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It was three whole days before the Night Class was successfully established. Just as the students had gotten used to their presence, Yuki and Aido were transferred to the mysterious new class creating a massive uproar. Questions were asked, letters sent to the headmaster, even briberies were used in an effort to get transferred into the prestigious dorm which had once been presumed a haunted mansion.

What is the new Night Class? How are they different from us? How can I get in? Are they more privileged? It's not fair. These questions circulated around the school like a wild fire unable to be extinguished.

Of course, the student's reactions were an expected result, giving them an answer was the easy part. Letting them simmer down was a different story. Hence the Night Class attended the academy under the identity of elite aristocrats, which was exactly what they were. Young nobilities from all over the world sent to broaden their education as the future leaders of their countries. That part was purely lies but for the sake of the student they were there to study in the highly developed facility provided by the school in order to complete research and develop a cure for cancer. A group of student coming together to represent their country and combine their knowledge for the betterment of the world. In other words, they were rich, beautiful, and geniuses. If there had been any objections after that explanation it did not reach Yuki's ears.

"How can they accept something like that so easily?" Yuki murmured to herself but was not surprised that her theoretical question was heard and answered immediately.

"Because they admire us. We're beautiful and they accept us because of that." Aido didn't look up as he flipped a page in an odd book. It was about Methuselah.

In the dimly lit classroom Yuki looked at him. His blonde hair was a deep gold in the darkness, even his blue eyes were a shade deeper. If it had been at a different time, in a different circumstance Yuki would have thought that Aido was merely being conceited but he'd said it in a matter of fact manner. He wholeheartedly believed it to be true.

"What makes one beautiful?"

Aido looked up from his book with startled eyes.

"Not all humans are easily misled by appearances." She looked out the window where Sayori-chan stood on duty as a Guardian. The same place she'd stood with Zero. The exact same spot she'd spent so many hours gazing at Kaname. Yuki waved as their eyes met a small smile on her lips.

"It's not just our look," Ruka said, her chin resting delicately on her hands. "It's our very presence. We emit a…an aura that makes them except us. It's very seductive. After all were not like them and they sense it."

"Am I like that?" Yuki said raising her eyebrows.

"Yes, yours is even more potent. Even non-purebloods like us can't help but feel an attraction towards you. It makes you stand out above all of us." Yuki suddenly felt self-conscious feeling their eyes on her.

"Ruka," Yuki said, now fully looking at the beautiful blonde she'd always envied. "Do you wish you were a pureblood?"

"Yes, all the time," Ruka confessed with a sign, a tragic smile on her pink lips.

Their moment of silent was interrupted by the suddenness of Shiki and Rima's appearance.

"Cousin," Shiki addressed Yuki intimately, something she had already gotten used to. "We smell trouble.

Aido's head snapped up and he did a quick glance as he processed the classroom and it's occupancies, his face darkening furiously.

"They're gone," he growled through his razor sharp teeth as he loudly slapped his book close and stood.

It took less than a second for Yuki to count all the heads in the room. Three missing…since when? As though they could sense the tension in the room, all the vampires turned to look at them, their eyes glowing brightly in the dark room.

"Everybody, stay here," Ruka said raising from her seat and turned to Yuki, "This could get dangerous, please stay here as well."

Yuki didn't reply immediately and instead looked out the window where Sayori-chan was gone from her post. Her disappearance only confirmed Shiki's premonition. There was trouble. Deep in the woods, through the trees, Yuki saw a flash of silver and her eyes tightened slightly trying to capture it again. Gone.

"No," Yuki said firmly. "I have to go. It seems Zero will be there."

They froze in eerie silence. Aido narrowed his eyes, and through his parted lips Yuki could see his fangs protruding. "I can handle him."

Yuki flashed him her best authoritive look, maintaining a steady eye contact, "No, you can't." He flinched at her dark tone, much like the one Kaname often used on him. "Shiki, Rima, please come along." They nodded in unison. She turned to the class where thirty sets of eyes looked back at her awaiting their orders.

From nearby, Kain stood, "I'm coming too." Yuki nodded slightly. Having Kain there seemed like a good idea. She would need him to handle Ruka or Aido if things got out of hand.

"Do not engage in battle, retrieve what we've lost and leave," She looked at each of them her gaze lingering on Aido and Ruka and when they looked away she was sure that they'd grasped her meaning.

Yuki ran her hand up her thigh where Artimis sat snuggly in it's holster. "Go," she murmured but before the word had completely left her mouth they were gone.

Thirty unblinking pairs of eyes were stilled fixated on her. Some wanted to go, some were annoyed and some were simply uninterested. She could feel their muted emotions clash in the room and wondered if it was a pureblood thing. Even with the intensity of their stare, none of them moved, like stone sculptures in a museum. There wasn't even the sound of rustling clothes. This was the stillness of vampires. She suppressed a sign and murmured, "Stay."

Then she too was gone.

The closer she got the heavier her chest seemed. Though she was practically flying through the trees, it didn't feel like she was going fast enough. Zero, a voice echoed in her head.

At the edge of the forest Yuki halted in her tract. In her anxiety and excitement, she'd inevitably missed something. She was positive she'd seen him earlier near here but in the clearing where her friends were facing off with the hunters, Zero was not among them.

No, he was here. Somewhere nearby, Zero was here.

From high up in a clock tower not far from the clearing, Zero's fist tightened at a familiar scent. Sure enough, just seconds later, Yuki appeared from the woods briefly joining her infantry. Like the frontline soldiers in a war, the vampires stood in a line facing off against the hunters, their faces set in a placid frown. Even from far away, Zero could see the curve in Yuki's lips. As she walked, he marveled at her grace, something she did not possessed prior to her departure. He looked at her face that was inhumanly beautiful and willed himself to despise it. She was no longer the precious human girl he'd desperately tried to protect. That girl had long since disappeared, replaced by the beast that had devoured her.

Zero continued to watch as Yuki said something to her comrade. Her face was void of fear, not even nervousness, merely calmness and a hint of…agitation? Zero almost smiled. Almost.

Inhaling deeply, Zero suppressed all the predicted temptations brought by Yuki's scent. He crushed his desires and his hunger but was unable to retract his fangs. Oh well, he leaped onto the marble railing and with one powerful push, jumped from the clock tower.

Yuki could sense Zero's eyes on her, could smell his scent in the wind but she couldn't pinpoint his exact location. This frustrated her immensely. Yuki left the shadow of the trees and walked slowly through the clearing as not to startle the hunters. As she reached Aido's side she quickly evaluated the hunters. They were all tall and well built, much like Zero was but they were young. No older than 17. She felt she had to commend Yagari-sensei later for his obvious preference in recruits. The three missing vampires winced and recoiled as her eyes reached theirs.

"What is it?" Yuki said her voice low so that the hunters could not hear. Why had they not retreat like she'd ordered them to?

"They refused to let us leave," Aido growled between his teeth. He did not break eye contact with the hunters whose hands were readily on their weapon.

"What's this?" One boy stepped forward, he was clearly the leader. "Little girls shouldn't get involved in this kind of situation. Go back to bed."

"How dare you…!" Aido flashed back and both Yuki and Kain put a warning hand on him.

"Aido," Yuki's quiet voice chilled him into silence. "And may I ask," she said now addressing the hunter, "what is this 'kind of situation'? If my people have done something wrong, I will gladly punish them."

The hunters began to whisper among themselves and of course Yuki and the rest could hear every word. "Haru," one of them said to the leader. "I think she's their leader." Haru, the boy in the front turned to look at her again, his eyes widening slightly at the new developement.

"I see," he said satisfied. Yuki could feel Aido shook furiously. "This is perfect. So you're the Night Class's dorm leader. Then let me tell you something. After you blood sucker left the academy for good, the associates assigned us hunters to attend the academy and protect it from rogues and vampires like them." He nodded to the three missing vampires. "We are allowed to do what is necessary to ensure the safety of the students which means we eliminate all threats. Your vampires have broken the rules and thus we will deal them the punishments." All eight hunters exposed their weapons aiming at it at the three nervous vampires.

"As much as I'd like to, but I can't allow you to do that." Yuki said stepping in front of their range of weapons.

"Obstruction of duty, you're also now on the list," Haru looked down at her a gruesome smiling curling on the edge of his lips, his index finger on the trigger tightened.

In a matter a seconds two hunters were knocked out, and before their weapons hit the ground the rest of the hunters were easily aprehended. Yuki had Haru in a tight grip from behind, one arm linked under his throat and the other locked around Haru's arm behind his back. A move that Aido had pulled on her the first time she was bitten, revised to fit her height leaving Haru to crouch painfully backwards.

"We don't want to harm you," she murmured into his ear making his face visibly red, either with fury or embarrassment.

"Yes we do," Ruka hissed. She had another hunter in a death grip making the poor boy writhed in terror.

There was a rustle in the wind, a metallic clink of a gun and suddenly, Zero was there with the Bloody Rose pointed at her head. "Drop them," he said his voice cold as ice and even with a gun to her head, Zero didn't look at her.

Yuki was so shock at the sight of him, it took her a second to process his demand and let Haru go. He fell to the ground wheezing frantically for air. Aido and the rest followed her lead and unhand their captive, some more unwilling than others. Shiki and Rima made a beeline for each other while Aido clenched his fist and stepped towards Zero and Yuki.

"You bastard," his fangs were now completely exposed.

"One more step and you'll be picking up the pieces of your little princess," Zero glared at Aido. He was serious.

"Zero," Yuki really looked at him. She couldn't tear her eyes off of him, couldn't bring herself to care about the gun at her head. All she could see was Zero. He was the same, nothing about him had changed, though he'd grown visibly taller. It was still the same Zero she'd always known. He was so close Yuki felt an uncontrollable urge to touch him. "I'm missed you," she whispered so softly not even the closest vampire other than Zero could hear her. "I've missed you," her voice broke.

In the dim moonlit night, Zero's eyes narrowed almost imperceptibly. If Yuki had not been standing so close, she might not have noticed his reaction. But still he ignored her.

"Haru, leave," Zero directed his fellow hunter.

"But sempai…"

"Leave!" There was a grim silence before the young hunters scrambled to their feet and disappeared into the forest.

"We won't hurt them now remove your damn gun!" Aido shouted his pale face a mask of fury. There was an eerie moment of silent followed by the whisper of the wind like a reminder of the passing seconds.

"They weren't completely wrong. Your vampires have broken the rule, next time I'll kill them myself," Zero said. He lowered his gun still suppressing the urged to look at Yuki and then he turned and walked away.

"Hey, wai…!" Aido was about to go after Zero when Yuki caught the end of his jacket.

"Stay," she said hoarsely and Aido looked at her in surprise. Her eyes were glowing blood red and drop of blood ran down her chin. In that few seconds when Zero had been standing at close proximity to her, his scent had evoked a thirst reaction leaving her in a complete state of bloodlust. With the sudden protrusion of her fangs, the razor edge had slightly pierced her own lips.

"How long has it been since you've had anything to drink?" Ruka came over tilting Yuki's head back for a better view of her eyes.

"A week."

They grimaced, "blood tablet?" Kain said joining them.

Yuki shook her head. "Yuck."

"Why, you," Aido said in agitation. "If you don't drink anything you're gonna starve to death. If you don't care about yourself then at least think about me! What would Kaname-sama do to me if I let you die like that?!"

"Aido," Kain said exasperated.

"I'm kidding," Aido said stepping back slightly.

Yuki chuckled earning her surprised looks from Aido and the rest. Soon her suppressed chuckled became laughter and they all laughed with her. The dark atmosphere had dissipated along with it the tension of the potential battle. No bloods were shed, (almost), and no bodies to hide, the feelings of relief were undeniable.

In the woods Sayori-chan signed a breath of relieved that none of her friends had been harmed, hunters or vampire. She gingerly stepped back into the veil of shadows returning to her post as the new Guardian.

Back at the night dorm, the three juvenile vampires were placed under house arrest. With Ruka in charge, Yuki was sure that they would regret it for the rest of their eternal lives. However, they had yet to tackle another problem. Her bloodlust.

"Look, what about my blood, even if it won't satisfy you, at least it'll sate your hunger," Aido waved his wrist in front of her face comically. Yuki wrinkled her nose distastefully and shook her head. "What's that suppose to mean you spoiled brat!" Aido kicked the couch she was sitting on mockingly. Yuki had never taken the blood of anyone other than her Onii-sama before, the thought of taking Aido's blood made her feel nauseated.

"I'm find Aido–sempai," Yuki said looking up at him, her large eyes were brilliantly red. Her ruby eyes did not bother Aido as much as the formal way she'd referred to him. It made him feel suddenly distant as though they were back to being uncomfortably polite. Though at the time that they'd referred to each other as such, it had been completely normal but it was awkward now after all the things that they'd done together. Had she done it on purpose to put some distance between them?

"Yuki-sama," Aido said looking down at her as he crossed his chest. If she wanted to play that card, he would play along, "you need to feed."

"I'm fine," Yuki said defiantly before she stood up, forcing him to step back. She gave him one last look before leaving towards her room.

"Kain," Aido said tears in his eyes as he turned towards the tall masculine blonde. "What's happened? I don't remember raising our little girl to be like that! Is it puberty?"

"Hanabusa," Kain said exasperated once again at the idiocy of his cousin.

At four p.m. Yuki was still awake in her bed. Her whole body shook in pain as she fought her thirst, trying to overcome her bloodlust. It was worst than she'd thought. He fist knotted in her bed sheets as she writhed against the painful waves of hunger. She whimpered softly, aware that her neighbors were all sleeping and tried to imagine the taste of blood that she desired the most. Perhaps tasting it in her mind would satisfy her craving a bit.

A flash of silver popped into her mind and it soon gained shape and form. "Zero," Yuki gasped as another wave of pain hit her. She closed her eyes and in her mind, Yuki traveled across the campus to Zero's room in the main mansion. She mentally passed the hall and entered the door where he lied asleep in bed. "Zero," she whispered and in this mental state of being, she felt him stir.

Before she could stop herself, Yuki was out her window headed straight to the one person she wanted the most.

In his light sleep Zero felt a nudge at his consciousness. A warm familiar touch that startled him awake. In the tangle of sheets Zero was sweating profusely and he realized with shock that his hands were shaking. His whole body was humming with an urgent need that was almost uncontrollable and that scared him more than anything. He recognized his deep rooted yearning for Yuki burning at the base of his chest but the intensity of it was new to him.

Where was Maria when you needed her?

Zero put a shaking hand over his eyes feeling them change to the color of bloodlust. Where was it coming from? He wondered, he'd taken his blood tablet not long ago. Seconds went by and he realized the throbbing was getting worst and just when he felt that he would physical combust there was a knock at the door. It was Yuki.

When the door opened Yuki was shocked for the second time that day by Zero's appearance. Like her, Zero's eyes were bright red with bloodlust. "Leave," he croaked trying to close the door. Why he'd opened it in the first place would remain a mystery to her. She saw the sweat gliding down his throat and she swallowed painfully.

"I can't," she said her voice equally scratchy. She reached out to touch his arm and when she did, Zero reeled back violently. It'd burned where she'd touched him, like she'd brand her name as a reminder on his skin.

"Stay, away," his voice had become husky with the rage and desire burning inside him. He hated her for being there. Hated her for showing her face in front of him. She was a monster who'd killed his beloved girl. She was a monster. She'd left him. Over and over again Zero replayed the scene of that they where she'd confessed that Yuki Cross was dead.

"Zero," her voice broke through his reverie. Just one word and it was as if they were back to the old days. She'd said his name in much the same manner she'd always had, she had not changed except for the way she looked physically and at the same time, she'd not changed at all physically. Her features were all the same and at the same time they were different. He wanted to touch her to confirm that she was really there. He wanted to hurt her. Zero stumbled backwards and fell at the foot of his bed breathing heavily. "Why?" his voice broke. "Why did you have to come?"

Suddenly Yuki was kneeling down in front of him. With both her hands she cupped his face and leaned towards him. "I don't know," she murmured. "I don't know," she repeated. No longer able to hold herself back, Yuki pressed her lips against his.

As their lips mingled, Yuki could feel it burned the way it did in her dreams and suddenly she was parting her lips to welcome Zero's urgent tongue. He kissed her deeply and hungrily as his hands wrapped around her, lifting up her night gown to expose her bare skin. And then he was kissing her neck and her collar bone tugging the gown over her shoulder and then kissing her nipples one by one. Yuki whimpered as he bit down on her left nipple and his hand slid under her panty.

"Zero," she grasped wrapping her hands in his hair and yanking his face up. She pressed her lips to his neck and grazed the tips of her fangs along the soft spot to let him know her intention. With her legs straddling his, she wriggled her hips feeling the hardness of his groan as she continued to lick his neck. She rocked back and forth grinding herself against him making him groan.

She could feel him breathing faster beneath her as though he was gasping for air, his hands knotted into a fist in her hair urging her on. She could almost smell the lust oozing from him like fire that was burning her cold skin.

"Hurry," his husky voice made his throat hummed under her lips. She kissed his neck, licked the spot on his vein and with one last kiss, bit him. He cried out hoarsely as his body jerked with pleasure. The sweet taste of his blood filled her mouth making her groan with a burning need. She lowered her hand to his trouser tugging violently on his belt before ripping it off completely. Yuki didn't stop from her feasts to put her hands on his throbbing member and began to stroke and she never stop until she was completely sated.

As soon as she detached from his neck, Zero lifted the girl effortlessly and tossed her on to his bed as he'd done so many times with Maria. He was determined to have his ways with her now that she'd had her ways with him. He tore away what was left of her night gown leaving her completely exposed and venerable beneath him.

Instead of fully penetrating her as Yuki had expected he would, Zero lowered himself on to her warm wetness and began to lick her. Zero slid into her with two long fingers moving slowly at first and then gaining speed rapidly making her gasp in ecstasy. "Zero!" she cried yanking his hair in a weak attempt to bring him up. She wanted him, needed him so badly it was hurting her. "Zero, please!" she begged desperately.

Zero looked up at her his eyes blazing red and gave her one last thrust with his wrist before withdrawing. He wiped his fingers on her thigh, painting his name there with her juice before positioning himself above her. Yuki raised her hand to touch his cheek and in a blink of an eye he'd pinned both her hands down above her head. With his free hand he guided his cock towards her, parting the wet lips with his tip and turned back to look at her. He watched her face distorted with pain as he pushed in slowly until he was fully embedded in her.

Yuki could feel him throbbing inside of her as he began to move his hips, slowly at first and then continuously faster. With her arms pinned, she couldn't wrap her arms around him like she wanted to, couldn't raise herself up towards him, and couldn't bring them closer. What she'd originally wanted was no longer within consideration and she had a feeling that this was what Zero wanted. He wanted to hurt her and he didn't want to hurt her. He kept her at a distance so that he could not hurt her physically like he wanted to and he kept her at a distant to hurt her emotionally.

Zero pushed in and Yuki wrapped her legs around him guiding him deeper. With his free hand, Zero touched her reddening cheek cautiously before cupping it in his hand. He caressed her gently gliding his palm to the corner of her lips and brushing it with his thumb. He groaned slightly and closed his red eyes to kiss her. His lips were gentle against hers and they moved cautiously as though he was afraid that he would break her but inside Yuki knew he was only trying to hold himself back. As he moved faster pushing her to her limit, he lowered his head towards her neck and licked it as she had. He growled something against her skin pumping her harder until they were both gasping in pure ecstasy as they reached their peak.

Zero bit her and she writhed under him screaming out his name as she came once again.

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