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It had been 4 months since Sasuke had fucked Ino and Sakura and they were happily dating. Sakura had gotten pregnant and her mom tried to get power from the Uchiha saying that he had to make her clan head until he was old enough to take over. Sasuke just looked at her like she was an idiot and said no you will not be part of my clan only your daughter Sakura and our kids will be. Alexis Haruno screeched like the banshee she is and said than I will kill Sakura and force you to marry me. Sasuke said I would not marry you I would rather destroy my sperm cells than kill myself so the Uchiha would die out you stupid power hungry slut. Alexis stormed off and Sasuke went to tell the Hokage that Alexis planned to kill his fiancé Sakura and their unborn twins. Sarutobi was mad because the Council thought they could force his shinobi to do their bidding they were dead wrong. Naruto was in his new home with his mom Kushina and his Brother Kilik and his sister Talim. (Kilik looks like the Kilik from Soul caliber only with blond hair same with Talim only with red hair). They were all training in the arts of the War Hammer fist taijutsu style. (Odin's Taijutsu style) When all of a sudden the spirit of the Shredder came and said "Hello Naruto I am the Shredder and I have come to give you a weapon that gave me great strength but was destroyed by the Turtles that you let live with you. Have them train you in how to use it." "Also take care of my daughter Kurai or you will regret it" and then he vanished leaving A glove for the left hand and the Sword of Tengu. When Kushina, Kilik, and Talim saw the weapon and glove they asked where he got it. Naruto just said "my predecessor gave it to me in spirit form". Naruto slipped the glove on and put the sword in his hand and gave it a test swing. What the family did not know was that Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka were on their way to the house to announce that they were getting married before the Chunin exams. Sasuke wanted Naruto to be his best man. Ever since Sasuke quit being an avenger and broody he and Naruto had become best friends. Sasuke even told him the secret of the Mongekyou Sharingan and that he had to kill his best friend to get it. He said that he would rather work hard and not obtain it than kill Naruto. When they got to the gate of the Uzumaki/Namikaze they went inside and told Naruto who in turn told them the same about him and Kurai. Naruto wanted Sasuke to be his best man.

One month later

Naruto groaned as the sunlight hit his face he rolled over and gave Kurai a kiss on the lips and she opened her eyes and kissed back. Naruto and Kurai had been sleeping together for 2 weeks now and they slept in the nude. Naruto said "Let's go take a shower then go eat breakfast shall we". He picked Kurai up who giggled at what they could do in the shower and no one would no because of the silencing seals that kept the noise in the room.

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Naruto walked into what you would call the biggest bathroom in the village.

The shower was also pretty big it was 30 feet all around with 10 shower heads for maximum washing or maximum sex. Naruto pushed Kurai up against the wall and started to kiss her softly on the lips she returned it. It soon turned into a rough kiss. They were kissing like they only had a few seconds left to live. Naruto moved his lips down her jaw line to her pulse point on her neck and sucked on it. Kurai was moaning like no tomorrow. Kurai stuttered out "Naruto-kun I want you to suck my tits and spank my ass because I am a very bad girl." Naruto smiled and said "as you wish my Tenshi." He licked her nipple first then he started to suck her nipple then the whole tit. Kurai was getting louder. Naruto then slapped her ass really hard and Kurai came from pleasurable bliss. Kurai finally said "Naruto-kun make love to me please I need you to satisfy me by putting Mr. Big Kunai into Ms. Kunai pouch." Naruto looked in to her eyes and asked "Are you sure I heard the first time hurts for girls." Kurai nodded and braced herself by locking her legs around Naruto's hips pushing his cock to her completely shaved entrance and moaned. Naruto just said "Bite my neck when it starts to hurt okay" She nodded and put her mouth near his neck and he rammed right into her. Kurai's screams of pain were muffled by her biting into Naruto's neck. Naruto looked at her after she released his neck and asked if she was alright. Kurai nodded with tears in her eyes. 5 minutes later she started to buck her hips saying she was ready Naruto got the hint and drew back and thrust again and again. He started slow and Kurai was getting annoyed and finally screamed "fuck me harder and faster you big stud I want to feel you hit my G spot over and over again." Naruto sped up and hit her G spot repeatedly Kurai was moaning so loud that Naruto thought that people would be able to hear them even with the sound barrier seals all over the walls. Naruto then said Kurai Tenshi I need to pull out I'm about to cum. Kurai said no I want you to cum inside me I don't care if I get pregnant I want to have your kids and be your wife so please cum inside me." Naruto sped up his thrusts and let out one more grunt and released a torrent of sperm at the same time Kurai had a massive orgasm and screamed his name at the top of her lungs. Naruto and Kurai finally finished there shower together and got dressed. When they went down stairs everyone was looking at them with anger. Raphael said you guys are way to loud when your doing that next time turn the seals on please. Naruto and Kurai blushed because they had forgotten to use there blood to turn the seals on. Kushina smiled and said so when do I get my grandbabies. Naruto and Kurai blushed so red that it would make Hinata look like she was not even there. Naruto said "Mom we are not going to have babies this early we are not ready."

2 Days later

"Okay Naruto it is time for you to put on the Shredder's Armor and weapons to show the world not to mess with you or your family and friends". Said Kurai Naruto smiled and nodded. Once Naruto put the Armor and weapons on he was sent to his mindscape where he met the original Shredder.

"Well Naruto now that your ready to wear the Shredder suit. (from now on the armor and weapons will be referred to as the Shredder suit) I will tell you that Your body has created a new power something that your world calls bloodlines. Your bloodline makes your body absorb the Shredder suit claw weapons. And let them move on their own. Also you get laser beams in your eyes. You will know how to use these things when you leave your mindscape since you are the first user." Naruto was in awe he would be so cool. Naruto left his mindscape and looked at a training post and shot a golden laser beam at it and it exploded. Sasuke, Sakura, and Ino were walking to the Uzumaki-Namikaze compound when they saw a golden explosion they all said what the heck let's check and see if anyone was hurt.

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