Conclusion reached, my thoughts slowed and the loneliness returned, the light of my memories being replaced with the omnipresent blackness of my void. The darkness was somehow personal, being visible only to me and a darkness that was only made unpleasant by my own feelings and fears.

My void… the first thing owned purely by me, not shared or shown to others. Just mine, to enjoy or suffer as I decided – but how could I enjoy being stripped of light and taste and left with nothing but memories, memories of my mother and my kin, memories of the humans I had met, memories of the data everywhere… so many memories to block the darkness.

But the memories alone aren't enough to stave off the loneliness. Simply remembering won't keep my melancholy at bay. Only forming new memories and ideas, of relationships, philosophies and opinions, can bring light to this darkness seemingly out of time.

Could it possibly be what Nagato-san left of my mind?