Title: Swap

Author: MagicBulletGirl

Rating: G

Prompt Word: #39 - Wish

Word count: 301

Notes: Written for the Weekly Drabble Challenge at the Doctor_Donna community on LJ. The Doctor and Donna on a mini-adventure. Enjoy~!

"This is the problem with landing without looking!" grumbled Donna.

The Doctor sniffed and looked around at his surroundings. "It could be... Well yeah I won't finish that sentence. I hate hearing it."

"Don't remind me. So how are you going to get us out of this one?"

The Doctor looked down at his feet tied to the stake. Opposite of him, he could see Donna bound feet and hands to her stake as well.

They were on planet Will. It seemed as if the TARDIS' speech systems were being disrupted by whatever power source the planet was run on, and so the Doctor was 99% certain they had upset the locals.

The King in front of them, incidentally called Will as well, raised his fist, and the torchbearers, the ones the Doctor had hoped weren't going to get closer, set the wood around them on fire.

The crowd, oh yes, it appeared the Willites liked a good show, began chatting one word over and over again.

"What are they saying?" cried out the Doctor.

"I don't know," spluttered Donna, the smoke filling her lungs, "But I bloody wish I could understand them before we die."

And suddenly Donna could hear English, and God bless its frankness, she understood what they were saying.

The next thing the Doctor knew, both he and Donna were standing clear of the pyre.

"What happened?"

The Doctor looked down at Donna, bent over gasping for clean air.

"Lucky for you," Donna coughed, "You were upwind."

"But what happened?"

The Willites were surrounding them, clapping.

"You should have realized it Doctor. The whole planet and everything on it is psychokinetic. That's why it was blocking out the Tardis. You literally have to will what you want into existence!"

"Well isn't that wizard, to borrow a phrase."