Author's Notes:

Well hey y'all. Thanks for the handful of reviews, special thanks to Josephine and "Kirei Blossom" for they're great feedback and support.

I have decided that this is the end... however, I will continue on in a separate story to explore what happens between Syaoran and Sakura in the aftermath. I just decided that the ending that I left shouldn't be messed with or added to... that it's just fine. So on to the fun...

Omake (Parody) Chapter

The author sat casually at a patio table in a little corner bistro , sipping a cup of hot chocolate. Across from her was another person, who was shrouded in shadows, and the two simply smiled at one another. Although the serenity was quickly shattered... not to mention was the author's mug, since she dropped it upon the hails and rants of Touya.
"HOW COULD YOU PUT ME THROUGH THAT?!" Touya's fangs flashed in the light of day, as Fujitaka held one arm, and Yukito the other, trying to restrain him. He unintentionally dragged his father and his best friend along the pavement, leaving a trail of upheaveled asphalt in his wake.
"Touya-kun, ... at least there was a happy ending...?" Yukito offered, with a smile. The author, still in shock, simply nodded furiously, holding her hands up in front of her to ward off the angry Kinomoto.
"HAPPY?! IF YOU LET THAT GAKI TOUCH MY SISTER AGAIN I'M GONNA--!" His father just shook his head.


Just behind the ensuing fiasco, a little yellow creature poked its head out from around the corner to check if the coast was clear. He didn't know if to thank Touya for clearing out all the bistro's patrons, not to mention all pedestrians in a two-block radius. Kero-chan stealthily made his way over to Yukito, tugging at his sleeve. The boy looked back at him funnily, and Kero-chan tilted his head away from the others... as if beckoning him elsewhere. Touya seemed to have a stable stance for yelling, as he hovered over the author and her table... her mysterious companion remaining silent, but out of the shadows was a single red light that glowed.


"Kero-chan... w-what are you pullin' me over here for..." Yukito pushed up his glasses, as he found his arm being tugged urgently around the corner. The guardian beast released him, and floated away and turned back to him. He nodded slowly, his little yellow arms crossed as he stroked his chin. "Well, what is so urgent??"
"Well... and don't get me wrong! You and Touaya - it's all cool and what not but..."
"... but what?" A sweatdrop formed on the side of Yukito's head as he scratched at the back of it. Then he was taken back a second time as the little creature began to knock at his skull.
"Hey Yue, ya'in there?" Kero-chan backed up as a flurry of feathers appeared, and parted to reveal his fellow guardian, Yue. He did not look pleased.
"You're trying my patience, Keroberos."
"Maa, maa, just chill out will ya? No need to be hostile with your buddy ol' pal Keroberos,..." Kero-chan's tone changed, not to mention his poses became more elaborate and showy, "THE GREAT GUARDIAN BEAST -! Defender of justice and ... all that good stuff." His beady eyes gleamed, as he flashed his "muscles."
Yue just held his forehead in his palm, and leaned against the wall with one arm, tapping a finger impatiently. Kero-chan decided then that he would transform to his true form of Keroberos... and the little creatue was enveloped in feathers, and when they parted a majestic winged lion draped with mystical ornaments astood before Yue. "Are you ready to tell me what this is about?"
"I thought it'd bring back all the good times if I was like this... 'cause y'see, us guardians - we don't need secrets from each other, riiiight?" Yue just stared at him. The beast grinned up at him, and continued, "Well y'know... how Yukito and Touya - well you know."
"... yes. I know." Yue, being capable of seeing everything Yukito sees... knew everything.

Brief Interlude for an Author's Note - The following is only to be executed by ficticious characters who can survive the consequences of pissing of a magical guardian created by great sorcercy.

"Well, y'see," and so Keroberos began his rant, "I just figured that since Yuki and Touya... well if you and Clow ever-- And hey how is Touya, *really*? Be honest man, I mean we're guardians here, sun and moon, bread and butter, "video" and "game", me and puddin'--"


The havoc that the pair had left behind were suddenly stopped in time, as the corner decided to ... blow up.
The author heard a small peep from her mysterious collaborater, "Hm?"
"I think I'll call this one... Touya and Yuki's First Day *Out*!" ... of the closet, that is.

"Make Love, Not War" ... must've been another show.