If you had this story favorited and are confused by the name change, I have decided to make this a series in case I write anymore Dan/Natalie drabbles and ficlets.

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Title: Like A Dream
A wedding.
First venture into Sports Night.

He's in a tux and standing up at the front of the church, a big grin shining from ear to ear. Casey puts a hand on his shoulder and tells him it's go time as the music changes to that old familiar tune.

There's a light from the stained glass window that's blinding his eyes and he can't see her face. She's walking toward him, all beautiful in white, but he can't see her.

And then just like that she's in front of him, her beautiful dark brown hair twisted up with just a few curls falling around her face. His heart beats out of control, and he can't stop smiling.

The rabbi asks him to take Natalie for his bride and he says, "I do." She returns and then the glass breaks; he leans in for the kiss and -

He wakes up. Every time, he wakes up.