a woman. There was only a few random parts in this story that will actually deal with this subject. Bulma kind of 'gets' over it as the plot grows. Bulma will be more focused on more aspects. Anyway. My Prologue's are all short, so I hope you enjoyed this. I will update when I can.

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