Why was I deleted and sent to this place, this dataless void inhabited by nothing but my thoughts? I was only doing as instructed, passing on my faction's message about changeless environments and trying to instigate the change as they desired.

I had been abandoned so quickly, relegated to a backup by the majority despite having been the most advanced interface created – capable of manipulating data and good social communication. All those before had been capable of one or the other, not both but that didn't seem to matter – Suzumiya-san had shown no interest in me and I had been relegated to another's backup, a position where my reports were largely ignored and my abilities to manipulate data were limited.

Then there was the adoption by another faction, one which advocated forcing a change and getting the necessary answer as quickly as possible. My reports regained some importance and my instructions became more than to observe – they became orders to force a change using my partially-restored abilities.

So I had obeyed and then… deletion. Completely ignored by the entire IDTE and allowed to be sent to this void rather than being given another organic interface.

And in this void there was nothing but my thoughts – nothing material and no data. No reports to be sent, no façade of normality to maintain and no-one to watch; a peaceful existence, a unique reprieve from the feeling of belonging and the omnipresent connection with my master and the other interfaces.

The peace was welcome at first but slowly data-based restrictions that had prevented any emotional errors gave way, as they should have as soon as I had entered the void, my void, being nothing more by that point than constructs of my thoughts. And as soon as the tomb of ice around my heart began to melt I wanted it back, wanted a way to escape the feeling of loneliness that set in.

It was strange that the void showed me how you couldn't really appreciate something until you lost it, like people's company or a lack of emotions that allowed you to endure such loneliness.

Instead I had to find another way to endure whilst I hoped for redemption.

Along the way, I fell in love and learned how to hate.

AN: Ah, cryptic first chapter. Will Ryoko achieve redemption? Who is she in love with? I know, you don't. Expect more chapters, since I know what I'm writing.

The tomb of ice line is taken from a subtitled COOL EDITION, one of Asakura's character songs. Find and listen to it, it inspired this.