So much can happen in one day

The Grand Festival and Sinnoh League are now over and everyone is at the Berlitz's house having a little party before Ash and Brock leave for their ship back to Kanto. Ash had recently won the Sinnoh League and Dawn came in 5th place in the Grand Festival. She wasn't all that happy but when Ash won the Sinnoh League she felt much better. Now Ash felt so bad for Dawn, after all that training she still never won. Dawn kept telling him it was her first Grand Festival so there's no need to worry but Ash was worrying too much. After a while Ash managed to calm down but he's still a little sad for her.

Dawn's P.O.V

I'm here sitting on the balcony watching all of my friends and family having fun at the party in my backyard. The breeze flowing through my hair makes me feel refreshed and calm after all the stress and excitement I went through during the Grand Festival. "Hey Dawn..." It was Ash and he looked tired. Of course he was dancing for like an hour and I was laughing so hard but he didn't seem mad at all. It's like he was happy I was enjoying it. "You okay?" He asks me in his sweet voice. "Yeah, why do you ask?" I say. "Because you were up here all alone..." What do I say now? "Oh..." He frowns a little. "Dawn I know your upset because you lost the Grand Festival but-"I grew a little angry. Why can't he realise that I'm okay! "Ash I'm okay! Please stop worrying so much about me" I could see him cover his eyes with his hat. "Ash...I'm sorry-"I could see him looking at the ground. "No I'm sorry Dawn... I never meant to make you mad; I just care about you too much to..." He couldn't finish his sentence.

"You...really care about me that much?"


"Awww Ash!" I say hugging him.

"Dawn..." He says hugging me back.

Ash's P.O.V

I love seeing her happy. Her laugh is so cute and I love her bubbly smile. I'm actually really happy that I met Dawn because without her I wouldn't have gotten this far and won the Sinnoh League. I still remember that day Brock spoke to me while Dawn was training.


"Hey Ash can I talk to you for a sec?" Brock says. I wonder what he wants to talk about.

"Sure what is it?"

"Do you like Dawn?"

"Of course I do!"

"No I mean like like her" I blush.

"Ughh! Yes- No- I don't know!" I panicked.

"Come on! I mean you're always looking out for her and I know your always thinking about her" H-How did he know all this? "Are you some kind of mind reader?" He chuckles. "No but I can tell when someone loves someone else, It's in my blood." Yeah in his blood. I chuckle.

"Well I guess I do love her" I say looking up to the beautiful blue sky.

"Ha I said like not love! That means you actually love her!" He starts dancing around with joy.

"CRAP!" I yell out!

.:End Of Flashback:.

I could feel Dawn letting go of me. That was the longest hug I have ever gotten but I liked it. I look at her and soon I was lost in her beautiful blue eyes. The sparkle in it makes her eyes even more beautiful and anyone could get lost in them. I remember when Kenny was talking to Dawn and he started staring at her. It was funny but in the end Dawn slapped Kenny which made me fall on the floor laughing along with Brock and Pikachu. Kenny got pissed off and left, leaving Dawn laughing her head off. Good times good times.

Normal P.O.V

"Ash, it's time for us to head to the peer" Brock said. Dawn looked upset and so did Ash. They didn't want to leave each other but they have no choice. "I guess this is it" Dawn says in a depressed tone. "Yeah...Hey! Want to come with me and Brock to the peer?" Dawn started to look happy. "Sure I'd love too!" She said with her bubbly smile. That smile always made Ash feel better.

"The boat's going to leave in 10 minutes, I guess that's enough time for a proper goodbye" Brock said.

"Yeah" Ash and Dawn said in unison.

Brock and Dawn said goodbye and gave each other a small hug. Now it was Ash's turn but he didn't know what to say other than goodbye. This was going to be tough for him.


"Yeah Ash?"

"I'm really going to miss ya..." He said in a lower tone.

"I'm going to miss you too Ash..." She said giving him a tight hug. He managed to hug back. Making them feel warm and happy. They didn't want this to end but it had too. "Okay we have to board the ship now" Ash let go of Dawn leaving her frowning a bit and he and Brock went to give the man their tickets. She was already waving goodbye even though they haven't actually boarded the ship yet.

"Hold up!" said the man stopping Ash with his hand.

"Wh-whats wrong?" Says Ash nervously.

"Your ticket if for the ship that will be leaving Saturday morning"

"And it's only Thursday night which means Ash has to stay like one more day!" Dawn said a little surprised. But you could see on her face that she was happy that Ash was staying but also sad that he can't go back with Brock because if you have at least one friend with you it's more fun.

" I guess I'm staying for like one more day." Ash said talking to Brock.

"Okay Ash I guess I'll see you back in Kanto. Bye." Ash nodded and said goodbye. Then Brock boarded the ship and Ash and Dawn waved goodbye to their friend. Just as the ship was out of sight Ash turned to Dawn and said "I guess I'll stay at your house until Saturday" Dawn nodded and they headed back to Dawn's house.

Of course everyone was surprised to see that Ash came back. They were all staring at him, even the music from the party stopped and everyone looked like a frozen Popsicle. Ash leaned over to Dawn and whispered "Why are they staring at us?"

"Their staring at you not me, and they're doing that because they thought you would be on the ship by now" Dawn whispered back.

"Oh...right" Ash said while rubbing the back of his head.

Just then Kenny started walking up to Ash and Dawn with a dirty look on his face. He was staring at Ash and giving him the dirty look and well, Ash wasn't thrilled, not one bit. As for Dawn, she was about to slap Kenny again but decided not to start a fight in front of all these people. She did look angry and she was always angry when Kenny would always give Ash dirty looks and all that! She couldn't stand the fact the Kenny hated and I mean hated Ash.

"WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!?" Kenny yelled to Ash.

"My ticket was accidentally dated for me to leave Saturday morning so I guess I'll be staying for like one more day." Ash said a little nervous and frightened. Kenny was about to open his mouth but Dawn cut him off.

"LOOK! If you can't stand the fact that Ash is staying then watch what I'll do to you! And trust me It won't be pretty" Kenny looked even more nervous than Ash and ran to the other side of the backyard to hide from Dawn. She smiled and Ash gave her a nervous smile. Note to self, never get Dawn angry again! Ash thought.


Dawn and Ash were sitting against a tree in the park while all their Pokémon. Ash was looking at Dawn and she was looking at him too. They were lost in each other's eyes and didn't even know it. Just then they stopped after an apple fell on Ash's head, causing him to feel all dizzy. "Look at all the beautify" he said in a goofy way. After a while Ash was feeling fine and he and Dawn were taking a walk around Twinleaf Town.

"Hey Dawn"

"Yeah Ash?"

"I've been wanting to tell you something for a long time"

"What is it?"


"Yeah??" I wonder if he'll say those three words...