Just a short one-shot I wrote about Eleven and Amy, originally intended to be part of my other fanfic, Goodbyes. But when I wrote it while listening to the song below, I just had to post it up here :D ^_^ So, enjoy!

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Time is going by so much faster than I, and I'm starting to regret not spending all of it with you. Now I'm wondering why I've kept this bottled inside. So I'm starting to regret not saying all of it to you. So if I haven't yet, I gotta let you know...

You're never gonna be alone.

~ You're Never Gonna Be Alone, Nickelback


And then she kissed him. It was like a thousand stars had just lit up inside his head; a brilliant warmth that travelled through every inch of his body. Time seemed to go backwards, a crazy feat that he had never experienced outside the comfort of the TARDIS, and it felt...fantastic. So many thoughts just fell away, leaving only her.


His eyes closed, one hand tangling itself into her hair while the other found her waist. The TARDIS was hard against his back, digging into his spine, but he didn't care. It was as if an incredible euphoria had been unleashed into his body, one which burst into an intense dazzling light, like fireworks travelling through his veins, illuminating his timeless gaze. He didn't want it to end. He longed for her hand to remain rested gently against his neck, her flaming red hair brushing against his cheek as her lips pressed against his.

And to think, this was the girl he was telling goodbye. This was the girl who'd tried to arrest him when they'd first met. This was the girl who'd gotten to be ginger when he didn't.

This was Amy Pond.

And he loved her.