Naruto Shredder of the Maelstrom

KingSithis-Yo fan fiction fans this is a ninja turtles Naruto crossover

Main pairing is already decided it will be naruto younger Kurai second pairing will be Casey Jones and April O'Neal The female turtle Venus will be in the story But which turtle gets her I will let you decide review who you want to be with Venus Raph, Mike, Donny, or Leo

Naruto will be super strong and Kurai will give him shredders armors and weapons.

On with the story

It was a stormy day in New York City But there was the sound of battle it was the turtles vs. the foot and Shredder. The foot were almost done for and so was Shredder but before he fell

for the last time he did something unexpected he asked Leo and the turtles if they would take his armor and weapons and find someone worthy of them and to take his 15 yr. old

daughter Kurai because he knew that she was still not good enough to live on her own as a ninja Leo agreed but Raph said "why should we help our enemy" and Splinter said

"Raphael did you forget that a ninja has to follow the code of honor in battle" and Raph said "yes Sensei". All of a sudden a portal opened and Splinter said

"it should not yet be time for the next tournament boys get the armor, weapons and young Kurai and we shall go" Venus said

"hey what about me" and Splinter said "sorry forgot you to Venus" "thank you sensei".

Mike being stupid said "so do you think that any of our opponents will be made out of pizza" Donny said

"shut up Mike" "lets go" said Raph they went through the portal and did not expect to see a Civilization that looked

like the ancient ninja villages in the text books they read but it was but what really ticked them off was when they heard a young boy with blond hair colored red with blood and brown

with mud with ripped clothes running from a mob of Civilians and ninja throwing shuriken kunai and senbon. They ran off to help the poor boy. Naruto was running and saw an alleyway

that he ran into hoping for a shortcut to the Hokage tower but it was a dead end so he stopped and turned back only to see people standing with their backs turned towards him and

one said "do not fear little one we are here to protect you" and Naruto said "are you some new type of Anbu that Gramps is trying out"

and the voice chuckled with a feminine laugh and said

"no we are what you call mutated animals that learned the ninja way we will explain more once we save you okay uh".

"Naruto uzumaki" "ok Naruto I am Venus nice to meet you now where is the leader of the village"

"He is on the roof looking at you" "ok" then Venus grabs Naruto and they all jump up onto the roof and Sarutobi looked startled and asked

"are trying to hurt my adopted grandson"

and Venus and the other turtles plus Splinter laugh and said "no we would like to know why this boy was being attacked".

Hiruzen Sarutobi sighed and said

"very well follow me to my office and I will explain everything but you must know that this is a SSSS secret and if spoken to anyone unless by me they are to be executed do you


and they all nodded. When they got to the tower they saw 2 people they did not expect to see Casey Jones and April O'Neal and Raph said

"Casey how did you 2 get here" and Casey said

"well we were at a romantic dinner where I was on 1 knee and then a bright light flashed and we were here how did you get here"

and Donny said "portal opened and we went through it so

why were you on your knee Casey" and April blushed so red you would be able to see it in Pure darkness and Casey said

"well I asked April to marry me and become April Jones and she said yes".

"Congrats you can adopt little Kurai then since you will be getting married and we could live with you guys and train her and Naruto in our art of the ninja"

and Sarutobi said you know ninjutsu"

and they said "no but we do no taijutsu and weapon fighting and I also think we found Shredders legacy this boy will spread a good name for shredder instead of evil".

And Sarutobi said "would you like to adopt Naruto and this Kurai girl Casey san"

and Casey said "sure if April don't mind we could adopt them" and April smiled and said "can we get married today and adopt them at the same time"

and Sarutobi said "sure we can let you do that you will need 2 witnesses for the wedding and adoption" and so they said do you know anyone that does

not hate the boy and Sarutobi said "yes Oni, Inu" all of a sudden to men in anbu armor and masks appear Inu says "you called Hokagesama" and Sarutobi said

"yes we are going to witness a wedding and an adoption" and Oni said "who is getting married" and Casey and April lifted their hands and then Inu said "and who are they adopting"

and Casey picked up Naruto while Mike held Kurai and Sarutobi said "Inu what I am about to tell you may not leave this room Naruto's real name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" Inu had his

eyes wide even though you could not see them behind his mask and said

"you told me Sensei's son died during the attack and also told his mom and grandparents that same thing tell me why I should not kill you right now for meddling in clan affairs

Hokagesama" he spit with venom and Sarutobi paled because now some potential new allies heard what he did to the poor family and he looked at them and saw

they all looked very pissed and said "why would you do that to a family". Hiruzen sighed and said "I thought it was the right thing to do because his father had lots of enemies especially

Iwa and Kumo. I had to protect him from assassins" Inu just said "that is bullshit because he has had over 2400 attempts on his life just this year and he is 16 now so how could you

think it was a good idea". What they did not know was that a silver scorpion the size of a penny heard everything and poofed away to tell a certain red head that her son was still alive

and that Sarutobi lied to her and her in laws.

Sarutobi was just now finishing up the adoption forms for Naruto And Kurai when The 2 teens woke up and when Naruto saw Kurai he immediately blushed and Kurai upon seeing naruto

did the same and she said "Hi my name is Kurai" and naruto said "my naruto name is hi I mean my name is naruto" Kurai giggled because he was cute.

Sarutobi smiled at the quick friendship that the 2 teens formed and thought they would make a cute couple if they started to date and become boyfriend and girlfriend.

His thoughts were cut short when a Giant blast of smoke cleared and a red headed woman standing on a 8 foot tall golden Scorpion said "you lied to me Sarutobi where is my son"

and Sarutobi said "Kushina he has already been adopted I am sorry I lied to you but it was to keep him safe from Iwa and Kumo your husband had a lot of enemies".

Kushina was not listening because she was looking at a young teenager who looked exactly like Minato talking to some young teenage girl who had weird clothes on that she had never

seen before but what surprised her was that the boys eyes just turned into a lightning bolt with what looked like a cloudy sky behind it and she said "he unlocked my families bloodline

that is only suppose to happen when you meet your soul mate that girl must be his soul mate because the bloodline does not activate unless you are talking to your soul mate Sarutobi is

that boy my son"

and Sarutobi said "yes why" "because he unlocked Odin's Eyes he

is the first male to ever unlock it in over 2000 years He cannot be adopted by the same family as that girl because they only activate when you talk to your soul mate for the first time so I

will have his 2 siblings come here and we will be a family again"

and sarutobi said "very well but you will set up a marriage contract for naruto and Kurai so that no one else will try to take

her from him and if what I know about that bloodline no other guy will be able to touch her because the eye protects his soul mate from rape and other males am I right"

and Kushina said "yes".

2 weeks later Casey and April have been married for a week and the turtles are training Naruto and Kurai they were just getting rid of some steam because the council tried to give Kurai

to Sasuke saying that "the demon should not get a wife especially someone beautiful and strong the Uchiha should get her" Sasuke smirked because he was sure he would get what he

wanted but what happened was naruto's eyes changed to Odin's eyes and a huge war hammer shot into his hand and he lifted it with no trouble like it was made of paper and said

"you will not touch my Kurai Tenshi" Kurai blushed at being called an angel and a civilian screamed "give that power to the Uchiha" and Kushina said "that can't happen"

and Danzo, the elders and the civilians asked "why not it is the Uchiiha's right to get what he wants"

and Kushina burst out laughing "you would try to take a weapon that belongs to the Norse god Odin who is my

father and naruto's grandpa" now everyone was scared because they knew Odin did not like people hurting others especially people from his family and they were right because a

lightning bolt hit the ground and there stood Kushina;s brothers Thor and Loki with her father Odin and mother Ariel goddess of love all the guys despite being scared shitless could not

help but look at Ariel with nose bleeds because she only wore a bra and panties with tan skin and muscle tone that looked good on a woman Odin said "why were you hurting my

grandson and trying to take his soul mate to give to someone less powerful than someone in my family"

Sasuke looked pissed that the dobe's grandpa just called him weak and started doing hand seals for the fireball jutsu and Sarutobi saw this as did the Elders and said

"Sasuke stop or you will be killed". Well the elders said to stop because they did not want to lose the Sharingan but Odin said you would dare attack a god and summons a beast known

as the Kirin a beast with the power of lightning and it attacked sasuke and fried him and sent him to the gates to Valhalla where his parents were waiting and his father looked at him

and said "you should not have let your arrogance make you think you could beat a god you don't get to come with us to Valhalla you have to go to hell you are so stupid"

but Odin came up to them and said "do not worry he is just having an out of body experience he will live but he will have to prove himself to get back into the grace of Valhalla to see you

guys when he dies" and they nodded and Sasuke says "I am sorry Odin sama I will do my best to turn my life around and not attack people for arrogance" and Odin says

"very well and I have a gift for you it is the Raven contract" Odin called Skarmory the steel raven and had him give Sasuke the contract and

told him to write his name in blood and then put a hand print with the same hand and then showed him the hand signs and poofed away Sasuke woke up in the hospital with his fan club

looking at him with hearts in their eyes and he decided to pick the 2 biggest fans Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka and all the other girls just sulked and walked out crying Ino and

Sakura looked at each other and they were so excited they actually kissed each other because they got to be with the man they loved and be friends again Sakura stuck her tongue out

and swiped it across Ino's bottom lip and Ino opened her mouth and let their tongues duel Sasuke was getting horny watching this and said "I love my life" (somewhere in Rice country a

pale Pedophile said "someone is trying to take my new screw toy away before I can even get him")

Sasuke sat up and started to feel Ino and Sakura's tits and they both moaned and he said "this could be better than being broody and staying alone and hungering for power I like this".

Chapter end.

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