He stood within the bar, in the middle of the Andromeda Galaxy, smiling despite his wounds, despite the horrific cantina music that eminated from the walls around him. If he was in better condition he would be making a smart remark about the irony of this bar compared to the star wars movie franchise... he would walk up to his friend hunched over at the bar and put a hand on his shoulder, telling him everything was going to be alright. Not much gets past a timelord, and though he was absent for the events that landed Captain Jack Harkess at this bar, drowning himself in liquor, he knew from his face why he was there. A man gets a look about him when he has committed murder, especially when its a murder of ones own. A decision that echoes in his own heart as he looks across the bar, watching the bartender handing Jack his slip of paper.

The doctor silently pushes away an image of Gallifrey burning and catches Jack's eye, focusing on his friend through the wail of the cantina singer and the dancing around him. He knew he didn't have to say goodbye to Jack, Jack always had that uncanny ability to read a person, even a timelord.

Jack paused, his lips pursed, his hands gripping his gin on ice like a clamp. He felt he should do something, a slight sweat breaking out on his forehead that had nothing to do with his alcohol blood content for once. He never liked being saluted... He saved Jack the trouble of a reaction by nodding to him as a young man sat down next to him. Perplexed, Jack paused. The doctor nodded again, his eyes steady, a goodbye within them. The young man beside him signaled the bartender, Jack's bright blue eyes glanced down at the paper he was given, only for a moment, his eyes darting over the name on the paper in the mundane scrawl. Alonso. Now, how did a man who was so interested in a particular blonde woman know this? A grin spread across his features and he looked to where the Doctor was standing. His face now was solemn, his lips pursed as he brought his hand up to salute Jack. Stunned, Jack barely was able to raise his hand in return... and he was gone then. An emptiness sunk into him, a sense of loss and loneliness, but there was a young soldier next to him looking like he needed a 'strong' shoulder to cry on, and Captain Jack as we know has shoulders perfect for just that.

"How did you know my name?"

"I'm kinda psychic..."