It had to be perfect, not a hair out of place.

People would walk by, and think that everything was completely normal. At least at first, anyway. But something would tip them off, maybe the vacant expression in their eyes, their lack of movement, or maybe wonder why they've been sitting here all day. Then they'd have to look closer. They'd stop their little walk down the street, and turn around – newspaper momentarily forgotten in their hands. Then they'd start to piece the scene together, and then they'd start to see the real masterpiece before them.

Victor smiled to himself as he worked to fit the cigarette into the man's mouth. Then he pulled off the victim's blood splattered glasses and cleaned them with the man's jacket before returning them. With two fingers he pushed his eyelids closed.

But surely that wouldn't be the end of it, oh no. Then the revelation would begin. They'd shriek or start uttering nonsense and drop their hot, steaming coffee to the ground. They'd forget about their Gotham Gazette or how the Knights were playing this week. For just a few minutes, they'd be knocked right out of their stupid little fantasy world. They'd remember where they lived, and what Gotham was all about. For just a little while, they'd understand the world the way I do. They'd see where I was coming from, even if they were puking their guts out on Central Avenue at the time.

He propped the woman's arm onto the car door, and then reached in the back for the stapler he'd tossed back there earlier. The night air was getting warmer, so he knew it was getting close to dawn. Quickly, he stapled the latest copy of Vogue to the woman's hand and slipped the sunglasses over her eyes.

By tomorrow morning, the photos will be all over the news, the media is always faster than the police in this town. And then the real fun would begin. Batman would know Zsasz was back.

Finally he took a step back to examine his work. They were a picture perfect young man and lover relaxing in their convertible, probably waiting for a friend to join them before heading out to do the town. Victor grinned, licking his lips. He wondered if some random thug would try to mug them. Or a tourist would ask them for directions. Or if the police would ask them about their meter.

Hmm, I can't have that. It would take all the fun away.

He pulled out a mass of change that he'd stolen earlier from the couple and dropped them in the parking meter. Well, even if they were found out by the cops first, at least they couldn't get towed.